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May 6, 2013

 *2013-05-06 - Marie Watt to Email friends -*

 *To our Friends -*

 *Psalm 1:1-2 (KJ) - “Blessed is the man - whose delight is in the law of
the Lord; and in His law doth he meditate day and night.”*

 *We are so blessed by the faithfulness of our God, for “Morning by morning
new mercies we see.”*

 *Our hearts our overflowing with gratitude and praise for all who have
been praying for us during this time of surgery and recuperation! Thank
your for your Emails, phone calls and cards.*

 *Jim is rapidly recovering. He says it is so wonderful to feel whole
again, after surgery has removed the stress and pain of the prostate and
bladder problems.*

 *We are so grateful for the Urologist, Dr. Le (39 years old) who did the
surgery. We told him everything went so well because so many people were
praying for him. His response, “There was such a strong presence there to
help me do the right things” - So, Praise God.*

 *Some general news - Our daughter Anna came down Wednesday the 1st of May,
to drive us to Group Health in Tacoma, for our 6:00 AM check in time Thursday
- Surgery was at 8:00 AM. Fifty-five minutes it was over! PTL. Doctor spent
10 minutes talking to Anna and Marie, reporting on the Surgery. Wonderful.
We had Jim home and in bed by Noon! Miraculous. How to pray: One. On
Wednesday May 8th, Doctor’s appointment, and we’ll get the results of the
tumors that were removed from the bladder.*

 *Two. Grace, patience and perfect healing for the next 14 days, till the
Catheter is removed.*

 *Three. Give glory to God for Jim’s remarkable deliverance from pain, and
that he will be better than ever before (Even as God has given me - Marie -
such amazing health after the sickness I had over 3 years ago.) It’s all
because you cared enough to pray! Thank you.*

 *Bless you, each one, for standing with us. Our gratitude!*

 *Your fellow-servants, rejoicing in God, loving you -*

 *Marie on Jim’s behalf.*

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