Picture of Pastors Jim and Marie Watt
Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One

The 12 embryonic principles for revival from 1948


One. The Birthing of the Embryonics. Our history begins in Star City, Saskatchewan, 1935. It was at this time that George R. Hawtin founded a Bible School. It was then also that he commenced the Restoration of the Leviticus 23 Jewish Festivals by keeping the Feast of Pentecost (Shavuot).

It was also during this time he received a word from God that revival was going to come to Canada in the not too distant future.

From Star City the Bible School was moved to Saskatoon and named Bethel Bible Institute. The leaders were strongly influenced by William Branham's meetings. They perceived that healing is often hindered by demonic oppression. God's solution is that leaders need to operate in the gift of discerning of spirits as did William Branham. Following deliverance thru exorcism, healing for body, soul and spirit becomes automatic.

J. E. Stiles thru his "The Gift of the Holy Spirit" also influenced them. They perceived that if the Peter Package of Acts 2:38 is properly applied, repentance, faith and baptism permits an immediate reception of the gift of the Holy Spirit without the need of tarrying.

Then Franklin Hall thru his "Atomic Power thru Prayer and Fasting" influenced them. They perceived that when prayer alone doesn't bring to pass the promises of God, fasting added to prayer invariably brings the answer.

In 1947 George Hawtin's denomination took the Bible Institute from him. Harry Holt, a Foursquare pastor from North Battleford, offered to share with him a lease on Air Force property there. They called it Sharon Orphanage and Schools, and started with about 80 students that fall in the Bible College, plus a grade school and a Trade Training Institute.

Prophetic words, revelation and intimations from the Spirit encouraged them to believe that the promises given in 1935 were about to be fulfilled. In February of 1948 God clearly indicated that He was about to do a new thing, referring to Isaiah 43. He was going to fulfill John 17 in a measure, and make His people one in unity; He was going to indicate to individual members of His body the church their particular ministries. He would do this thru the laying on of hands of the Presbytery accompanied by prophetic words. At the same time He would empower each one ministered to with an immediate anointing to release them to function in this clarified role.

This immediately took place, though not without great fear and trepidation. Like good Bereans, the leaders, students and people searched the Scriptures daily to see if the Spirit's leading had Scriptural undergirding. They found that Timothy warred a good warfare because of this (1 Timothy 1:30). Joshua walked in the Spirit of wisdom because Moses had laid hands on him (Deuteronomy 34:9). Ephraim and Manasseh received reversed roles thru their grandfather Jacob. The 12 sons of Jacob received their father's blessing and a roadmap for the development of the 12 tribes in their later history.

With this encouragement, they held a conference in July of 1948 at North Battleford. Most of the Canadian Provinces were represented, with some 40 of the States of the USA, plus representatives from several other countries.

Never will those days be forgotten! God took lives apart and then put them together again with a vision, purpose and anointing that none could doubt.

Seven elders functioned together in team spirit under the leadership of George R. Hawtin, God's undisputed leader at that time.

Some years later Winston Nunes (now deceased) sought me out as the last living elder of the seven. He sought confirmation to his theory that William Branham, J. E. Stiles and Franklin Hall were the three catalysts that God used to launch the 1948 Northern Canada Revival. I agreed that these three were certainly key principles that motivated the prayer and fasting that birthed this move. But I pointed out that there were other principles equally critical. There was the Presbytery revelation itself; the 5-fold ministry emphasis of Ephesians 4:11-12; the high point of worship through the Heavenly Choir; the "team spirit" operating within the eldership; the humility and teachability of the leadership; the sensitivity to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit.

Two. The Lifting of the Holy Spirit from this Move. Revivals from God bear close scrutiny. We should look at Count Zinzendorf of Herrnhut, and the 100-year Prayer Watch that continued 24 hours a day. We should see that the 350 missionaries that went throughout the world from this move were deeply motivated because of this unusual Prayer Watch.

We should understand that the impact of this revival on John Wesley and the 60 years of the life of Methodism - had this same spirit of watching and prayer.

Again, we must take note that the Welsh Revival of 1904 and the Azusa Street Revival of 1906 did not maintain their freshness and simplicity, because the principles of Herrnhut and John Wesley were not thoroughly understood or walked in.

As Solomon forgot God through his many pagan wives, so the North Battleford brethren missed going on with God in humility, teachability, carefulness, sensitivity, watching with prayer and fasting.

An extreme teaching of "the manifestation of the sons of God" crept in as soon as late 1948. They saw post resurrection events taking place this side of the resurrection. The Hebrews taught that an "evil tendency" (Yetzer haRah) is in each of us as a result of Adam's fall, and will not be fully removed until the Resurrection. Sinless perfection then follows, but does not precede this event. Until that day, settle it: flesh shall lust against spirit, and spirit against flesh. Yes - we can live an overcoming life now - but the glorious manifestation of the sons of God and the freeing of material, animal and human creation from the curse, awaits the coming again of Jesus (Yeshua) - our Messiah and Coming King.

I personally withdrew from this move early in 1949 because this emphasis continued to prevail and increase.

Not too much later, "Ultimate Reconciliation," hove upon the scene. Derek Prince in his various writings effectively points out the fallacy and danger of this position. It states that all in the end will be saved, some even believing that satan and all his angels will come back. Jesus' teachings on heaven and hell are completely lost in this aberration and unscriptural doctrine.

Then thru "The Page" George Hawtin stepped into the ancient heresy that the Lost 10 Tribes have shown up in Britain and the United States. A subtle anti-Semitism normally pervades this teaching. British Israel, Herbert Armstrong, Batya Ruth Wootten's "Who is Israel,", are some in this century that bring confusion to the Body of Christ in this teaching. Go to "the Net" on <mjaa.org> and look at "The Ephramite Error." - A position paper submitted to the MJAA by Kay Silberling, Ph.D., Daniel Juster, Th.D., and David Sedaca, M.A. Read the full (PDF) version or the Summary (PDF).

Satan is not original. He dusts off and puts an old doctrine into a new format with a clever revised book jacket. As Barnum and Bailey said, "There's one born every minute." Those who refuse to be good Bereans, are destined to be "suckers." They suck up these foolish doctrines that gender to pride. Wouldn't you like to be of the tribe of Ephraim like Joshua, and see that David and Judah have been rejected? Now you will be God's chosen and call the shots!

Should you fall for this amazing false revelation, you will deserve to reap disappointment, discouragement and rebuke when you face the Lord at His Judgment Seat one day.

James said, "Don't covet to be teachers of strange doctrines: you will come under the greater condemnation." Jesus warned that in the last days false apostles, prophets and teachers would abound. They are all around today in books, e-mail, web sites, radio programs, television and pulpits. Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Those who measure up to the Plumbline of God's Word have no problem. There are many that are true to God's word today, in many churches in the land. Pray and seek them out.

By all means order the Last Days Bible (LDB) published by Life Messengers, translated with notes by Ray Johnson. Ken Taylor of the Living Bible, Frosty Fowler and Dr. Amos Millard recommend this New Testament. (ISBN 0 - 96424701 - 1) This will keep you clear in the Bible simplicities and its clarity. It will enable you not to go chasing after every exotic teaching and "word of the Lord" - which is so often a word that panders to the flesh. It will motivate you to be a soul winner, and prepare you to bloom where you are planted, and not envy those with prominent ministries.

By 1956 there was left little anointing on the Sharon Orphanages and Schools. 12 apostles rejected George R. Hawtin from his position as founder and leader. He himself suffered from this rejection, and was vulnerable to the 3 false teachings touched on above. I attended the 40th anniversary of this move. The present leaders still went through the outward liturgical motions. But they were unaware like Ephraim that their hair was spotted with white, that the glory of the Lord had departed, that Ichabod was writ large and clear over what once manifested the powerful presence of the Lord.

Three. The Beginning of a Return and Restoration. Both Smith Wigglesworth and Dr. Charles S. Price foretold a significant revival in Northern Canada in the late 40's. They described it as a great wave of blessing that would bring great hope to the world. But because man would introduce a mixture - God in grief would withdraw. The wave would secede, leaving a desert condition for a generation of 50 years. But at the end of the century another wave would roll in, 10 times and more the power and glory of the first. It would continue in blessing until the return of the King! We are in that day.

In 1992 Marie and I were in special studies in Jerusalem for 5 ½ weeks. God spoke a word to me at that time. It was June 7, the Feast of Pentecost (Shavuot), 25 years to the day when Jerusalem fell back into the hands of Israel because of the Six Days War. Three significant events coalesced on that significant day.     "This day My decree has gone forth from My throne. In the next 5 years, time from man's vantagepoint will speed up. That you may know that this is My word, read the last verses of Ezekiel 12."     There God thru the prophet says that prophecies shall no longer be delayed. God will speak, and it will quickly come to pass.     Check the world situation since 1992. See the rapid changes. See the last years since June of 1992, and the preparation of God in His church.

Shortly after our return from Israel, I received a vision in the night seasons. George R. Hawtin appeared to Marie and myself, took off his hat and wiped the sweat from his brow. Then he said, "Jim and Marie - I'm too old to be preparing for the last move. You two were with us in leadership in 1948. I pass the torch on to you. Take the 12 Embryonic Principles of Revival that God birthed in 1948, and bring them to maturity."

I woke up frightened. I sensed it was of God, but how could I ever fulfill such a word?

But from that day I have been praying over and watching over these 12 principles. Under God's guidance I believe, I have linked each of these 12 embryonic revival principles with one of the tribes of Israel.

With each of these couplets, I have suggested a book that expands on this particular principle.

Starting Wednesday January 12, we will walk together thru these 12 principles. They provide a perfect governmental parameter for revival. They will not only initiate revival, but will also sus tain it till Jesus returns as King of kings and Lord of lords.

It will be a modern Herrnhut and a "Watch of the Lord."

Those of you who receive this in the Seattle area, please feel free to duplicate it, and invite friends that you sense are of this same spirit and expectancy to attend.

I know that hearts God has prepared for this last day outpouring will hear, pray and attend. We will record both on audio and video these 12 sessions, including the special introduction next week.

Please believe, pray and undergird these sessions. We sense God is orchestrating this time and these materials.

Thank you.

Jim Watt