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Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One

(From: 2 TIMOTHY #4 - 4:9-22)



SPOUda-son [4704] elTHEIN PROS me taCHEos [5030]:

Give diligence to come shortly unto me:

DeMAS GAR me eg-kaTElei-pen [1459], a-gaPEsas [25]ton nun aiOna,

10for Demas forsook me, having loved the present age,

kai e-poREUthe eis Thes-sa-loNIken; 083]: KREskes eis Ga-laTIan, TItos eis Dal-maTIan.

and went to Thessalonica; Cresces to Galatia, Titus to Dalmatia.

b. 4:11a Only Luke is with me. LouKAS es-tin MOnos met' eMOU.

c. 4:11b Take Mark andbring him with you; for he is useful to me for ministry.

MARkon a-na-laBON [353]Age meTA se-auTOU; EStin GAR moi EUchre-stos [2173]eis di-a-koNIan [1248].

d. 4:12 But Tychicus I sent to Ephesus. Tu-chiKON de aPEstei-la [649] eis Ephe-son.


ton pheLOnen hon [5341] aPElei-pon [820] en TroAdi paRA KARpo, erCHOme-nos PHEre,

The cloak that I left at Troas with Carpus, bring when youcome,

kai ta bibLIa [975], MAli-sta [3122] tas memBRAnas [3200].

and the booklets, especially the parchments.


A-LExan-dros ho chalKEUS polLA moi kaKA e-neDEIxa-to [1731]:

Alexander the coppersmith displayed toward me many evil things:

a-poDOsei [591] auTO ho KUri-os kaTA ta ERga auTOU:

the Lord will render to him according to his :works:

hon kai su phuLASsou [5442] LIan [3029] gar anTESte [436] tois he-meTErois LOgois.

15of whom YOU beware also for he greatly withstood our :words.


En te PROte mou a-poloGIa [627] ouDEIS moi pa-reGEne-to [4836],

At my first :defence no one took my part,

alLA PANtes me eg-kaTElei-pon [1459]: me auTOIS lo-gisTHEIe [3049].

but all forsook me: be it not laidto their account.


ho de KUriOS moi paRESte [3936], kai e-ne-duNAmoSEN [1743] me;

But the Lord stood by me, and strengthened me;

HIna di' eMOU to KErug-ma [2782] ple-ro-pho-reTHE [4135],

that through me the proclamation might be thoroughly made,

kai aKOUso-sin [191] PANta ta ETHne [1484]: kai eRUSthen [4506] ek STOma-tos [4750] LEon-tas [3023].

and all the nations might hear: and I was delivered out of thelion's mouth.


'RUseTAI [4506] me ho KUri-os aPO panTOS ERgou po-neROU,

The Lord will deliver me from every evil work,

kai SOsei [4982] eis ten ba-siLEIan [932] auTOU ten e-pouRAni-on [2032]:

and will save meunto his heavenly :kingdom:

ho he DOxa eis tous aiOnas ton aiOnon.

to whom bethe glory unto the ages of the ages.

j. 4:18b Amen. aMEN.


1. 4:19 Greet Prisca and Aquila, and the house of Onesiphorus.

Aspa-sai [782]PRISkan kai A-KUlan, kai ton O-ne-siPHOrou OIkon.

2. 4:20-21a PAUL'S NEED

a. 4:20 Erastus remained at Corinth: but Trophimus I left at Miletus sick.

Era-stus Emei-nen en KoRINtho: TROphi-mon de aPElei-pon [620] en MiLEto as-theNOUNta [770].

b. 4:21a Give diligence to come before winter.

SPOUda-son [4704] pro cheiMOnos [5495] elTHEIN [2064].

3. 4:21b Eubulus greets you, and Pudes, and Linus, and Claudia, and all the brethren.

A-SPAzeTAI [782]se EUbou-los, kai POUdes, kai LInos, kai KlauDIa, kai hoi a-delPHOI PANtes.


a. 4:22a The Lord bewith your :spirit. Ho KUri-os meTA tou PNEUmaTOS [4151]sou.

b. 4:22b The grace be with you. he CHAris [5485] meth' huMON.

NOTE: D. 4:9-18 - The End of a Soldier. Paul here is not like General Douglas MacArthur - he didn'tjust fade away! Hehad faith in the Lord to help him to triumphantly finish his earthly pilgrimage - and then have a glorious welcome into God's eternal home!

Look at how Paul mellowed in his later years. But of course, he no doubt noted a new faithfulness in Mark, too! What brought sharp division between Paul and Barnabas in days gone by - has nowcome to an end! He wants Timothy to bring Mark with him. Hewill now be useful to Paul for ministry. Mark's Gospel is also a great

addition to the NT. He presents Jesus in a light most appealng to Romans: a Gospel of dispatch and swift effectiveness. It also exudes the nature of Jesus as the true servant of God symbolized by the ox, one of the 4 faces of Ezekiel's initial vision of the cherubim.

See also Paul's concern to shield Timothy from the wicked machinations of Alexander the Coppersmith!

It is sad to see that just as all Jesus' disciples forsook Him, and even denied Him at the time of His Cross - yet just as He spoke forgiveness to them from the Cross in one of His last 7 words - so Paul spoke forgiveness for those who failed to stand with him in his defense. But how wonderful that these two who were both forsaken, yet the One came to stand with Paul in his solitary defense. Jesus cared! Jesus understood! In the light of this, Paul could confidently proclaim in a positive word, that this divine deliverance would continue to the very end!

E.1. 4:19 - Paul's greeting to Priscilla and Aquila is most timely. This couple appear in the NT 6 times, always together. In the Authorized Version, it is 3 times Aquila and Priscilla, and 3 times Priscilla and Aquila. But in the Numeric Interlinear NT is is 2 times Aquila and Priscilla, but 4 timesPriscilla and Aquila. “Name order” by the Holy Spirit through NT writers is most important. Priscilla was like the OT Deborah: charismatic, and spiritually aggressive. Aquila was a ruling elder: calm, judicious, careful, and a true covering for his wife. He unselfishly released her to function in their 3 churches in the home: Rome, Ephesus and Corinth. It was a function of Priscilla much like that of Mary Slessor of Calabar and Sophie Muller of New Tribes Mission in South America. Paul was happy by his name-positioning to honor Priscilla for the unusual ministry in which she functioned. When Apollos visited their church - and obviously was lacking in the clear understanding of the Gospel that she and her husband had been taught - she quite possibly said to her husband, “Aquila dear - we need to invite Apollos home for dinner. I'll fix up a meal that opens up a man to hear from God. Then we'll show him the Gospel more accurately concerning the Peter-Package of Acts 2:38 - and how Paul makes this ever so much clearer.” They did - and Apollos received the enlightenment - and the Kingdom of God went forward yet more effectively.

For whom this verse is an encouragement, Let it indeed be encouraging!

4:20 - Take note that God did not always heal immediately Paul's fellow-workers. Trophimus had to be left behind on this occasion, sick. Those who press healing too strongly in the light of this, should reconsider their position. Dr. E. Stanley Jones had very wise counsel in the various roles of healing that God is often pleased to use. Dr. Jones found 6 of these areas. One is perfect healing for some on their arrival in heaven. Some find this difficult to accept. But thiswas the role for the prophet Elisha! But others come under great condemnation because of too rigid a position held out to them. Did Jesus provide the double-cure? Of course! But is the timing and testing involved in reception sometimes difficult to understand? Indeed! Here then is where we need to extend grace to one another in these difficult areas. - J.A.W.