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Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One


God is the Master Chess-Player. He plans His moves to defeat Satan years and centuries ahead of time.

In 1890 He brought into His Kingdom at the age of 35 - a Russian Nihilist by the name of Ivan Nikolayevitsh Panin (12 December 1855 - 30 October 1942). In that very year God enabled Dr. Panin to discover the Bible Numeric Phenomenon of both the Hebrew OT and the Greek NT.

Upon his conversion, Mr. Panin immediately started reading and studying the Bible as the means to grow in this new Christian dimension. He was reading in Revelation 13:16-18 concerning the coming Antichrist - the Beast - and was confused concerning his name being a number - namely 666. He had made friends with a Presbyterian minister in Boston, and sought out his help.

Well, Mr. Panin”, the minister replied, “you have come across something God has put into His Bible, that is unique over and above any other writing. God chose the Hebrew and Greek languages for its 66 books to be written by 33 known writers. These are the only two languages in the world with no numerical equivalents. When Hebrews and Greeks wished to count, they put numbers representing their alphabets - so that in Hebrew, aleph, bet, gimel, dalet - become 1, 2, 3, 4 with Tov - 400; in Greek, alpha, beta, gamma, delta become 1, 2, 3, 4 with Omega - 800. When the man of sin is manifested, his name in Greek will be 666.”

Panin found this made sense, so out of curiosity he asked, “Well, what is the numerical equivalent of Jesus in Greek?” The minister did not know off-hand - but he had the numerical equivalent for IeSOUS - namely Iota 10; eta 8; sigma 200; omicron 70; upsilon 400; and again sigma 200 = 888!

Poor Panin was “bit!” for the next 50 years he spent 100,000 hours researching God's Bible Numerics, chiefly in Greek, but also in Hebrew to perfect a Bible Chronology.

27 years following the beginning of this research, Lenin returned to Russia from England in 1917, and initiated the Communist Revolution - using the works of Karl Marx and Engels. Also while in England, Lenin researched the “Class Meetings” developed by John Wesley. He discovered that 70,000 class meeting members had such an effect in England in 1789, that the French Revolution with its guillotine was unable to jump the English Channel with its devastating effects.

So Lenin brought back to Russia this concept also, but adapted it into the Communist “Cell Meetings”. Satan used Lenin to bring through Russia - a philosophy both unphilosophical, and socially speaking a complete failure - though its effects still exist to this day. God - through a fellow-Russian to Lenin 27 years previously - laid the foundation for what will prove to be the key ingredient to bring about the Return of His Son!

In 1940, two years before his death, Panin completed his 50 year project of producing a Bible Numeric Greek NT, plus a translation of it, demonstrating the unusual sentence, sub-paragraph, paragraph and section or chapter equivalent structure. During 1941-42 he devoted the last year of his life in sharing with Karl Sabiers his own mature reflections on his 50 years of Bible Numeric labors. Unfortunately, just recently Sabiers book has become unavailable. But if you turn to our Website <www.2rbetter.org> and click on “Archives” - under 2010-10-16 there is an article “Reaching Unbelievers Through Bible Numerics”, and added information is available here under “links”.

27 years following the completion in 1940 of Panin's prodigious labors - I received a clear mandate from God - “Get MyNew Testament done!” In 1944, 2 years following the death of :Panin, God led me into the Canadian Navy with a promise that He would there reveal Himself to me in my conversion. I obeyed Him in July of 1943, and at Passover of 1944, God fulfilled His promise. Then in July of that year, a fellow countryman to Panin by the name of Dr. Jewell, introduced me to Panin through 2 booklets he gave me as a gift. Following my discharge from the Navy after the conclusion of World War II, I ordered all the books listed on these 2 pamphlets - either “by” or “on” Ivan Panin. When I read the introduction to Panin's Bible Numeric Greek NT, I there read of his discovery of the very sentence structure of this work. I was hooked. I love to summarize. I chose the book of Ephesians to test this; I gathered sentence summaries into sub-paragraphs; sub-paragraph summaries into paragraphs; and paragraph summaries into the Book. I don't know if my feet touched the ground for a week. In 1946 as speaker for the IVCF chapter of the University of Saskatchewan, I shared with the male quartet of that group my desire to summarize the entire NT, plus adding my notes arising from a spin-off from this task. All 4 quartet members said, “Count us in for a copy when completed!” I fear many if not all of them are now in heaven - but you reading this can make up for them in their desire.

So in 1967, with the above powerful incentive from God, I completed the initial MS for His Bible Numeric Interlinear Outlined Greek NT. Jehovah's Witnesses had offered to do this for Panin in line with their “Emphatic Diaglott.” But Panin had to refuse their offer because they were a cult. I had typed up Panin's Bible Numeric English NT in its entirety, in a format like a Winston Churchill speech or a Peter Marshall sermon. Then by hand I had copied out the entire Bible Numeric Greek NT corresponding to the English clauses rather than word by word, in the traditional Interlinear custom.

40 years later, 2007, my grandson Keelan Long worked out a format with me to type the Interlinear MS on computer. In 2008 my wife Marie provided me with an HP Laptop, and my grandson set it up on Linux, so that at a distance he could help solve all of my problems - over my shoulder as it were.

December 31, 2010 I completed putting on our Website the entire Bible Numeric Interlinear Outlined Greek NT. In typing up the Greek, some 40 years previously I had mastered the Berlitz method of transliterating the Greek text for laymen and tourists. I have used this process of again making this work easier for laymen to use. Also - following significant Greek words, I have put Strong's numbers in brackets.

On January 8, 2011 I met with our printers, and to keep printing costs within reason, they suggested that I tighten up the Interlinear text, by doubling lines where possible; letting the English text double as the Title for one line sentences; and letting the English and Greek text stand in one line for short sentences.

I am on the third proof-reading and text tightening as of this moment. Probably several hundred pages will be saved, and costs your way will be reduced. Hopefully, this text can be in your hands at a reasonable cost this year.

Many other writers more scholarly than myself - have written excellent articles on Panin. Go to Google and do an “Ivan Panin search”. I recommend “Bible Numerics Examined” - Part 2. Click on <www.cutting edge.org/news/n1363.cfm - Cached>. The unnamed author has done careful research with original sources, and will answer many of your questions. Chuck Missler has valuable information also.

Just like Jesus, Paul and other Bible writers in their day - they had their critics as well as their disciples.

My recommendation: Jeremiah 15:19 - “If you take forth the preciousfrom the vile, you shall be as My mouth.” Paraphrase - “Don't throw the baby out with the bath-water.” Critics - like the scribes and Pharisees of Jesus' day - are a dime a dozen. I have read “pro and con” on Panin for 67 years. Most critics raise up a “straw-man” for what they think Panin says - knock it down - wipe their hands - and say, It's all over! Hardly! You, the reader, will have to look the field over like I have done, and come to your own conclusions.

Back to 1967, 27 years following the completion of Panin's 50 years labor. Numbers have noted the unusual events in dating between Israel and the Church. 1948 - Israel back in their land after 1900 years. The Church: Restoration of 12 Embryonic Revival Principles in Northern Canada, including the Presbytery or Eldership in the Gate of each City Church; plus the 5-fold ministry of Ephesians 4:11-12 functioning again through the recognition of apostles and prophets.

1967 - Jerusalem againin the hands of Israel through the 6-Days War. Jesus said that the generation alive for thisevent - would not pass away until He returns. A generation with God is 100 years (Israel would be in Egypt for 400 years of 4 generations). That gives a certain amount of leeway. For the Church: the Charismatic Renewal hit national proportions in the Historic Churches of that time, and the Jesus' People Movement concomitant with it. It also is the year God gave a vision of the “Organic Laser-Telescope” producing the Spiritual Star Wars effect. The first and keyComponent part of the Laser Telescope is God's Bible Numeric Interlinear Outlined Greek NT - with the discovery of Ivan Panin. See Archives on our Website <www.2rbetter.org> - An Undergirding Bibliography - 2011-2-28. See also under 2011-03-08 - “Benefits from the Pilot Prayer Team” and 2011-01-25 - “My Testimony re Panin & Bible Numerics”.

The 12 Embryonic Revival Principles from the 1948 Visitation of God in Saskatchewan is the 4th Component part of the Spiritual Laser Telescope. It ties in closely with God's Bible Numeric Interlinear Outlined Greek NT. In 1992 God commissioned that these 12 be brought to Maturity. They would be parameters of safety to safeguard the last revival visitation prior to the Return of Jesus as Lord of lords and King of kings. Already over half of these principles have leaders working on their individual projects.

So from my viewpoint, we are closeto the end. Those called by God to be members of an Eldership in the Gate of the Major City Churches of Canada and the US and the rest of the world - are being alerted. This Introduction to the key Component Part of “God's Laser Telescope - is really an introduction to the understanding and knowledge for a prayer team on the level with that which God raised up through Rees Howells for the destruction of Hitler and Nazism during World War II days. Now such a prayer team is needed for the destruction of the coming Beast-Antichrist and False Prophet. J.A.W.

PS. Supposing the above becomes the basis for an “Introduction” to God's Bible Numeric Interlinear Outlined Greek NT - what changes, omissions or additions, would you recommend? J.