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Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One


A. 1:1 The elder to Gaius the beloved, whom I love in truth.

Ho presBUte-ros [4245] GAIo to a-ga-peTO, hon eGO a-gaPO en a-leTHEIa.




A-ga-peTE, peRI PANton EUchoMAI [2172] se eu-oDOUSthai [2137]

Beloved, I pray that in all things you prosper

kai hu-giAInein [5198], kaTHOS eu-oDOU-TAI sou hepsuCHE[5590].

and be in health, even as your :soul prospers.


eCHAren gar LIan er-choMEnon a-delPHON kai mar-tuROUNton [3140]

For I rejoiced greatly when brothers came and witnessed

sou tea-leTHEIa, kaTHOS su en a-leTHEIa pe-ri-paTEIS.

to your :truth, even as YOU walk in the truth.

c. 1:4 No greater grace have I than these things, to hear of my :children walking in the truth.

mei-zoTEran TOUton ouk EchoCHArin, HIna aKOUota eMA TEKna en tea-leTHEIa pe-ri-paTOUNta.



A-ga-peTE, pisTON poiEIS ho eAN erGAseeis tous a-delPHOUS kai TOUto XEnous [3581];

Beloved, you do a faithful work in whatever you do toward the brethren and these strangers ;

hoi e-marTUreSAN sou te aGApe eNOpi-on ek-kleSIas [1577]:

6 who witnessed to your :love before thechurch:

hous kaLOS poiEseis proPEMpsas aXIos tou TheOU:

whom you will do well to set forward on their journey worthily of :God:

huPER gar tou oNOma-tos eXELthan, meDEN lamBAnon-tes aPO ton eth-niKON.

7 for they went forth for the Name's sake, taking nothing of the Gentiles.


heMEIS oun oPHEIlo-men hu-po-lamBAnein tous toiOUtous, HIna su-nerGOI giNOme-tha tea-leTHEIa.

WE therefore ought to welcome :such,that we may become fellow-workers for the truth.



EgraPSA ti te ek-kleSIa: all' ho phi-lo-proTEUon [5383] auTON,

I wrote somewhat unto the church: but Diotrephes,

Di-oTREphes, ouk e-piDEche-tai heMAS.

who loves pre-eminence among them, receives us not.


diA TOUto, eAN ELtho, hu-pomNEso [5279] auTOU ta ERga ha poiEI,

Therefore, if I come, I will bring to remembrance his :works which he does,

LOgois po-neROIS phlu-aRON [5396] heMAS: kai me arKOUme-nos [714] ePI TOUtois,

prating against us with wicked words: and not content therewith,

OUte auTOS e-piDEche-tai tous a-delPHOUS, kai tous bou-loMEnous [1014]

neither himself receives the brethren, and them that would

koLUei [2967] kai ek tes ek-kleSIas ekBALlei [1544].

he forbids and casts out of the church.


a. 1:11a Beloved, imitate not :evil, but :good.

A-ga-peTE, me miMOU to kaKON, alLA to a-gaTHON.

b. 1:11b The doer of good is of :God; the doer of evil has not seen :God.

ho a-ga-tho-poiON [15] ek tou TheOU es-tin; ho ka-ko-poiON [2554] ouch heOra-ken ton TheON.


De-meTRIo me-marTUre-tai huPO PANton, kai huPO auTES tes a-leTHEIas:

Demetrius has the witness of all, and of the truth itself:

kai, heMEIS de mar-tuROUmen; kai OIdas HOti he mar-tuRIa heMON a-leTHES es-tin.

yes, WE also bear witness; and you know that our :witness is true.



PolLA EIchon GRApsai soi, all' ou THElo diA MEla-nos [3188] kai kaLAmou [2563] soi GRAphein:

I had many things to write you, but I am unwilling to write you with ink and pen:

elPIzo de euTHEos se iDEIN, kai STOma pros STOma laLEso-men.

14a but I hope shortly to see you, and we shall speak face to face.

b. 1:14b Peace to you. EiREne soi.

c. 1:14c The friends salute you. as-PAzon-tai [782] se hoi PHIloi [5384].

d. 1:14d Salute the friends by name. asPAzou tous PHIlous kat' Ono-ma.

NOTE: Verse two of this book reads, ”Beloved, I pray that in all thingsyou prosper[2137]and be in health[5198], even as your :soul prospers” (Panin's Numeric NT). This verse has been quoted extensively by those in the “Word of Faith” movement, among others. Does this verse have an appropriate application? Does it touch on our needs? And does it relate to health of our body? Consider first what “Strong's Expanded Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible” has to say on this subject:

Under #2137, eu-oDOo- we find the following meanings: to help on the road; fig. to succeedin business affairs:- to prosper (3x), have a prosperous journey (1x). (1) “to have a prosperous journey” Romans 1:10; and (2) “to prosper,” 1 Corinthians 16:2; 3 John 2.

Under #5198 (12x) hu-giAInofrom #5199, hu-giES (14x); to have sound health, i.e. be well(in body). #5198, “to be healthy, sound in health” (Eng., “hygiene,” etc.) translated “safe and sound” in Luke 15:27. Hu-giES is used (1) especially in the Gospels of making sick folk “whole”, Mt 12:13; 15:31; Mk 3:5; 5:34; Lk 6:10; Jn 5:4, 6, 9, 11, 14, 15; 7:23; (2) also Acts 4:10. It is applied metaphorically to sound speech and doctrine.

I believe from this that we can safely conclude that the apostle John, Jesus' Beloved disciple, meant here in his third epistle what he and Peter practiced together when they were sent forth by Jesus and healed the sick, cast our demons and raised the dead. Yes, we can take this verse and not be in error when we desire for ourselves the promises that these two words set forth. However, there areconditions if we as believers and disciples will see these promises come to pass in our lives. John is not giving us a “carte blanche” promise apart from conditions on ourpart.

1. Intimacy with Jesus. Both John and Peter walked this walk. It wasn't just talk. Oswald Chambers expressed the attitude of a true disciple as one having “Personal, Passionate Devotion to Jesus!” Read his “My Utmost for His Highest,” and you will find that this is the first condition that opens us up to having our needs met, and a healthy body. Jesus' 12 disciples had all this happen in their 3 years with Him, and on up to their martyrdom. Serious? Of course! Many 21stCentury believers feel that they just have to claim God's promises - apart from His conditions of discipleship. How foolish and frustrating. This first condition causes our spiritto be alive in God at all times. Does it make us sinlessly perfect? No - that will not happen till the Second Coming of Jesus and the resurrection of our bodies. But it doesmean that we don't have to walk longer in sin as we choose to maintain an abiding walk in our One Triune God!

2. A Renewed Mind. The Holy Spirit through Paul in Romans 12:1-2 sets forth the next step for us following conversion. Through meditating upon the Word daily, our minds are renewed. Only through daily reading, meditating on, praying over and acting uponGod's Word - will our minds be renewed and bring us where Jesus can live His resurrected life through us by the Holy Spirit according to Galatians 2:20. Let us not make the mistake of underestimating the importance of a renewed mind to receive the full benefits of 3 John 2! God wants to bring us as many sons and daughters into Glory! Conversion is merely the door that enables us to enter this rewarding pathway.

Our mind at conversion is carnal! It still thinks like an unconverted person! When we present our body, soul and spirit to God at that time, and commence the pathway of walking with Jesus in His Word - thenour minds begin to be renewed, and we commence to think God's thoughts after Him! See Archive 2001.06.23, “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body,” on our Website.

3. Proper Diet. The next points - all relate to the care of our body. The Western Cultures of Canada, the US and Mexico as a whole do not understand the wise Bible counsel in this regard. God in the book of Leviticus gave sound guidance in choice of foods. This list is notcapricious. God is not here being “mean” in giving us this list. There are wise reasons behind all of these choices. There is nojunk food on His list. MacDonald's and other fast food outlets do not share so well here. For those of us who choose to heed the counsels of God in this regard, we will do well; and the desire of John in 3 John 2 will more easily become a reality. Why should God answer prayer on behalf of our health, when we undercut His wisdom by failing to walk in the diet rules of discipleship? Obesity in our 3 Western nations, both with young and old, is noticed with deep concern by other nations of the world. One man from Germany was returning home after a trip to the US. A reporter asked him, “What most impressed you on your first trip to America?” “The number of sickand obese people, was his reply! Those of us who are professing believers can choose to become possessing disciples, by walking in the wisdom of God. When I was a boy of 10 on a farm in Langley, outside of Vancouver BC, I came to know a Frenchman by the name of Philemon. He was retired and ate only 2 meals a day. He didn't need more, though I was shocked at this at the time. He was not obese, and lived a healthy life.

Some time ago I sent out a mailing entitled, Praise for “The China Study,” April 24, 2008, featuring T. Colin Campbell and Dr. John McDougall. It portrays a fairly strict regimen of diet, but those who have chosen to walk this way have no regrets, and avoid the serious pit falls of our Western Hemisphere. See also “Bananas,” Archives 2007.10.01, and the wise counsel in this article.

4. Helpful Vitamin Supplements. Israel constantly comes up with new insights in this area as well as in Science. Recently they developed “Neuro PS” - a capsule that renews the nerve and brain cells. These are elongated cells, and connect with one another through dendrites. As we age, these terminals become dry and brittle, and fail to pass messages along. We call these times “Senior Moments.” Neuro PS moistens these cells and restores connections again up to 30-35%. “Bridges for Peace” in Israel a few years back, wrote one of their weekly divisions on this break-through. I have followed up on it, and believe it has indeed had a restorative effect to my memory. It is not full restoration, but it is most helpful. Up to 85% of users claim benefits. If interested, see <www.Puritan.com> or Puritan's Pride, 1-800-645-1030. I have also found KLVB-6 (Kelp, lecithin, apple cider vinegar and B-6) to be helpful.

5. Better Health with Long Years. In 2008.07.07 I sent out a mailing under this title. It is the first 2 of a 9-fold regimen for Good Health. You can find it under “Archives” on our mailing - and soon on our new Website also under Archives <www.2rbetter.org>. The above 2 articles relate to “Scientific Walking” as given to Dr. Norman Vincent Peale by 2 Swiss Psychiatrists, and the scientific use of the Rebounder (Mini Trampoline).

6. Mentholatum. This is a mild relaxant for sore and stiff joints and muscles. I use it on joints of neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists and fingers, knees, thighs, ankles, and especially back and hips. Many of my friends have needed hip and knee replacements. I feel no need of this at 85, and think that the above is a help.

7. Stretching exercises. I have been doing this daily since 1967, especially for the points above. God at that time seemed to say: “Walk softly with me, and I will guide you in this area.” And He did - effectively!

8. Sleep. E. Stanley Jones - famous for “Christian Ashrams”, had quite a strict habit of retiring each evening at 10 PM and rising at 6 AM. He would tell his evening guests, “Don't feel it necessary to leave just because I am retiring - but would the last one to leave kindly see that all lights are turned off, and the door is locked!

He enjoyed good health up to his mid 80's, and continued to write, travel and s;peak beyond that time. His 8 hours of sleep a night no doubt had a good effect. I seek to follow his example.

9. Kombucha. Some 10 years ago or so a friend of mine introduced me to Kombucha. There is an article on this on our Website under Archives, dated 2003.10.03. It is sometimes known as Manchurian Mushroom Tea.

Health is not dependent upon any one practice, but upon a “package.” This one of nine regimens on my part has been a distinctive help.

10. Heated Apple Juice with Green Tea. This I have found not only to be beneficial, but also enjoyable. I use it several times a day.

CONCLUSION: After I mailed out my use of the Rebounder and “Scientific Walking” several asked if I would mail out my other 7 practices for my personal health regimen. Undoubtedly there are others that by experience have developed better and more helpful methods than mine - but for better or worse, the above is what I have come up with.

I spend an hour or so each morning in prayer over the Bible. I use an Interlinear Hebrew and Greek Bible, which I personally find enjoyable and challenging. I kneel at the Rebounder following its use, and find the kneeling helps my knees as well as my spirit and mind. God used George Muller to challenge me this way. For the last 10 years of his life, Mr. Muller knelt and read the Bible aloud 4 times a year. I have notreached this standard, but I do read the Bible completely through on my knees each year, and Psalms and Proverbs twice. Most of it I read aloud, some even in the Hebrew and Greek. I let the Word lead me in prayer. I also have a daily prayer list of well over 100 people, that I pray over, spending special time for those the Holy Spirit indicates.

I believe God wants us to be “Living Epistles,” plumb lines to show forth worship in the balance of Spirit and Truth. This balance is often missing in professing believers. We need both; lest we fall into one ditch or the other. It is extremely difficult to maintain daily, vital devotions for our Quiet Time with the Lord. Alan Redpath confessed that it was the most difficult challenge in his life. Satan will do anything to keep the believer from maintaining this vital, active and balanced habit. Oswald Chambers agreed with Alan Redpath, and I do too. Good physical health for the body, and a renewed mind are indispensable also. Let us be examples in the above, and we will find that God will preserve us from becomeing casualties to sin like so many in our day.

I can take very little credit for the above. In 1947 I broke my back in a motor-cycle accident, and was in a caste

for 6 months. Within 10 years I started to develop painful arthritis in my back and neck. God led me how to develop the above exercises and diet as His response. I seriously doubt if I would have the unusual health I enjoy today, had God not put me in the position of “do” or “die”. So I find myself thanking Him for permitting me to have the accident of 61 years ago. It forces me to exercise my will to walk wisely: body, soul and spirit. My daughter said to me one day - “Dad, if you don't do those stretching exercises every day, you'll end up like a board!” It got my attention. I have no choice. God in His wisdom and mercy has put me in a position where I mustseek Him for His wise guidance in all of the above matters. J.A.W.