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  *SEP 16 - AMOS 7-9 - FIVE VISIONS*

 *1. 7:2-3 (7:1-3, ESV) VISION: JUDGMENT BY GRASSHOPPERS. “When they had
finished eating the grass of the land, I said, ‘O Lord GOD, please forgive!
How can Israel stand? He is so small!’ 3 The LORD relented concerning this:
‘It shall not be,’ said the LORD.” *We see the power of intercession,
Father! Make us like Abraham and Amos in intercession. *Hallowed be your

 *2. 7:4 (7:4-6) VISION: JUDGMENT BY FIRE. “This is what the Lord GOD
showed me: behold, the Lord GOD was calling for a judgment by fire, and it
devoured the great deep and eating up the land.” *Your judgments Father,
can be held back only so long. Not even Noah, Daniel and Job can hold back
Your judgment, when Your people have reached the point of no return. *Your
:kingdom come!*

 *3. 7:8 (7:7-9) VISION: SIGN OF THE PLUMB LINE. “And the LORD said to me,
‘Amos, what do you see?’ And I said, ‘A plumb line.’ Then the Lord said,
‘Behold, I am setting a plumb line in the midst of my people Israel; I will
never again pass by them.’” *At last You send Your full judgment, Father!
And this is done in mercy, and for the honor of Your Name. We vindicate
Your righteousness in this! *Your :will be done, As in heaven, so on earth.*

 *4. 7:14-15 (7:10-17) AMAZIAH: PRE-JUDGED BY AMOS. “Then Amos answered and
said to Amaziah, ‘I was no prophet, nor a prophet’s son, but I was a
herdsman and a dresser of sycamore figs. 16 But the LORD took me from
following the flock, and the LORD said to me, ‘Go, prophesy to my people
Israel.’” *Father, hold us back from rebelling at Your Word through Your
true prophets. We see Your judgment upon Amaziah for His rebellion. O bring
us to contrition and repentance when we rebel! *Our :daily :bread Give us
this day.*

 *5. 8:11 (8) VISION: BASKET OF SUMMER FRUIT AND MEANING. “Behold, the days
are coming,” declares the Lord GOD, “when I will send a famine on the land
- not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words
of the LORD.” *Father, we have gone through a famine of Your word these
last decades, but now You speak clearly through Your prophets once again! *And
forgive us our :debts, As we also have forgiven our :debtors.*

 *6. 9:8 (9:1-10) VISION: JEHOVAH THE SIFTER. “Behold, the eyes of the Lord
GOD are upon the sinful kingdom, and I will destroy it from the surface of
the ground, except that I will not utterly destroy the house of Jacob,”
declares the LORD. **Righteous* are Your judgments, O Father, and done in
truth and mercy. For *many* turn to righteousness, when Your judgments are
upon the earth. *And bring us not into temptation.*

 *7. 9:11 (9:11-15) THE TABERNACLE OF DAVID. “In that day I will raise up
the booth of David that is fallen and repair its breaches, and raise up its
ruins and rebuild it as in the days of old.” *Through Jesus You have
restored the tabernacle of David Father, for *He* is the Son of David! His
Kingdom invisible commenced with His first coming. His Kingdom
*visible*manifests at His Second Coming!
*But deliver us from the evil one!*

 *NOTE**: 9:13 (9:11-15) VISION: GOD’S SPEED-UP OF TIME! **“Behold, the
days are coming,” declares the LORD, “when the plowman shall overtake the
reaper and the treader of grapes him who sows the seed; the mountains shall
drip sweet wine, and all the hills shall flow with it.” *Father, we believe
it and receive it!

 *C.H. Spurgeon Quotes: “Questions Are Out Of the Question.” *If the Lord
has done it, questions are out of the question; and truly the Lord has done
it. There may be a secondary agent, there probably is; the devil himself
may be that secondary agent, yet the Lord has done it.

 *Our Psalm for the Day: 76:10 (76) GOD WILL JUDGE WITH EQUITY. “Surely the
wrath of man shall praise you; the remnant of wrath you will put on like a
belt.” *Father, You are Jehovah, and Sovereign Lord indeed! What is man in
Your sight? but a vapor, a cloud that soon passes. Help us to see ourselves
as You see us! *Hallowed be your :name!*

 Here faith sings of triumphs achieved. The present Psalm is a most
jubilant war song, a paean to the King of kings, the hymn of a theocratic
nation to its Divine Ruler. We have no need to mark divisions in a song
where the unity is so well preserved.

 76:1. *In Judah is God known: His name is great in Israel. *Dark is the
outer world, but within the favored circle of Jehovah is revealed and is
the adoration of all who behold Him. The world knows Him not, and therefore
blasphemes Him, but His church is full of ardor to proclaim His fame unto
the ends of the earth.

 76:4. *You are more glorious and excellent than the mountains of prey. *What
are the honors of war but brags of murder? What the fame of conquerors but
the reek of manslaughter? But the Lord is glorious in holiness, and His
terrible deeds are done in justice for the defense of the weak and the
deliverance of the enslaved. Mere power may be glorious, but it is not
excellent: when we behold the mighty acts of the Lord, we see a perfect
blending of the two qualities.

 76:7. *You, even You, are to be feared. *Not Sennacherib, nor Nisroch his
god, but Jehovah alone, Who with a silent rebuke had withered all the
monarch’s host. *Fear Him, you saints, and then you shall Have nothing else
to fear. *The fear of man is a snare, but the fear of God is a great virtue
and has great power for good over the human mind. God is to be feared
profoundly, continually, and alone.

 76:8. *You did cause judgment to be heard from heaven. *So complete an
overthrow was evidently a judgment from heaven; those who saw it not, yet
heard the report of it, and said, “This is the finger of God.” Man will not
hear God’s voice if he can help it, but God takes care to cause it to be
heard. The echoes of that judgment executed on the haughty Assyrian are
heard still, and will ring on down all the ages, to the praise of divine

 76:10. *Surely the wrath of man shall praise You. *It shall not only be
overcome, but rendered subservient to Your glory. Man, with his breath of
threatening, is but blowing the trumpet of the Lord’s eternal fame. Furious
winds often drive vessels the more swiftly into port. The devil blows the
fire and melts the iron, and then the Lord fashions it for His own
purposes. Let men and devils rage as they may; they cannot do otherwise
that sub-serve the divine purposes. *The remainder of wrath shall You
restrain. *Malice is tethered and cannot break its bounds. The fire which
cannot be utilized shall be dampened. Some read it “You shall gird,” as if
the Lord girded on the wrath of man as a sword to be used in the hand of
God to scourge others. The verse clearly teaches that even the most rampant
evil is under the control of the Lord, and will in the end be overruled for
His praise.

 76:12. *He shall cut off the spirit of princes. *Their courage, skill, and
life are in His hands, and He can remove them as a gardener cuts off a slip
from a plant. None are great in His hand. Caesars and Napoleons fall under
His power as the boughs of the tree beneath the woodman’s axe. *He is
terrible to the kings of the earth. *While they are terrible to others, He
is terrible to them. If they oppose themselves to His people, He will make
short work of them; they shall perish before the terror of His arm, “for
the Lord is a man of war, the Lord is His name.” Rejoice before Him, all
you who adore the God of Jacob. *(From “The Treasury of David” by C.H.
Spurgeon, abridged by D.O. Fuller)*

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