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Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One




In 1890 Ivan Panin was living in Boston at Harvard, at the time when James Elliott was president.

As a Russian Nihilist he was forced to flee Russia, resided for a time in Germany where he compiled 40 philosophical and biographical lectures, presenting them often at $200.00 nightly prior to 1890, and also in the United States following his immigration here. Then in 1890 God reached down and brought him into His Kingdom.

He immediately started attending church and reading the Bible. When he came unto Revelation 13:16-18, he was puzzled concerning the name of Antichrist as a number - 666. He went to a Presbyterian minister in Boston to seek an answer. From him he learned that God had Sovereignly selected Hebrew and Greek as the two languages to have 33 known authors write the 66 Bible books. They are the only two languages in the world with no numerical equivalents. We in America use Latin letters, but Arabic numbers. Romans used Latin letters, but Roman numerals. But both Hebrews and Greeks put a “tick” beside each letter, and assigned numerical equivalents: 4000 years ago plus for Hebrew; 3000 years ago plus for Greek.

So in Hebrew, aleph, bet, gimel, daleth become 1, 2, 3, 4, and Tov - 400. In Greek, alpha, beta, gamma, delta become 1, 2, 3, 4, and Omega - 800. So when the Antichrist is manifested, his name in Greek will have the equivalent of 666. That made sense to Panin, so out of curiosity he asked, “Then what is the numerical equivalent of Jesus?” The minister didn't know off-hand, but he knew the numerical equivalents for the Greek alphabet - and Jesus in Greek - IeSOUS - is iota 10, eta 8, sigma 200, omicron 70, upsilon 400 and sigma again 200 - equaling 888! This captivated Panin. For the next 50 years and 100,000 hours, he delved into these interesting mysteries. Being a mathematician (who actually instructed Albert Einstein in Math), he found this field most fascinating. Somewhere during his research, it occurred to him to ask, “I wonder if I substituted numbers for letters, in the 3000 alternate readings in the average Greek New Testament manuscript - would the original reading show up?”

Indeed it did. After he perfected a numerical Lexicon in a 10 year period, he then put his findings together in a Greek New Testament, which he had published by the Oxford Press of England. It is a most scholarly production. At the time he sent this manuscript to the printers, he made another discovery, which he was unable at that time to incorporate into the Greek text. He discovered that Bible Numerics even establishes the correct sentence, sub-paragraph, paragraph and section (or chapter equivalent) structure for each of the 27 books of the New Testament. This he incorporated into the English New Testament translation from his Greek Bible Numeric Text.

When the Jehovah's Witnesses learned of his amazing discoveries, they offered to print up his two New Testament texts in an Interlinear format, similar to their “Emphatic Diaglott”. Because this group had departed from the essentials of Biblical doctrine and became a “cult” - Panin reluctantly refused their offer. So he died in 1942 in Aldershot, Ontario at 86 years of age, disappointed that he was unable to see his hope and dream of an Interlinear Bible Numeric New Testament in existence.

In 1942, the year of his death, as an unbeliever attending the University of British Columbia, God clearly spoke to my spirit and said - “Join the Navy, and I'll there reveal Myself to you.” So in July of 1943, I joined as a Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reservist” - and served until the duration of World War II.

God in faithfulness to His promise, revealed Himself to me at Passover 1944, 9 months later. That July, a Russian Jew by the name of Dr. Jewell approached me in the church I was attending and challenged me - “You are called to the ministry, No?” I assured him that this was true. “You would like to know Greek, No?” was his next question. I again agreed that I would very much like that. He followed these two questions up with - “If I teach you Greek, would you study the works of the great Ivan Panin?” Never heard of the great Ivan Panin - but I quickly concluded that if I agreed to look into this person, I would get free Greek - so I responded, “Yes”. “Here are 2 pamphlets on Dr. Panin”, said Dr. Jewell. “Study them, and next week we'll have your first lesson.”

Dr. Jewell didn't show up, and none of the 400 members of that church in Victoria remembered anything about him. I was sure he wasn't an angel - because I had 2 pamphlets with his name written on them.

In 1945 I was now discharged from the Navy, and attending a Bible College in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I would periodically bring out the above 2 pamphlets, and ponder the circumstances in which I had received them. I was getting Greek free, so I didn't have to study the works of the great Ivan Panin. But the Navy had given me a parting monetary gift - so I ordered the 20 or so books and pamphlets listed on the back of Dr. Jewell's 2 pamphlets. When they arrived, with curiosity and some anticipation, I looked over my purchases that came from Toronto. When I read the Introduction to Panin's Greek New Testament, I discovered his discovery about its sentence structure. I was fascinated. I thought - “What if I outlined a book of the New Testament according to this structure that he incorporated into his English translation - what would I find? And what book should I choose as a test?” I chose Ephesians, and was so enthralled at what I discovered, that I resolved to do this for the entire New Testament. And when I discovered that Panin had hoped to see an Interlinear product formed from his two New Testament texts - I thought - “Why not?” In 1946 I told members of the IVCF (Intervarsity Christian Fellowship) of the University of Saskatchewan of my goal. Their male quartet said, “Consider us as your first 4 purchasers.” I am afraid that they may already be in heaven, but you can take their place!

So by 1967 I had typed up Panin's English NT text in a format like a Winston Churchill speech, or a Peter Marshall sermon. It almost looked like poetry. Then by hand I copied out his complete Greek NT text lined up with the English text - not word for word like a normal Interlinear NT - but clause by clause, more like the Living Bible in a paraphrase form.

However I made another departure from Normal Interlinear Greek New Testaments. I transliterated the Greek text according to the Berlitz method of transliteration, devoloped for tourists. The accented syllable - whether acute, grave, or circumflex - is accented. More than two adjoining syllables are hyphenated, to give unity to each word. This makes it easier for “laymen” to navigate.

Also - Strong's “numbers” follow significan Greek words in brackets, to make it easier to do word studies.

I have outlined each sentence; gathered their summaries into sub-paragraphs; sub-paragraph summaries into paragraphs; paragraph summaries into sections or chapter equivalents; and these into the 27 New Testament Book Summaries. Because these summaries are not inspired, I leave a space above them, so that you the reader can cross out mine and replace with your own whenever desired. This will give you a clearer grasp on what the Holy Spirit is inspiring the author to write.

Panin's English translation is in black type, and appears substantially as he had it printed by the Oxford Press in England. “Thee's” and “thou's” are substituted with “you” etc. - and archaic words such as “whilom” are substituted for “former”. Because the 10-year Numeric Lexicon he prepared not only established the Greek text, but guided in word selection for the English translation, I have departed from his production as little as possible.

In the Interval, God had highly motivated me in this task - by one day saying, “Get My New Testament done!- It wasn't Panin's - he merely discovered the unique Bible Numeric phenomenon underlying it. It wasn't mine - I was merely putting together what Panin discovered, and died without seeing this next stage accomplished.

But I had to wait for the discovery of computers before I could complete this divine mandate. In 1995, a friend in Federal Way felt led to give me a Windows computer and printer, and lessons so I could use them. In 2000 I had written up the 12 Embryonic Revival Principles that came together at North Battleford, Saskatchewan through a divine Visitation from God in 1948. This was in answer to promises He had given to leaders there - 13 years previously in Star City, Saskatchewan. In 1998 Richard Long of Ottawa challenged me to write up these 12 embryonic revival principles, which I had linked with the 12 tribes of Israel. It took me two years to realize that God was in it. When Richard got permission from me to print them to some 1000 Canadian leaders in abridged form - he would say - “I have had to omit some of Jim's best parts in this article - but I am sure that if you asked him - he would be glad to send you the unabridged copy.”

I was deluged with requests! My eldest son Jim took pity on me, and said, “Dad - you need a Website, so they can go directly there and get unabridged copies.” So he prepared a Website for me.

But that wasn't enough. In 2007 my grandson Keelan Long volunteered to update our Website with “data processing undergirding” for an Archive section, as well as for the Interlinear section. However, because the interlinear format was quite complicated, I wasn't doing too well with “Windows.” So Keelan said, “Grandpa, if you let me put 'Linux' on the new laptop your wife Marie and my Grandma has just given you - I could look over your shoulder from Mt Vernon, and solve any difficulties you run into in Federal Way.” So since the Fall of 2007, by December 31, 2010, I completed placing the complete Interlinear Manuscript on the Website. In this first printed copy we are omitting my personal “Notes” that accompanied each of my original mailings. However, should you turn to our Website: www.2rbetter.org and click on “Interlinear” these are there available, plus articles on Panin under “Archives”.

Printers came on January 8th, 2011 and looked over this initial work. They both agreed that this Interlinear text would have to be “tightened” to save space, pages and printing costs. So today, March 25, 2011, I have completed the third proof-reading in line with their strong suggestion, tightening up the text, and correcting “typos”. I wouldn't be surprised if a couple hundred pages have been saved.

KEY APPLICATION. In 1967 my wife Marie asked what I thought God's real and underlying purpose was for having us marry. I wasn't sure, so like Isaac on Rebekah's behalf - I sought the face of the Lord. That night He gave me 2 visions. The first was concerning an “Organic Laser Telescope” with 7 component parts. The first and Key Component Part was “God's Bible Numeric Outlined Interlinear Greek New Testament!” The Lord couldn't use a team of 8 as His Organic Laser Telescope apart from this key part. The second was the “City Church and Presbytery in the Gate of the City” concept. The third was “Prayer Multiplication” based on both Vertical and Horizontal Covenant. The fourth was the 12 Embryonic Revival Principles from 1948, now being brought to maturity; the fifth was “Prayer Meditation over the Word”, based on the practical outworking of George Muller and George Whitefield; the sixth was “Possession” by the Holy Spirit for full disciples - based on the Intercessory life of Rees Howells; and the seventh was “complete focus” on Jesus Christ as exemplified by the life of Oswald Chambers in his “My Utmost for HisHighest” and “Personal, passionate devotion to Jesus.”

Marie's intercession and Laptop Gift to make this Interlinear possible, is indeed God's wisdom in part for putting us together as a team. Thatis why we call our ministry “Two Are Better than One” Ministries.

The seventh one is a return to the first concept of the Outlined Interlinear Greek New Testament. For John 1:1 shows us that Jesus the “LOgos” word, is completely reflected by the LOgos Outlined Interlinear Greek New Testament. And when like George Muller we meditate on this text - the Holy Spirit transforms the written LOgos word into a spoken REma word - a livingword; and Jesus thereby increasesin our lives, like Paul's experience in Galatians 2:20. This is Jesus as the Alpha in the Interlinear - but focusing on Jesus like Oswald Chambers, makes Him then our O-MEga.

So for the Organic Laser Telescope of 7 component parts, Jesusis the Alpha and the Omega! The beginning and the end.

When the Lord assembles these 7 component parts and uses a Presbytery or Eldership in the Gate of Cities to point at Satan's principalities and powers over cities, areas and nations - and removesthem - Then we like David after God's angels knocked out the Philistines, he with his army merely went in and “mopped up!”- so we restore cities to God's original intention!

There are other changes in God's Bible Numeric Outlined Interlinear Greek New Testament, but I trust none too radical from Panin's point of view. But the simpler features of this Interlinear text is to help city prayer groups come under the Headship of Jesus - so Hecan use them for “Spiritual Star War” effectiveness. Since the Fall of 2009 we have had a functioning “Pilot Prayer Team” of eight in Federal Way, proving the effectiveness of this “Outlined interlinear Greek New Testament” - as the Key Component Part to the “Organic Laser Telescope.” - James A. Watt