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February 9, 2013

 *2013-02-08 - GOD’S MEDICINE BOTTLE - PART B*


 *My son, be attentive to my words;*

beNIH lid-b*a*RAY hakSHEYv*a*h;

*incline your ear to my sayings.*

la-a-m*a*RAY hat - *a*-zeN*E*ch*a*.

*21 Let them not escape from your sight;*

al - yalLIYz*u* m*e*-*e*yNEYch*a;*

*keep them within your heart.*

sh*a*-meR*E*M beTH*O*CH le-v*a*VEcha.

*22 For they are life to those who find them,*

CIY - chayYIYM h*e*m le-m*o*ts-*e*yHEM,

*and healing (medicine) to all their flesh.*

V*U*le-c*a*l - be-s*a*R*O* marP*E*.

*23 Keep your heart with all vigilance,*

MIc*a*l - mishM*A*R neTS*O*R libBEc*a*,

*for from it flow the springs of life.*

CIY - mimMENn*u* t*o*-tse*O*TH chayYIYM.

 *GOD’S MEDICINE BOTTLE - PART A - was mailed out on January 30, 2013. *

 *Derek Prince was saved in the British Army in 1941, and baptized in the
Holy Spirit at approximately the same time. He was a Cambridge Don at the
time he was drafted, and had recently written his Master’s dissertation on
the works of Plato, having read every word of this author in the original
Latin. He had turned philosopher because religion in the Church of England
of his day was dry and theological.*

 *He was soon drafted from England to North Africa. There he contracted
Chronic Eczema, and was so crippled, that he went through 4 military
hospitals, none of which could help him.*

 *As a new believer, he then turned to God’s Bible to see if there might be
any help there. He had plenty of time to read. When he came across Proverbs
4:20-22, he knew he had found definite hope.*

 *In “God’s Medicine Bottle” Part A - I gave an overview how he found full
healing in just a few months’ time. I added 10 Scriptures on healing to
meditate upon three times a day following meals to help others to receive
the same help Prince received. Now in Part “B” I am giving in more detail
the 4 steps on the “Bottle” how to activate this truth for you and me too.*

 *It would be good to memorize these verses if you too are looking to God
through His Word to receive physical help of some nature. They encourage
one how to take God’s Word as Medicine. The directions are on the Bottle -
4 steps three times a day following meals.*

 *One. Be attentive to my words! In a few months, Derek was totally healthy
in every part of his body! He understood that he must give his undivided
attention to this discipline. He was not to do two things at the same time.
Children often do homework with the TV on! No! Or some use background music
with reading. Not Derek. This one thing he did. All of the Bible is engaged
in this, and is the key to healing. We are to take heed what and how we
listen. *

 *Exodus 15:26 - God tells Israel that if they will diligently listen. The
Hebrew would say - “Listen while listening” - a double emphasis. We are to
listen with both ears - to concentrate - a key. *

 *Romans 10:17 came with power to Derek. He didn’t know how to grow faith,
but here he saw - faith comes! We are to listen carefully - then faith
develops. It all depends how one apprehends God’s Word - it is to be with
both ears. Many read the Bible and never hear God - because they are
divided in their hearing. But if we develop hearing - then we can also
develop faith! We are to have the right attitude to the Word of God! By
this we attend!*

 *Two. Incline your ear to my sayings! This means to bend down. But to bend
the ear, one must first bend the head! This is an attitude of humility, of
teach-ability! Or - we could listen, but shake our head at God’s promises.
We could read Psalm 103:3, where God promises to heal all our diseases, but
think - “Too good to be true” - and shake our head. We could also think-
“Impossible - not even God could do that!*

 *God spoke to Derek when he shook his head and said, “Who is the pupil and
who is the Teacher?” “You are the Teacher,” Derek replied. “Then let Me
teach you,” said the Lord. “Give up your prejudices, and bend your head.”*

 *James 1:18-21 - Here we read that God of His own will begot us into a
living faith. He initiated this. So we ought to be swift to hear, but slow
to speak (2 ears, but one mouth). In meekness we should receive the
en-grafted word! A naughty child talks back - we are not to do this with
God’s Word. Most of us have “barriers” when we read the Bible. We judge and
choose from the Bible. No - we are to take it all! All Scripture is
inspired of God - and is profitable! We are to be open - the age of
miracles is not past. Nowhere in Scripture does it say this. True -
denominations and theologians say so - but this is contrary to Scripture! *

 *Or take Job - should we be holy and poor? But if like Job God wants you
to be rich, accept it. Bend the stiff neck. It is essential we receive
God’s Word and not reject it. God is bigger than our understanding!*

 *Three**. Let **them not escape from your sight. Focus with both eyes on
the object. Some animals can’t - but we humans can! It is healthy to focus
both eyes on one image, and not have a blurred vision. Some of us have
blurred spiritual vision. Derek Prince started out this way and saw a
“mist”. This was the way religion appeared to him, and he tended to carry
this over into his Christian life.*

 *Luke 11:34 tells us that the light of the body is the eye. We are to have
a single eye - that is a single image by focusing both eyes. Then health
can come to the whole body. Then there is no darkness and the body is full
of light. Sickness is in the dark - but this flees away in the light.
Righteousness and healing come because of light! So - let us bow down our
stiff neck to receive. Prejudice and preconceptions must go! Jesus didn’t
quote experts as did the rabbis. We are to respond to Scripture simply -
accept them for what they say! We are to be unsophisticated,
unphilosophical and untheological. Let God in His Word mean what He wants
to mean, and say what He wants to say!*

*Or - we can choose to remain clever - and sick. Or- be simple - and get
healed. Let our eye be simple - not too profound - and have a better chance
with God. There is a way that doesn’t help our faith!*

 *1 Corinthians 1:25 - The foolishness of God is wiser than men! The Cross
of Christ - is the Wisdom of God! 1 Corinthians 3:18 - Don’t deceive
yourself. Are we wise? better to be a fool. A valley of humility is between
God and us. Application: Don’t let the Word depart from your eyes!*

 *Four**. **Keep them within your heart (that is, God’s words). And - in
wise teaching techniques - use all available Gates. A child needs to
hear(ear Gate);
see (eye Gate); and do (action Gate). The Word won’t activate - till it
moves from the head to the heart! Medicine won’t help the body till it
moves into the blood stream. So all the above 3 directions are necessary
for effective learning. We depend on this. And Proverbs 4:23 is possibly
the most powerful verse in the Bible. Guard your heart with all your
strength - for - all things in life come out of the heart! This is profound!
It is essential to have a right heart! The course of life depends on this.*

 *So - get the Word into the heart - and - keep it there - in the midst of
the heart. Let God’s Word be always in the central part of the heart!*

 *Now - see a parallel New Testament verse - Hebrews 4:12, which shows the
nature of God’s Word and how it acts. The Word of God is living and
active(NAS). It judges
thoughts and intentions of the heart. It PENETRATES! Only God’s Word does
this. It divides between soul and spirit, and not even we can do this - and
of the joints and marrow - the most special part of the body, where red
blood cells are manufactured. The Word penetrates the entire physical body,
as well as our two-fold spiritual make-up. There is no area of man that
can’t be touched by the Word!Don’t quibble and theorize - or rationalize.
Accept God’s Word at face value - and see what it can do!*

 *Conclusion**: So - take “Part B” of God’s Medicine Bottle, and add it to
“Part A”. Together they will launch each one of us into a dimension for our
body that is entirely consistent with the Bible. Do all accept this? Of
course not! But the wise in heart will hear, will apply, and will reap! The
others will watch, but will not profit. **J.A.W.*

 *P.S. By all means do a “Google-Search” on “Derek Prince YouTube”. Then
find and click on “God’s Medicine Bottle”. There you will both hear and see
Derek Prince delivering this presentation in a 5-fold way of about 12
minutes for each section. If it does for you what it has done for me and
Derek, I know that you too will enter into the “Halls of Highest Human
Happiness” and experience healing for your body in areas where you need it.

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