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Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One


(Disclaimer: Discernment & Discrimination needed in places)


Front Page Magazine, David Horowitz, www.FrontPageMag.com

The fearless editor and staff bring refreshing insights on world news without pulling any punches. You will see Media Journalism from a different perspective.

The Jerusalem Post, www.JPost.com

Here you will find News, Opinions, Columns, Business, Features and much more -- all from a Jerusalem perspective.

World Net Daily, Joseph Farah, www.WorldNetDaily.com

Joseph Farah serves as Editor and CEO of World Net Daily. Islamic Terrorism started for the USA in 1784, when Thomas Jefferson with others sought an answer to "Barbary Pirates." Europe in those days paid off the Jihadists to regain hostages. In 1801 Jefferson as President initiated a four-year war against Tripoli. When France entered Algiers in 1830, and later Tunisia and Morocco, terror on the high seas ended! "APPEASEMENT NEVER WORKS." Like those we call "terrorists" today, the Barbary pirates saw themselves engaged in JIHAD and called themselves MUJAHIDDIN. President Bush is God's answer for us at THIS time. HE is the JEFFERSON of 1783. Let us learn from history. The referred to article was posted at www.WorldNetDaily.com on April 27, 2004 and reprinted in "Intercessors for America Newsletter June 2004.

World Watch Daily, Bill Koenig, www.watch.org

Provides readers, by means of a 365-day, year-round news service, with "front line" information from the White House relevant to Israel and its role in the unfolding global drama.


Bible Atlas Online, www.anova.org/sev/atlas/

A friend has just pointed to a tremendous resource with many colorful and informative maps from Biblical times. Please click on the link provided, bookmark this web page and visit it often in your studies.

Bridges for Peace, www.bridgesforpeace.com

This Jerusalem based, multi-faceted Christian organization is dedicated to building sincere relationships between Christians.

Carmel Communications, David & Karen Davis, www.carmelcom.com

David & Karen Davis are senior leaders of Carmel Assembly formed in 1991 on Mount Carmel outside the city of Haifa. It is a community of Jews, Arabs and other Gentiles living and worshipping together and committed to the "one new man" of Ephesians Chapter 2.

Derek Prince Ministries, Derek Prince, www.dpmusa.org

The official website for DEREK PRINCE, internationally recognized author and Bible teacher, whose material covers a wide range of topics, including the Middle East, the supernatural, world religions, relationships and family.

Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary, Basilea Schlink, www.kanaan.org

M. Basilea Schlink's writings (and in some cases Kanaan audio and video cassettes too) are available in many different languages. Be sure to read her autobiography - "A Foretaste of Heaven." American edition: "I Found the Key to the Heart of God."

The Galilee Experience, Eric & Terri Morey, www.thegalileeexperience.com

Eric & Terri have founded and managed The Galilee Experience since its opening in 1991. 350,000 Christians and Israelis have seen the 27 projector multi-image presentation.

Gratefully Grafted Int'l, Rick & Cheryl Lunsford, www.gratefullygrafted.org

Gratefully Grafted Int'l is a Gentile ministry of reconciliation, bridging the gap between Israel, the Messianic Community and the Christian church worldwide. Our aim is to help in repairing the breach, destroying the enmity between Jew and Gentile, Israel and the Church. One way they accomplish this mission is through regular "prayer/walk" tours to Israel. Every place your foot steps, claim for God's purposes! Browse the Home Page.

Tikkun Ministries International, Daniel Juster, www.tikkunministries.org

Of all his books, I have found "Jewish Roots" by Daniel Juster to be most helpful.

His "Introduction" alone is worth the purchase price. Here you will find balance, insight, and answers to many questions relating to Israel, the Church and Messianic Congregations.


Ern Baxter Memorial Library. www.csmpublishing.org/Pages/baxter-purpose.htm

This library was dedicated October 14, 1999 in Mobile, Alabama. It houses

approximately 8000 books and periodicals which Ern collected throughout his life. All are listed at this website, and you can print up the titles and authors (I have). Hopefully in time many can be edited and placed on the Website after the example of CCEL (Christian Classics Ethereal Library). Check out this site for a brief but interesting biography.

Berean Publishers, Ivan Panin, http://www.bereanpublishers.com/Apologetics/Book_Info_On_Ivan_Panin.htm

This website has done yeoman's service by bringing back into print 14 of Ivan Panin's writings. Especially avail yourself of the pamphlet by Keith L. Brooks on "Absolute Mathematical Proofs on Divine Inspiration of the Bible," and of Panin's "Numeric English New Testament."

Christian Classics Ethereal Library, www.ccel.org

Don Milam of Destiny Image Publishers has highly recommended that I look into CCEL (Christian Classic Ethereal Library). I checked out among their "Recommended" Classics: "The Practice of the Presence of God" by Brother Lawrence, the biography of George Fox (The Friends), and the biography of John Tauler, a powerful mentor of Martin Luther. These 3 alone are great! But there is a "lifetime" of Classics on this Website! From now on, this will be a much visited site for me.

David Yonngi Cho, www.alibris.com

Many of Cho's books can be obtained used at discounted prices here. Also see Barnes & Noble, www.barnesandnoble.com. Cho's own Website is www.FGTV.com - His church is the largest in the world at Seoul, South Korea - over 750,000 members.

Destiny Image Publishers, www.destinyimage.com

Don Milam is associated in this ministry. His recent book, "The Ancient Language of Eden" will lead those longing for greater intimacy with Jesus into a fresh walk. "Corporate Anointing" by Kelley Varner is a book for this hour. Of the over 50 titles penned by this author, this one could uniquely lift the church into a higher dimension.

Focus on the Family, Dr. James Dobson, www.Family.org

Do you admire those who stand for Family and Truth? Those willing to be unpopular with some by proclaiming unpopular Truth? Then this Website is for you.

Graham Cooke Ministries, Graham Cooke, www.grahamcooke.co.uk

Graham is a Prophetic Revivalist, and his two books here will help much. His "Crafted Prayers" leading to Corporate Prayer until the answer comes through -- is a great encouragement.

Intercessors for America, Gary Bergel, www.ifa-usapray.org

Derek Prince along with 2 others founded this ministry in the early 70's. The first Friday of each month for intercessors to gather came from this. Many helpful books and articles are on this Website for the intercessor and leader.

Kenyon's Gospel Publishing Society, Joe McIntyre, www.kenyons.org

Especially order Joe McIntyre's book from here, "E.W. Kenyon, the True Story." All of Daddy Kenyon's 24 books are also available, plus many of them on audio tape.

The Last Days' Bible, Ray Johnson, www.lastdaysbible.com

The producer and publisher of this version of the Bible is Life Messengers, the organization founded in 1944, that produced and published in great quantities such outstanding witnessing booklets as Here's How ~~ Destined for Greatness ~~Have You Been Brainwashed? ~~ and many others. Over 66 million copies of Here's How alone were printed and distributed in over 50 languages in scores of nations. Ken Taylor, translator of The Living Bible says - "My judgment is that The Last Days New Testament is just as accurate as the New International Version, but much more readable."

The Palmen Institute, Ralph Palmen, www.Ralphpalmen.com

Like the domino effect, learning how to make eight key decisions can topple indecision, impulsiveness, or whatever else keeps you from making the best choices and reaching your dreams. Check out "8 Critical Lifetime Decisions." Les Parrott, Ph.D writes, "Insightful, motivational, inspirational, biblical. This book is a winner, and Ralph's wise counsel in these pages will make you a winner too!

Panin, Ivan - Bible Numerics

To learn more of the remarkable labors of this man, click on the following URL:


There you will find an article I wrote, posted on the Website of “The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada.” They have added 5 links to my article, which substantially help readers in their understanding. JW.


www.americaslastdays.com - “David Eells”

Pinnacle Forum America, www.pinnacleforum.com

Our strategy is to transform and engage. To be a vehicle for God to use to transform the lives of our Partners and their peers in our Forums and to encourage our Partners to engage the culture in those areas that God has placed on their hearts. Bill Bright was one of the founders of this unique culture-changing forum.

Plumbline Ministries, Arthur Burk, www.PlumblineMinistries.com

`Here you will find a fresh way of understanding individuals, churches, cities and nations. It is based on an insight of Romans 12:6-8. Other 7-fold outlines of the Bible when overlaid on this passage give an interesting commentary. Try it with Ephesians 4:4-6.

The Praise Report, Kelley Varner, www.KelleyVarner.org

Pastor Varner is just over 50, and has written over 50 books. Destiny Image has published some 10 of these. Many of the 50+ are Bible Commentaries, making excellent use of the original Hebrew and Greek. We especially recommend his "Corporate Anointing."

Prayer Canada, Arne Bryan,www.prayercanada.org

Prayer Canada was founded in 1978 by Arne and Kathie Bryan and now has 275 Prayer Posts across Canada. Prayer Partners meet in Legislature buildings, City Halls, churches, and homes to pray for their nation and its government. The United States is also of particular concern to Prayer Canada, as they have many American friends, and Canada is closely affiliated with the US, both by its proximity and its trade agreements. Arne is still very active in Prayer Canada as its Director, while Kathie is in charge of publishing their quarterly newsletter, the Prayer Post Courier.

Radical Grace Communique, Don Milam, www.radicalgrace.org

Don Milam I sense to be a kindred spirit in his pursuit of Jesus in a many-faceted way. He suggested I might appreciate browsing on his above Website. I would like to recommend it to you readers who appreciate a fresh, honest, unbiased presentation of truth from both himself and some of his favorite writers. It reminds me of the winsome but forthright presentation of honest convictions - yet with an underlying uncompromising Christian commitment - as exhibited by our late President, Ronald Reagan.

SeedSowers, Gene Edwards, www.seedsowers.com

Some 16 of the various writings of Madame Jeanne Guyon are on SeedSowers Website. In 2002 her "Justifications," renamed "The Interior Way," came back into print after over 300 years. Of all her writings I have found this the most helpful. God will use it to bring you into intimacy with Himself, and like Rees Howells, into a place of abiding where answered prayer becomes the norm.

Sites Unseen, www.geocities.com/redwookie/

Here is a site with much unusual , valuable information, and quite a bit that could turn some off. But we remember not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. And as God said to Jeremiah, "If you speak words that are worthy, you will be my spokesman' (15:19, NTL). I found here a 10 page biography on Fenelon that was just excellent!

St. Simon's Anglican Church, Ed Hird, http://www3.telus.net/st_simons/

Click on "Ed's Deep Cove Crier" articles. Scores and scores of helpful and informative articles appear under this Head. You won't waste your time browsing through these. Ed is a defender of Truth in the realm of Worldwide Anglicanism. Every denomination has its stalwarts of the faith: Ed is one of these.

Tim LaHaye Temperament Books, www.AnyBook4Less.com

This Website lists many of his books at a reasonable price. "Why You Act the Way You do" is a helpful starter to find your Temperament. Our Website www.2rbetter.org has a section called "Embryonics." Check it out and you will find the 12 Tribes of Israel linked with the 12 Temperaments. This can prove helpful.

United Christian Ashrams Int'l, Dr. E. Stanley Jones, http://www.christianashram.org

He being with the Lord, yet speaks. He wrote some 29 books in his lifetime of 89 years. The present international director is leading to bring back into print many that have not been available. Dr. Jones was and is a unique servant of the Lord.

Watchmen for the Nations, David Demian, www.watchmen.org

I believe this is the right time for the National House of Prayer to be established in Ottawa. I believe this will release God's purposes and plans for this nation, and I would love to encourage the cities across Canada to be part of what the Lord is doing through the National House of Prayer. Already God has used Watchmen for the Nations, founded by Pastor Bob Birch, to initiate reconciliation between The First Nations People and Canada; Francophones and Anglophones; Canada and Israel; French Canadians and France. Jim Goll has prophetic words for this new venture.

White Dove Ministries, Paul Keith Davis, www.whitedoveministries.org

Do you long for an intimate walk with Jesus? Paul Keith's 2 books will help you in a clear, straight-forward and winsome way. He with Bob Jones share in producing "The Shepherd's Rod" each year.

Word at Work Ministries, Al Houghton, www.wordatwork.org.

Each month you will find on this Website a monthly devotional under the title of his Web: hard-hitting, Biblical, thoughtful and well-reasoned. "How to apply your faith on your flesh to obey God," has been running for the last few months. This is a true word for these last days.