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*2013-05-16 - Marie re Jim - *

 *Dear Family and Friends -*

 *Jim is doing much better today after the Doctor’s visit yesterday. The
Catheter has been removed, Praise God - and pain is minimal. The Doctor’s
report is positive. Jim is up more now, even managing the stairs (13) 2 or
3 times a day.*

 *The 4 options for treatment suggested were:*

*1. Do nothing.*

*2. Introduce a wash into the bladder composed of TB germs.*

*3. Remove the Bladder.*

*4. Chemotherapy and Radiology.*

 *We skipped 1, 3 & 4, as not good, but #2 sounds promising, so that’s our
choice. It is usually not possible to remove completely all the aggressive
cancer germs by surgery - therefore the necessity of doing some follow-up.
In answer to the prayer of faith, God can certainly remove all aggressive
cancer cells, which will then not require the TB wash. A friend of ours is
very active in the Tacoma and Seattle Veteran’s Affair Hospitals, and
Option Two has been used in over 100 of their American Hospitals with over
90% success! However, there is a risk: TB germs hate cancer cells, and move
aggressively in removing them, and at the same time mobilizing the body’s
immune system to join in this endeavor. Rarely does this option cause TB to
take place - but it is a risk that must be considered.*

 *There is a 3 week rest between the initial surgery and catheter removal -
and the 6 weekly insertions of the TB wash. The first of these 6 week
“washes” would take place the first week in June, arriving at the Tacoma
Hospital by 7:45 AM! (Ouch), leaving home before 7:15 AM.*

 *After the 6-week treatment plan, where hopefully, no cancer cells are
left, there’ll be a 3 month break, and then another test to see how
everything is.*

 *So, we are extremely hopeful, God has intervened, since so many are
praying for us. Again, our thanks and gratitude for each one of you. We are
so blessed! Since we have hope for a good, successful recovery, our faith
abides. Praise God!*

 *Jim offered to drive me to my swimming pool on Monday: I think that’s a
bit wishful dreaming! “In every thing give thanks for this is the will of
God in Christ Jesus concerning us.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18.*

 *Be blessed. Praise God - you no longer live on Grumbling Street. Now
you’re on Thanksgiving Avenue. Hallelujah! Love and enjoy one another. God
is so good.*

 *Praising, thanking, and rejoicing in Him -*

 *Your friends - Marie and Jim Watt*

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