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Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One

(From: ROMANS #2 - 1:18-32)




A-po-kaLUPte-tai [601] gar orGE TheOU ap' ou-raNOU ePI PAsan aSEbei-an kai a-diKIan anTHROpon,

For God's wrath is being revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men,

ton ten aLEthei-an [225] en a-diKIa ka-teCHONton [2722];

who hold down the truth in unrighteousness;

di' HOti to gnosTON tou TheOU pha-neRON [5318] es-tin en auTOIS; ho TheOS gar auTOIS e-phaNEro-sen.

19 because what is known of :God is manifest in them; for :God manifested it to them.


ta gar aOra-ta auTOU aPO KTIse-os [2937] KOSmou

For his :invisible things since the world's creation

tois poiEma-sin noOUme-na [3539], ka-thoRAtai [2529],

are clearly seen, being perceived through the things made,

hete aIdi-os [126]auTOU DUna-mis kai theiOtes [2305];

both his everlasting :power and divinity;

eis to EInai auTOUS a-na-po-loGEtous [379]: di' HOti, GNONtes [1097] ton TheON,

that they be without excuse: 21 because, knowing :God,

ouch hos TheON eDOxa-san [1392], eeu-chaRISte-san [2168] ;

they glorified him not as God, neither gave thanks;

alLA e-ma-taiOthe-san [3154] en tois di-a-lo-gisMOIS auTON, kai es-koTIStheheaSUne-tos auTON karDIa.

but became vain in their :reasonings, and their senseless :heart was darkened.


PHASkon-tes [5335] EInai soPHOI, e-moRANthe-san [3471], kai ELla-xan ten DOxan tou aphTHARtou TheOU

Professing to be wise, they became fools,23 and changed the glory of the incorruptible God

en ho-moiOma-ti eiKOnos phtharTOU anTHROpou, kai pe-teiNON [4071],

for a likeness of an image of corruptible man, and of birds,

kai te-traPOdon [5074], kai her-peTON [2062].

and four-footed beasts, and creeping things.



Di' ho paREdo-ken [3860] auTOUS ho TheOS en tais e-pi-thuMIais ton kardiON auTON eis a-ka-tharSIan,

Wherefore :God gave them up in the lusts of their :hearts unto uncleanness,

tou a-tiMAzes-thai [818] ta SOma-ta auTON en auTOIS:

that their :bodies be dishonored among them:

HOIti-nes meTELla-xan [3337] ten aLEthei-an tou TheOU en to PSEUdei [5579],

25in thatthey exchanged the truth of :God for the lie,

kai e-seBASthe-san [4573] kai eLAtreu-san [3000] teKTIsei paRA ton KTIsan-ta [2936],

and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator,

HOS es-tin eu-lo-geTOS [2128] eis tous aiOnas.

who is blessed unto the ages.

b. 1:25b AMEN. A-MEN.`


DiA TOUto paREdo-ken [3860]auTOUS ho TheOS eis PAthea-tiMIas [819]:

For this cause God gave them up unto passions of dishonor:

HAI te gar THElei-ai [2338] auTON meTELla-xan [3337] ten phu-siKEN [5446] CHREsin [5540]

for both their females changed the natural use

eis ten paRA PHUsin [5449]: hoMOIos te kai hoi ARse-nes [730],

into what isagainst nature: 27 and also the males,

aPHENtes ten phu-siKEN CHREsin tes theLEIas, ex-eKAUthe-san [1572] en teoRExei auTON eis alLElous,

leaving the natural use of the female, burned in their :lust one toward another,

ARse-nes en ARse-sin ten as-che-moSUnen [808] ka-ter-gaZOme-noi [2716],

males with males working the unseemliness,

kai ten an-ti-misTHIan hen Edei tes PLAnes [4106] auTON en auTOIS a-po-lamBAnon-tes [618].

and receiving in themselves the needful recompense of their :error.


Kai kaTHOS ouk e-doKIma-san [1381] ton TheON Echein en e-pigNOsei,

And even as they refused to have :God in their knowledge,

paREdo-ken [3860] auTOUS ho TheOS eis aDOki-mon [96] noun, poiEIN ta me kaTHEkon-ta [2520];

:God gave them up unto a reprobate mind, to do the things unbecoming;

pe-ple-roMEnous [4137] PAse a-diKIa [93], po-neRIa [4189], ple-o-neXIa [4124], kaKIa [2549];

29 filled with all unrighteousness, wickedness, covetousness, malice;

mesTOUS PHTHOnou [5355], PHOnou [5408], Eri-dos [2054], DOlou [1388], ka-ko-eTHIas [2550];

full of envy, murder, strife, guile, malignity;

psi-thu-risTAS [5588], ka-taLAlous [2637], The-os-tuGEIS [2319], hu-brisTAS [5197], hu-pe-rePHAnous [5244],

30 whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, insolent, haughty,

a-laZOnas [213], e-pheu-reTAS [2182] kaKON, goNEUsin [1118]a-peiTHEIS [545],

boastful, inventors of evils, disobedient to parents,

a-suNEtous [801], a-sunTHEtous [802], a-STORgous [794], a-ne-leEmo-nas [415]:

31 without understanding, covenant-breakers, without natural affection, merciless:

HOIti-nes, to diKAIo-ma [1345] tou TheOU e-pigNONtes [1921],

32 they who, knowing the ordinance of :God,

HOti hoi ta toiAUta PRASson-tes [4238] Axi-oi thaNAtou eiSIN,

that who practice the such are worthy of death,

ou MOnon auTA poiOUsin, alLA kai su-neu-doKOUsin [4909] tois PRASsou-sin [4238].

not only do them, but also consent with those practicing them.

NOTE: This is one of the most sober passages in Scripture, and cuts across elements of society in every age, from the days of Abraham to the present. Note what God says about such elements who do not want to have God or His Son Jesus in their thoughts, words or society: He gives them up! Alright, you want to have your own way? Then have it, and reap at last what you have sown! You have judged yourselves. Three times in this passage God by His Spirit says that He gives them up!

There are fellowships of churches which seek to water down and re-interpret passages such as this. It can't honestly be done! If we let God say what He wants to say and the Bible mean what it wants to mean - then there's no dodging the issue..

Paul says in Ephesians - It's even a shameto speak of the acts of sin recounted in this passage - so unnatural - so filthy - and bringing into the body the righteous reward of such unrighteous acts - such as Aids.

There are various articles and insights in this Website that reveal God's Bible- His Scriptures - as uniqueabove all books in the world - religious or secular. Onlythe 66 books of the Bible reveal the Bible Numeric Phenomenon in exact accord with all other sciences.The Numeric features of James through Jude are exactlythe same as those of our sun's 7 major planets! Imagine!.

Let me lay a foundation for the above notes on this passage.

Marie and I attended a High School in Port Alberni, BC of some 160 students from 1937-41. Who would have thought that a boys' basketball team from such a small school would win the Canadian Western Basketball Championship of the 4 Western Provinces of BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba? It wasn't because of the extraordinary prowess of the team - but of the “Coach” - Bill Wiles, the H.S. Math, Science and P.A. teacher. He had a vision for extraordinary success for these boys; he had a format for training discipline; he had the ability to work out some 20 basic plays that he had the boys master; he talked a business into supplying them with great red and white uniforms; he produced in these “Termites” a “Team Spirit” of success. No team in Western Canada could stand against them. And for 50 years these boys and their Coach - as long as he lived - met together annually to reminisce on those glorious 4 years.

Arthur Delamont with his parents and family emigrated from England to Canada in the early 1900's. He had a wonderful Salvation Army Band background. In his early 30's he moved with his wife and son from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan to Vancouver, BC. A boy approached him in 1928 for trumpet lessons. Arthur responded. Soon boy after boy was added, until he formed a band. For the next 50 years the Vancouver Kitsilano Boys Band traveled to Europe 15 times, plus 5 World Fairs, and won over 200 top band awards: in tone, deportment, marching and appearance. Like Bill Wiles, he insisted on perfection as the goal. Punctuality was a sacred must! Appearance in pictures had to be perfect. The uniforms of a blue cape fastened back to show beautiful red satin linings, with black socks and highly polished black shoes - black pants with one red stripe - white long sleeved shirts, and a neat cap - these too contributed to awards. Their marching technique from 1930 on was second to none. Again - not just the 1000's of boys - but a bandmaster with a vision, promotional instincts, enthusiasm, ability - yes, again a leader brought success.

In 1944 a Russian Jew introduced me to the Russian genius, Ivan Panin. He started out as a radical Nihilist and was forced to flee Russia in the later 1800's. He succeeded as a Philosopher, Mathematician and English expert. Albert Einstein was one of his Math students at Harvard. Both had probable I Q's upwards to 200. When he discovered the marvels of Bible Numerics he was hooked, and spent 50 years and 100,000 hours producing both a Greek and English New Testament based on this amazing discovery. Again - we find another man like Wiles and Delamont, possessed by a vision and an indomitable drive to succeed in his vision. How opposite to the sad list in Romans 1:24-32.

Then consider Abraham, the founder of the nation of Israel, based on the Abrahamic Covenant of Genesis 17. But on the way to this goal, he rescued his nephew Lot from the extreme sinfulness of Sodom and Gomorrah. Another man committed to a vision to know, serve and obey God to the end, based on high moral and ethical goals. Again see the contrast with the latter part of Romans 1.

King David was one of his illustrious descendants. He too had a vision to glorify God, and be a man after God's own heart. No hanky-panky here. When he slipped and sinned, he immediately confessed it, made it right with God, and continued on. God gave him a 7-fold program for the illustrious Temple that his son Solomon built. In a sense it is by vision - the Temple of David! God calls the beginning of a venture as if already complete. David's beginning here qualifies. He had a desire and a vision; he obtained the Temple location; God wrote the blueprint on his heart by the Spirit; he gathered tremendous amounts of material ahead of time. He taught and showed Solomon the plans; he provided the music and Temple worship; he and Samuel provided the Levitical order of service.

Jesus, the greater Son of David, the Promised Messiah - came to minister as a servant, and give His life a ransom for many; he fulfilled the covenant of Abraham and the Mosaic and Temple typology. The 2 pillars of the Temple, Jachin and Boaz, typified God's Covenant and oath. He raised up 12 disciples for the 12 tribes of Israel, but prepared for the “One New Man” by soon admission of Gentiles into the Church.

See Benjamin in the latter chapters of the Book of Judges. Fit this into Romans 1:18-32. Benjamin was wiped out but for 600 young men, because of homosexual and heterosexual sin. See our Website <www.2rbetter.org> . Under Archives, Embryonics, Outlines and Interlinear - lie a groundwork and framework to justify the emphasis God puts upon Himself, His Son and His Word! In Psalm 2 it says God in heaven will laughat His enemies who seek to remove Him from their thoughts, words and society. In the end, remember Noah! Then a flood removed the wicked and saved 8 righteous; so soon, A fire will destroy the wicked, and preserve a remnant like David, who are people after God's own heart. J.A.W.