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Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One

(From: HEBREWS #4 - 5:1-10)



Pas gar ar-chi-eREUS [749], ex anTHROpon lam-baNOme-nos,

For every high priest, being taken from men,

huPER anTHROpon kaTHISta-tai [2525]ta pros ton TheON,

is appointed for men in things:pertaining to :God,

HIna prosPHEre[4374]DO-RA te kai thuSIas [2378]huPER ha-mar-tiON [266]:

that he offer both gifts and sacrifices for sins:

me-tri-o-paTHEIN [3356] duNAme-nos tois ag-noOUsi [50] kai pla-noMEnois [4105],

2who can bear gently with theignorant and erring,

ePEI kai auTOS peRIkei-tai [4029] asTHEnei-an [769];

since himself also is surrounded with infirmity;

kai di' auTEN oPHEIlei [3784], kaTHOS peRI tou laOU,

3and by it is bound, as for the people,

HOUtos kai peRI he-auTOU, prosPHErein [4374]peRI ha-mar-tiON [266].

so also for himself, to offer for sins.

b. 5:4 And no one takes the honor unto himself, but when called of :God, even as also was Aaron.

kai ouch he-auTO tis lamBAnei ten tiMEN, alLA kaLOUme-nos huPO tou TheOU, kaTHOSper kai AaRON.


HOUtos kai ho ChrisTOS ouch he-auTON eDOxa-sen [1392]ge-neTHEnai ar-chi-eREa [749],

So :Christ also glorified not himself to become high priest,

all' ho laLEsas pros auTON, HuiOS mou ei su, eGOSEme-ron geNENneKA [1080]se:

but who spoke unto him, You are my Son, I today have begotten you:

kaTHOS kai en heTEroLEgei, Su hi-eREUS [2409]eis ton aiOna [165] kaTA ten TAxin [5010]Mel-chi-seDEK.

6as he says also in another place, You are priest unto the age After the order of Melchizedek.


hos en tais heMErais tes sarKOS [4561]auTOU,

Who in the days of his :flesh,

deEseis [1162]te kai hi-ke-teRIas [2428]pros ton duNAme-non SOzein [4982]auTON ek thaNAtou

having offered up prayers and supplications with strong crying and tears

meTA krauGES [2906]is-chuRAS [2478]kai daKRUon [1144]pro-seNEGkas [4374],

unto the onewho could save him from death,

kai ei-sa-kousTHEIS [1522] aPO tes eu-laBEIas [2124],

and having been heard for his :godly fear,

KAIper on huiOS, Ema-then [3129]aph' on Epa-then [3958]ten hu-pa-koEN [5218];

8though he was a Son, yet learned :obedience by what he suffered;

kai, te-lei-oTHEIS [5048], eGEne-to PAsin tois hu-paKOUou-sin [5219]auTO

9and, perfected, he became unto all that obey him

AIti-os[159] so-teRIas [4991]ai-oNIou [166];

the cause of eternal salvation;

pro-sa-go-reuTHEIS [4316] huPO tou TheOU ar-chi-eREUS [749] kaTA ten TAxin [5010]Mel-chi-seDEK.

10named of :God high priest after the order of Melchizedek.

NOTE: Psalm 110 according to some, is the most often quoted portion of OT Scripture in the NT. And - it all revolves around God's appointment of Jesus as His only begotten Son, into this high eternal calling as the Great High Priest after the order of Melchizedek! And - because Jesus is not only Son of God, but also Son of man, He is so identified with us in our humanity, that He perfectly understands our infirmities, and can therefore deal gently with us in our ignorance and erring. What a Savior! What a Redeemer! What a Great High Priest! There is no onelike Jesus on our behalf.

5:7-10 - Many of us have seen Mel Gibson's “The Passion of the Christ.” It is a true picture of Jesus' physical suffering on our behalf; but it completely passes by His spiritualsuffering. “Cursedis every man who hangs upon a tree.” Because Jesus did so at Calvary, He became a cursefor us. His soulwas made an offering for sin. One man - Adam - brought sin into the entire human race - the heredity of sin. One man - Jesus - worked mighty redemption on behalf of the complete human race - past, present and future! When the curse of the cross entered into His sinless soul, He was forsaken by God, and His anguish spiritually over-shone His physical suffering a thousand fold! Maybe muchmore!

But not only did He have this final unfathomable suffering on the Cross on our behalf - but all through His life He suffered and learned obedience as Son of Man through His sufferings. How could we nothelp but yield to Him our all, as the Holy Spirit makes real to us what redemption on your behalf and mine truly cost the matchless Son of God? Then we begin to understand the spirit of Oswald Chambers when he said - the answer is “Personal, passionatedevotionto Jesus! - J.A.W.