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Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One

(From: 1 TIMOTHY #5 - 6:2b-21)



a. 6:2b These thingsteach and exhort. TAUta DIda-ske [1321] kai pa-raKAlei [3870].


EI tis he-te-ro-di-da-skaLEI [2085], kai me proSERche-tai [4334] hu-giAInou-si [5198] LOgois,

If any teaches different, and consents not to sound words,

tois tou KuRIou heMON IeSOU ChrisTOU,

those of our :Lord Jesus Christ,

kai te kat' euSEbei-an [2150] di-da-skaLIa [1319], teTUpho-tai [5187], meDEN e-piSTAme-nos [1987],

and to the teaching according to godliness, 4he is puffed up, knowing nothing,

alLA noSON [3552] peRI zeTEseis [2214] kai lo-go-maCHIas [3055],

but sick about questionings and disputes of words,

ex hon GIne-tai PHTHOnos [5355], Eris [2054], blas-pheMIai [988], huPOnoi-ai [5283] po-neRAI,

from which comes envy, strife, railings, evil surmisings,

di-a-pa-ra-triBAI [1311] di-eph-tharMEnon anTHROpon ton noun

5wranglings of men corrupted in :mind

kai a-pe-ste-reMEnon [650] tes a-leTHEIas, no-miZONton [3543] po-risMON [4200] EInai ten euSEbei-an [2150].

and bereft of the truth, supposing :godliness is gain.


EStin de po-risMOS [4200] MEgas he euSEbei-a meTA au-tarKEIas [841]:

But :godliness with contentment is great gain:

ouDEN gar ei-seNEGka-men [1533] eis ton KOSmon, HOti ouDE e-xe-negKEIN [1627] ti duNAme-tha;

7for we brought nothing into the world, because neither can we carry anything out;

Echon-tes de di-a-troPHAS [1305] kai skePASma-ta [4629] TOUtois ar-kes-theSOme-tha [714].

8but having foods and covering we shall be with them content.


ho de bouLOme-noi [1214] plouTEIN [4147] emPIPtou-sin [1706] eis pei-rasMON [3986] kai paGIda [3803]

But who would be rich fall into temptation and a snare

kai e-pi-thuMIas [1939] polLAS a-noEtous [453] kai bla-beRAS [983],

and many foolish and hurtful lusts,

HAIti-nes buTHIzou-si [1036] tous anTHROpous eis HOle-thron [3639 kai aPOlei-an [684].

such as drown :men unto destruction and perdition.


'RIza [4491] gar PANton ton kaKON esTIN he phi-la-guRIa [5365];

For the love of money is a root of all :evils;

hes tiNES o-reGOme-noi [3713] a-pe-plaNEthe-san [685] aPO tes PIste-os,

which some reaching after have been led astray from the faith,

kai he-auTOUS pe-riEpei-ran [4044] oDUnais [3601] polLAIS.

and have pierced themselves through with many sorrows.



Su de, O ANthro-pe TheOU, TAUta PHEUge [5343];

But you, O man of God, flee these;

DIo-ke [1377] de di-kai-oSUnen [1343], euSEbei-an [2150], PIstin, aGApen, hu-po-moNEN [5281], pra-uPAthi-an.

and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness.


a-goNIzou [75] ton kaLON aGOna [73] tes PIste-os, e-pi-laBOU [1949] tes ai-oNIou [166] zo-ES [2222],

Fight the good fight of the faith, lay hold of the eternal life,

eis hen eKLEthes [2563], kai ho-moLOge-sas [3670]

unto which you were called, and did confess

ten kaLEN ho-mo-loGIan [3671] eNOpi-on polLON marTUron [3144].

the good confession in sight of many witnesses.

c. 6:13-16a A SOLEMN CHARGE

pa-ragGELlo [3853] soi eNOpi-on tou TheOU, tou zo-o-goNOUNtos [2227] ta PANta, kai IeSOU ChrisTOU,

I charge you in sight of :God, who gives life to :all things, and of Jesus Christ,

tou mar-tuREsan-tos [3140 ePI PonTIou PeiLAtou ten kaLEN ho-mo-loGIan [3671];

who before Pontius Pilate witnessed the good confession;

teRE-SAI [5083] se ten en-toLEN [1785], Aspi-lon [784], a-nePIlemp-ton [423],

14that you keep the commandment, without spot, without reproach,

MEchri tes e-pi-phaNEIas [2015] tou KuRIou heMON IeSOU ChrisTOU:

until the appearing of our :Lord Jesus Christ:

hen kaiROIS [2540] iDIois DEIxei [1166], ho maKAri-os [3107] kai MOnos duNAStes [1413],

15which in his own seasons, he, the blessed and only Potentate,

ho ba-siLEUS [935] ton ba-si-leuONton [936], kai KUrios ton ku-ri-euONton [2961];

shall show, the King of :kings, and Lord of lords;

ho MOnos Echon a-tha-naSIan, phos [5457] oiKON [3611] aPROsi-ton [676];

16awho alone has immortality, dwelling in light unapproachable;

hon EIden ouDEIS anTHROpon, ouDE iDEIN [1410] DUna-tai: ho tiME [2904] kai KRAtos aiOni-on.

whom no man has seen, nor can see: to whom behonor and power eternal.

d. 6:17b Amen. aMEN.


Tois plouSIois [4145] en to nun aiOni paRAGgel-le [3853], me hu-pse-lo-phroNEIN [5309],

Charge the rich in the present age, not to be highminded,

meDE el-piKEnai [1679] ePI PLOUtou a-deLOte-ti [83],

nor have their hope set on the uncertainty of riches,

all' ePI to TheO to paREchon-ti [2198] heMIN PANta plouSIos [4146] eis aPOlau-sin [619];

but on the God who gives us richly all thingsto enjoy;

a-ga-tho-erGEIN [14], plouTEIN en ERgois kaLOIS, eu-me-taDOtous [2130] EInai, koi-no-niKOUS [2843];

18 to do good, to be rich in good works,to be ready to distribute, willing to communicate;

a-po-the-sauRIzon-tas [597] he-auTOIS theMEli-on [2310] kaLON eis to MELlon,

19treasuring up for themselves a good foundation against the time to come,

HIna e-piLAbon-tai [1949] tes ONtos zo-ES.

that they may lay hold on the real life.


OTiMOthe-e, ten pa-raTHEken [3872]PHUla-xon [5442], ek-trePOme-nos [1624]tas beBElous ke-no-phoNIas

O Timothy, guard the deposit, turning away from the profance babblings

kai an-tiTHEseis [477] tes pseu-doNUmou [5581] GNOse-os [1108];

and oppositions of the knowledge falsely so called;

HEN ti-nes e-pag-gelLOme-noi [1861]peRI ten PIstin eSTOche-san [795].

21awhich some professing have deviated from the faith.

H. 6:21b :Grace be with you. He CHAris [5485] meth' huMON.

NOTE: Dr. Charles W. Koller of Waco Texas - was the President of Northern Baptist Theological Seminary of
Chicago when I attended during 1949-52. Several times he had Donald Gray Barnhouse of the Tenth Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia speak at our Chapel Service of some 400 students.
AlwaysDr. Barnhouse was a challenging and even controversial speaker. He came across strongly as a Word-orientedpreacher. He was often asked in various circles to give his opinion on different doctrinal matters. He invariablyanswered by quoting relevant Scriptures that gave a very clear answer. Often his questioners asked - “Don't you have an opinion of your own on our question, apart from your Bible answers?” He would reply, “Why should I lower myself to give you myhumble opinions - when I can give you ultimate truth straight from the Throne of God?”

My first mentor, Sister Mary Bertha Allquist, a Jewish missionary to Jews through her own conversion, followed the same approach. I am committed with them both to this same strategy.

Dr. Barnhouse had his congregation memorize 100 of the great hymns of the faith. It was then able to sing with full focus on God and the Lord, and found this a great aid in being grounded in Scriptural Truth. Barnhouse felt that many choruses sung in Christian meetings had a great lack of depth.

One other tactic bothered his hearers. He ordered all hearers to go home, and if they had a Bible plaque on the wall entitled “Prayer Changes Things,” then turn it to the wall. “Prayer does notchange things, he asserted; “Prayer changes YOU!” Words such as this did not always endear himself to congregations, but he was not forgotten! He certainly had the attention of his audiences, as they wondered what he would say next to rub the cat's fur the wrong way!

This morning as I was seeking an introduction for this closing note on 1 Timothy, the memory of Dr. Barnhouse from some nearly 60 years ago returned to me with a refreshing. We need more today who “afflict the comfortable, and comfort the afflicted!”

6:1b-10 - Dangers to the Teacher. The Teacher I mention in the Introduction above, Dr. Barnhouse, walked carefully in these guidelines. Paul gave them to Timothy on behalf of the pastor-teachers in the many churches in the home of the City Church of Ephesus, over which Paul had placed him to give oversight over these elders. He was a young man to be placed over leaders - probably every one - older than Timothy - some even gray-beards!

6:11-16 - Then after delivering these 5 principles on to the Ephesian elders, the apostle turns to his young protege and son in the faith, with 3 charges. As Joseph fled temptation in Potiphar's house, so Paul exhorts Timothy to flee the above dangers along with his fellow elders, and positively follow 6 goals.

Next he reminds Timothy that the Christian walk and faith is a warfare. He reminds him that He has been walking this good confession up till now. However - it is the endof the Christian warfare that counts! The Gospels say, “He that enduresto the end- the same shall be saved!” Don't let your theology water down such clear words as thesein the Bible! It is the Wordthat corrects our theology - not our theology the Word! Let the Word mean what itwants to mean!

Then the apostle Paul follows up these two points with one of the most solemn charges in the Bible, drawing on the more than successful example of our Lord Jesus!

3. 6:17-19 - Why would Paul feel it necessary to give a charge to the Rich through Timothy? Every aspect of this charge we need today, especially those of us who have riches. The Spirit's evaluation of riches through Paul is notthe evaluation we hear much of today. Brother Yun, the Heavenly Man of China, would say a hearty “Amen” to this charge given by Paul. He feels this is the greatest danger perhaps in the American Church today.

4. 6:20-21a - Then - one last charge and exhortation to his spiritual son Timothy. Paul takes nothingfor granted. He knowswhereof he speaks. He wants Timothy to remember these warnings when he is gone. - J.A.Watt