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Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One

(From: 2 TIMOTHY #1 - 1:1-18)



PAUlos, aPOsto-los [652] ChrisTOU IeSOU diA theLEma-tos [2307] TheOU,

Paul, apostle of Christ Jesus through God's will,

kat' e-pag-geLIan [1860] zo-ES [2222] tes en ChrisTO IeSOU,

according to promise of the life :in Christ Jesus,

Ti-moTHEo, a-ga-peTO TEKno [5043]: CHAris [5485], Ele-os [1565], eiREne [1515],

2to Timothy, beloved child: grace, mercy, peace,

aPO TheOU paTROS kai KuRIou IeSOU ChrisTOU tou KuRIou heMON.

from God theFather and the Lord Jesus Christ our Lord.




CHArin [5485]EchoTheO, holaTREUo[3000]aPO proGOnon [4269]en ka-thaRA [2513]su-neiDEsei [4893],

I thank :God, whom I serve from myforefathers in a pure conscience,

hos a-diAleip-ton [880 Echo ten peRI sou MNEIan [3417] en tais deEseSIN [1162] mou nukTOS kai heMEras

how unceasing is my :remembrance of you in my :supplications night and day

e-pi-poTHON [1972] se iDEIN, mem-neMEnos [3415] sou ton daKRUon [1144],

4longing to see you, remembering your :tears,

HIna chaRAS [5479] ple-roTHO [4137], huPOMne-sin [4280] laBON tes en soi a-nu-poKRItou [505] PIste-os;

that I may be filled with joy, 5having been reminded of the unfeigned faith in you;

HEtis eNOke-sen [1774] PROton en te MAMme sou LoIdi,

which dwelt first in your :grandmother Lois,

kai te meTRI sou EuNIke; PEpeis-mai [3982] de HOti kai en soi.

and your :mother Eunice; and, I am persuaded that in you also.


di' hen aiTIan [156] a-na-mimNEsko [363] se a-na-zo-puREIN [329] to CHAris-ma [5486] tou TheOU,

For which cause I remind you to stir into flame the gift of :God,

HO es-tin en soi diA tes e-piTHEse-os [1936] ton cheiRON mou.

which is in you through the laying on of my :hands.

c. 1:7 For :God gave us not a spirit of fearfulness;but of power and love and sobering.

ou gar Edo-ken heMIN ho TheOS PNEUma deiLIas [1167]; alLA duNAme-os kai aGApes kai so-phro-nisMOU.

d. 1:8-11 TESTIMONY

me oun e-pais-chunTHES [1870] to marTUri-on tou KuRIou heMON, meDE eME ton DESmi-on auTOU:

Be not ashamed therefore of the testimony of our :Lord, nor of me his :prisoner:

alLA sun-ka-koPAthe-son[4777] to eu-ag-geLIo kaTA DUna-min TheOU;

but suffer hardship with the gospel according to God's power;

tou SOsan-tos [4982] heMAS, kai kaLEsan-tos [2563] KLEsei [2821] haGIa [40],

9who saved us, and called uswith a holy calling,

ou kaTA ta ERga heMON, alLA kaTA iDIan PROthe-sin [4286] kai CHArin

not according to our :works, but according to hisown purpose and grace

ten doTHEIsan heMIN en ChrisTO IeSOU pro CHROnon [5550] ai-oNIon [166],

:given us in Christ Jesus before age times,

pha-ne-roTHEIsan [5319] de nun diA tes e-pi-phaNEIas [2015]

10 but has now been manifested through the appearing

tou soTEros [4990] heMON ChrisTOU IeSOU, ka-tarGEsan-tos [2673] men ton THAna-ton,

of our :Savior Christ Jesus, who nullified :death,

phoTIsan-tos [5461] de zo-EN kai aph-tharSIan [861] diA tou eu-ag-geLIou,

and brought life and incorruption to light through the gospel,

eis ho eTEthen [5087] eGO KErux [2783], kai aPOsto-los [652], kai diDAska-los [1320].

11unto which I was appointed preacher, and apostle, and teacher.


di' HEN aiTIan [156] kai TAUta PAScho [3958]: all' ouk e-paiSCHUno-mai [1870];

For which cause I suffer also these things: yet I am not ashamed;

OIda gar ho pePIsteu-ka [4100], kai PEpeis-mai [3982]

for I know whom I have believed, and I am persuaded

HOti du-naTOS es-tin ten pa-raTHEken [3866] mou phuLAxai [5442] eis eKEInen ten heMEran.

that he is able to guard my :deposit against that :day.


hu-poTUpo-sin [5296] Eche hu-gi-aiNONton [5198] LOgon hon par' eMOU Ekou-sas,

Hold a pattern of sound words which you have heard from me,

en PIstei kai aGApe te en ChrisTO IeSOU.

in faith and love which isin Christ Jesus.

g. 1:14 The good deposit guard through theHoly Spirit who dwells in us.

ten kaLEN pa-raTHEken [3872] PHUla-xon [5442] diA PNEUma-tos HaGIou tou e-noiKOUNtos en huMIN.



OIdas TOUto, HOti a-peSTRApheSAN [654] me PANtes hoi en te A-SIa;

This you know, that all they in :Asia turned away from me;

HON es-tin PHUge-los kai Her-moGEnes.

of whom is Phygelus and Hermogenes.

b. 1:16-18 ONESIPHORUS

DO-e [1325] Ele-os [1656] ho KUri-os to O-ne-siPHOrou OIko:

The Lord grant mercy to the house of Onesiphorus:

HOti polLAkis me aNEpsu-xen [404], kai ten HAluSIN [254] mou ouk e-paisCHUNthe; [1870]

because he oft refreshed me, and was not ashamed of my :chain;

alLA, geNOme-nos en 'ROme, spouDAIos [4706] eZEteSEN [2212] me, kai HEUren [2147]

17but, when he was in Rome, he sought me diligently, and found me

(DO-e auTO ho KUri-os heuREIN Ele-os [1656] paRA KuRIou en eKEIne te heMEra);

18(the Lord grant him to find mercy of theLord in that :day);

kai HOsa en E-PHEso di-eKOne-sen [1247], BELti-on [957] su giNOskeis [1097].

and in how many thingshe ministered at Ephesus, you know quite well.

NOTE: 1:1-2 - There are some readers of the NT who have concluded that Paul was a hard man. To read carefully in context all of his relationships with the saints of his time, will most certainly cause such readers to revise such conclusions. The fatherly and nurse-like spirit of Paul easily corrects such conclusions. And to read verse 2 of this portion is to start the correcting process.

1:3-14 - This paragraph only confirms this insight. See again 1:6-7 and the truePresbytery concept of those days of ordination that was restored in 1948 in North Battleford, Canada. In Paul's day, every city church had its own Eldership or Presbytery. They did not need to call on outsiders for this ministry. And if outsiders were invited to share in this ministry, they were but “visitors”, not the true Presbytery of that city. What a saving of money this was! For the Presbytery in those days ministered to each of the Elders on the local church of the home level - “freely”! And the Presbytery did not serve merely in ordaining elders and deacons, but also for commissioning and sending forth missionaries (Acts 13:1-3), solving problems such as in Acts 15 and the Judaizing controversy; making decisions such as in the book of Ruth, and how Boaz rose up as #1 Kinsman-Redeemer - to take the hand of Ruth. Soon I believe we will see fully-orbed City Church Presbyteries once again functioning in these various ministrations.

1:13 - Paul here once returns to “soundness” in the Word, but mixedwith faith and love. The Interlinear Greek Bible Numeric NT prepared by Ivan Panin is a greathelp in this direction, especiallyin the light of the Bible Numeric revelation of sentence, paragraph and section structure. These outlines solve many of the problems of Textual Criticism. There are some 20 NT readings seriously under question by the Bible Critics. Since 1946 I have tested these readings - found against the Modernistic Critics of Canada, and the Evangelical scholars of the Northern Baptist Theological Seminary of Chicago where I obtained my Master of Divinity degree in 1952. AlwaysI found that the best of the Textual Critics and students of Bible Chronology - tended towards the findings of Panin through Bible Numerics! Interesting!

In 1:15-18 we find the apostle Paul grateful, and remembering the helpfulness of the ministries that stood with him during much of his difficult times. - J.A.W.