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*2013-05-14 - Marie Watt re Jim Watt*

*To: All Our Family and Friends*

 *Dear Everyone -*

 *Tomorrow, Wednesday May 15th at 1:00 PM Jim meets with Dr Le, the
Urologist. The Catheter is also removed tomorrow, after 2 weeks. Praise the

 *We know then what kind of healing has taken place in the bladder and
prostate. We pray for a miracle.*

 *Our prayer is that the Surgeon was able to remove all the “Aggressive
Cancer”. After tomorrow’s visit with Dr. Le, we supposedly will have three
weeks to decide what treatment is to follow.*

 *Jim is in bed most of the time, and is a good patient. He follows
instructions, eats what he is supposed to: such as smoothies, nutritious
soups, veggies, etc.*

 *Thank you for all your prayer, and offers to help. On Mother’s Day I
(Marie) was blessed to be in church with our oldest son Jim. That was a
most appreciated gift! *

 *Thanks for your phone calls and Emails. We are so grateful. We have been
especially blessed by a group of Koreans. We normally minister with them
every other Sunday. They are truly a gift from the Lord.*

 *Last Sunday, 5 of them visited; 2 pastors ministered with Jim while I was
at church. Another Korean, Peter, and 2 young children, mowed our grass,
doing a super job. Another young Korean man took me grocery shopping.*

 *So the family of God is a wonderful gift - including our natural family.
Daughter Anna is truly a God-send. *

 *Anna will be driving down from Mt. Vernon (about 90 miles north of us) to
drive us to the Doctor’s appointment in Tacoma tomorrow. Her Dad always
enjoys her so much: she is a special gift from the Lord.*

 *We will send out a follow-up report after the Doctor’s visit tomorrow.*

 *Thank you for caring enough to pray for Jim and for me. You truly gift us
by your love. Thank you. We are truly enriched. God bless each one of your
with His love, His presence and most of all, His Peace. Each of you is very
precious in His sight, and He has such special plans and purposes for you.
Jeremiah 29:10-13.*

 *Much love, and our prayers -*

 *Marie, and Jim*

 * *

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