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Two Are Better Than One

Simeon: The Gift Of The Holy Spirit

One. Simeon: His Connection with the Holy Spirit. See Isaiah 50:4, and how Messiah is well able to redeem divorced Israel! "Adonai ELOHIM (the Lord GOD) has given me the ability to speak as a man well taught, so that I, with my words, know how to sustain the weary. Each morning he awakens my ear to hear like those who are taught. Adonai ELOHIM has opened my ear."         In Genesis 29 we learn that Leah named her second son for Jacob, which means to hear. Her thought was this - God has heard my prayer and unloved position. Now my husband will love me.         Simeon stands for hearing. Samuel means heard by God, and named by his mother Hannah. Messiah Jesus was one whose ears were opened to hear the words of His Father on behalf of Israel. We who are joined to him will also hear the words of the Spirit for our Father, and speak them in comfort to both believer and unbeliever.

Simeon's stone was the blue sapphire. Though it is the color of heaven - yet until the Spirit warms it, there is a coldness about this stone. Simeon linked with Levi demonstrated that coldness to the Shechemites when their sister was molested. We need the Simeon temperament in our churches and congregations, but we need it to be tempered with the warmth and love of the Spirit.

No animal is associated with this son and tribe, but in his unregenerate state he is much like a ranging bear. Yellowstone Park warns those who travel thru - bears are wild animals - you never know when one might turn upon you.

Jacob's prophecy (Genesis 49) is pretty harsh upon Simeon. He was scattered within the confines of Judah according to this word, and Moses does not even mention him among the other 11 tribes (Deuteronomy 33).

Yet remember! His name holds out promise of potential and possibility. A hearing ear is of great price in the kingdom of God, and can bring forth a bright future. Look at Simeon in the New Covenant in Luke, and how he heard the Holy Spirit, and was able to see God's great salvation in a little baby before his death!

Two. South Korea: A country that has heard the word of the Spirit. Many have heard of Pastor David Yonggi Cho of Seoul, and of the3/4 million members in his church. But set that aside, and see that it is prayer that explains the secret of this great growth. Daily early Morning Prayer meetings, and each Friday evening for 8 hours they and many other Korean churches have met. They have become sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit. "And He walks with me, and He talks with me," has become a reality in many a heart. More than ½ of the nation's population professes faith in Messiah!

Three. “The Gift of the Holy Spirit” by J. E. Stiles. Winston Nunes believed that the teaching of this man had a great deal to do as a catalyst to launch the 1948 Northern Canada revival. He taught that a solid Christian conversion, marked by true and sincere repentance, was more important than many make of it. We are to see that not by works of righteousness that we have done, but by His mercy and grace has God saved us! We are to understand that the Abrahamic Covenant precedes that of Noah for this very reason. Abraham was justified by faith, not by works! But because he saw a the city of God from afar, whose architect and builder is God; and because he understood that the builder based all on the atoning work of Messiah - therefore he became father of all future believers, both Jewish and non-Jewish! We all have the potential of becoming One New Man in Messiah.Then works follow out of thanksgiving, which prove that we have true faith! Faith without works is dead, being alone. But faith in works that precede the understanding of the Abrahamic Covenant defeats the plan of God.

J. E. Stiles clearly saw this, and presented the "Peter Package" as set forth in Acts 2:38.

We are to repent of works we do to gain merit, thereby bypassing Messiah's atonement. We are to solidly base our faith in the grace of God worked out on our behalf at Calvary. We are to see Isaiah 53 as an outstanding chapter of the Tanakh (First Covenant), and let our works flow forth from that apprehension. Then in direct obedience to Messiah, who by the Spirit commanded us to repent and be baptized, we accept His word and obey. Upon obedience to His command, we are then promised the doreA (Gift) of the Holy Spirit. On that first day of Pentecost, Peter presented these truths with clarity and anointing of the Holy Spirit. Great conviction came upon his hearers. They cried out in agony of soul, "Men and brothers, what must we do to be saved?" It was then that Peter spelled out the above 3 steps. 3000 souls stepped out, repented, believed correctly in the full Lordship and Saviorhood of Jesus, and these men were baptized. Then the apostles laid hands upon them and they received the doreA, the Gift of the Holy Spirit.

Stiles pointed out that tarrying was designed until the day of Pentecost had fully come, and Jesus from the Father poured out the Gift of the Holy Spirit. From that time on the Peter Package presides. Those who have a true conversion can now immediately following baptism receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit. But "Rees Howells, Intercessor" by Norman P. Grubb, CLC Publication 1952, reveals a distinction between the New Birth, where we receive the Holy Spirit as a Gift, the "doreA," - and being possessed by the Holy Spirit. The question becomes, not, "Do I have the Holy Spirit?" - but - "Does the Holy Spirit have me?"

Dr. Derek Prince in his "Baptism of the Holy Spirit" brings to this subject his usual analytical, probing, comprehensive and practical mind. Dr. Prince held a chair in the department of Philosophy at Cambridge University. He was a graduate of King's College there, and had this position at the age of 24. Following his conversion in the British Army during World War II, Jesus in the Holy Spirit then baptized him. His books and writings bring clarity to the Body of Christ in a many-faceted area. One of these facets is the simple, clear, reasonable and Spirit-witnessed teaching on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit.

Thank God, we are not left without excuse.

Four. The Importance of the Gift of the Holy Spirit in the light of the Greek word “doreA”. This word appears but 11 times in the Greek New Testament (Brit Chadashah), and without exception refers to the Gift of the Holy Spirit coming as a result of a true conversion followed by baptism in water thru obedience.

John 4:10. The Gift: An Artesian Well. We have learned to pay attention to the "law of first reference" in pedagogy. Normally, we find the key definition of a word revealed at this point. Jesus told the woman of Samaria that if she knew the Gift (doreA) of God, and whom it was talking to her, she would have asked of Him and He would give her living water, an artesian well. I was brought up on a farm in the lower mainland of BC Canada, and well knew the difference between pumping water and an artesian well! In John 7:37-39 He calls this artesian well rivers of living water flowing out of our inmost being. This is normal Christianity. Jesus said that Strait the gate and narrow the path leading to this life, and few find it. Let us be of the number that does!

Acts 2:38. The Gift: Part of the Peter Package. Notice the conditions to receive this Gift: a true, valid conversion first of all. This involves a sincere repentance from trusting in human works and good deeds to save us, and a full heartfelt trust in grace based on the Atoning work of Messiah to meet out need. Works of thanksgiving must follow this 2-fold conversion, or faith is not valid. Next comes obedience in baptism. This is not a selective command that can be omitted, and it follows those who have had a valid conversion. Baptism means to immerse or dip as to dye a cloth. Then we can expect God to do His part and grant us the doreA, the Gift of the Holy Spirit. This causes a genuine new birth. Then like Rees Howells we need to ask the Holy Spirit to possess us.

Acts 8:20. The Gift: Cannot be purchased. Jesus purchased the right of all believers to have this gift when the conditions of Acts 2:38 have been met. Simon the sorcerer badly erred in thinking it could be dispensed by a gift of money. Phillips translation has Peter saying: "To hell with you and your money!"

Acts 10:44-47; 11:17-18. The Gift: For Gentiles as well as Jews! What a shock this was to Peter and the 6 Jews who accompanied him from Joppa! And to top it all, God gave this gift to Cornelius, his family and close friends before they were baptized! This was because in spite of Peter's 3-fold vision, he would not have counted Gentiles as candidates for the gift of the Holy Spirit, had not God intervened and moved out the normal order of 1, 2, 3 of Acts 2:38 and made it 1, 3, 2. In 1944 my pastor was too slow in helping me obey immediate baptism following conversion, and God met me first, and I like Cornelius became a 1, 3, 2 believer, much to my chagrin.

Romans 5:15. The Gift: Abundant grace. Life comes following conversion, but abundant life comes when the Holy Spirit possesses us. And think of this: followers of satan in seances allow themselves to be possessed by evil spirits, as J. Z. Knight does with Ramtha - so how much more should we as believers allow the Holy Spirit to possess us! Romans 5:17. The Gift: Causes us to Overcome and Reign with Messiah now! The Kingdom of God within us, when fully understood and released makes the believer more than a conqueror now!

2 Corinthians 9:15. The Gift: Leads to Hilarious Giving! No wonder the apostle Paul exclaimed: "Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable Gift." Only once in the New Covenant is this adjective used. Words can't describe the amazing nature of the Gift of the Holy Spirit. Only our devotional prayer language can adequately enable us to give proper thanks to God.

Ephesians 3:7. The Gift: Paul's explanation for his remarkable ministry! You want to know what makes Paul tick? He tells us! The artesian well of God: God's unspeakable gift; the gift of the Holy Spirit - this is the secret how and why God uses him!

Ephesians 4:7. The Gift: Can enable each of us to emulate Paul. God makes the same Gift of the Holy Spirit that transformed Paul, to be our portion also! Press in. Receive your full inheritance now! Meet the conditions of a true, genuine conversion and a clear-cut baptism following this correct conversion - and God's promise of an artesian well and rivers of living waters is yours also! I shared this truth with a Christian Science sailor from London in 1944. We were both 21, and had both been converted for one year - he from a formal English Church, I from a formal Canadian church. When he listened to my testimony concerning this artesian well that God had given me, he was gripped. "Does Christian Science have an artesian well?" he asked. I didn't know, though I privately doubted it. His British aircraft carrier sailed out to sea the next day and I have not met Philip Leavy since. But somewhere in the world, if he is still alive, I believe there is a man with a cockney accent, who also has an artesian well!

Hebrews 6:4. The Gift: Must be continued in. There are 4 types of soil in Jesus' first parable. Obviously there is no salvation in soil one. But soil two and three have tasted of the heavenly gift (doreA). Soil two because of persecution quickly reneges and draws back. Soil three gradually lets the weeds and thorns of this world return him to his first lost estate, and he bears no fruit. Security is based on those fruit-bearers that continue in the faith. Calvin clearly pointed out in the acronym TULIP - where "P" stands for Perseverance of the saints. Make no mistake - you skate on thin ice if you trust in ultimate salvation and do not continue in the faith. The elect persevere and continue! Do not presume on the grace of God if you are not soil four, the only fruit-bearing seed. Ezekiel 33:1-20 is read twice a day during the month Elul, preceding Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, in every Jewish synagogue. The God who changes not wrote this challenging passage through Ezekiel. It applies also to us as Christians.

Purchase the "Last Days Bible" by Life Messengers, Ray Johnson the translator and author of notes, ISBN 0-96424701-4, $15.95. There is a special introductory price on this new translation that God undoubtedly has raised up for these last days. It clears the air of deception, delusion and false hopes.

Conclusion: Simeon: the Gift of the Holy Spirit, is the second of the 12 1948 Embryonic Revival Principles. Don't progress till you have ensured that Principle One and Two are properly understood and soundly laid in your life.

Next week is Levi: The absolute necessity of the function of the 5-fold ministry.

Jim Watt