Picture of Pastors Jim and Marie Watt
Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One


On Saturday October 21, 2009, a group of us in the Seattle area met to inaugurate the beginning of “The Pilot Prayer Team” - ideally to number 8.

On December 7, 2009, a prayer group of some 40 north of Minneapolis sensed God saying - “As this date in 1941 went down in history as a “Day in Infamy” - now 68 years later, I am going to bring a break-through - that will greatly enhance My Kingdom.”

In 1967 in answer to prayer, God gave me a vision on an “Organic Laser Telescope” with 7 component parts. The Lord revealed only the first two parts at that time: Panin's Interlinear Outlined Greek NT, and 70 city teams of 8 across Canada as Presbytery-Elderships in the Gates of these cities, plus 70 more such supporting teams in the US.

The remaining 5 component parts He did not reveal till the above “break-through” date. It requires all 7 component parts working in understanding and unison, plus 9 undergirding power-enablements to cause the Laser-telescope to function. I felt the Lord saying - “What I showed you in 1967, now I am about to activate. Call it 'Spiritual Star Wars', for through this I will remove Satanic principalities and powers over cities, areas and nations, and like David of old, you will be able then to go in and 'mop-up' - and see revival come to these areas.”

There are 250 prayer groups across Canada in cities, towns and villages. How wonderful if God should plant them all on Higher Ground, and enable them to function in this new dimension.

On February 28 of this year, I mailed out an article entitled - an “Undergirding Bibliography” for Pilot Prayer Teams. You can print it out by going to our Website <www.2rbetter.org> under “Archives”.

One. God's Bible Numerics. There it tells of “Russia's Gift to Christianity” through Ivan Panin. God revealed to him in 1890 the Bible Numerics that undergird the Hebrew OT and the Greek NT - the only two languages in the world with no numerical equivalents. Both these people use number equivalents for each letter of their alphabets. So in Revelation 13, we learn that the Antichrist will have for his name the number equivalent of “666” when he is manifested - and Jesus' number equivalent is “888”! This revelation led Panin to give 50 years of 100,000 hours to produce a Greek NT with no alternate readings, and an English translation that shows a numeric undergirding for every sentence, paragraph-subdivision, paragraph and section (chapter equivalent) for each of the 27 books of the NT.

He died in 1942, without seeing these 2 texts put together in an interlinear Greek format. In 1944 a Russian Jew introduced me to Panin's discovery and amazing contribution, and in 1945 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - God challenged me to produce this Interlinear. I completed the outlined interlinear text in 1967, but had to await the computer discovery to produce this Interlinear. I started the last stage in 2007, and finished a first preliminary product December 31, 2010. With the suggestion of printers, I have made two complete adjustments and proof-readings of this product, with one more to go. The printers feel they can have it in book-form this year.

Thisis “God's Bible Numeric Interlinear Outlined Greek NT” for Laymen, not Panin's or mine. Panin was not the first to discover this phenomenon, but he was the first to bring to fruition a practical outworking of his discovery. My part is small in the light of his, but I trust it will indeed fulfill the vision of Panin. He saw it as reaching the 6 million Russian Scientists and Mathematicians of his day, and bringing countless numbers of them into the Kingdom of God!

My vision is to see this chief component part of God's Laser Telescope released to activate His “Spiritual Star Wars”.

Two. City Church and Presbytery. In 1948 at North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada, God restored the Presbytery Concept composed of the 5-fold ministries of Ephesians 4:11-12: Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers. At the close of World War II in 1945, I was stationed with Arne Bryan - Founder and Director of Prayer Canada, at HMCS Cornwallis, Digby, Nova Scotia. To be discharged from the Navy, I needed a School to attend. In answer to a night of fasting and prayer, God revealed that I would have to stay in the Navy an extra year, except I made right a bicycle transaction I made as an unbeliever. As soon as I submitted, He said, “Write George Hawtin, Bethel Bible Institute of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and apply as a student.

In October of that year I arrived for my discharge in Esquimalt, BC. and on to Bethel Bible Institute, Saskatoon, 2 hours before Registration closed, and saved a $5.00 late registration fee. A Scotsman's bargain!

Three. Printing of the Interlinear Greek NT. Through Elvin Gladney, contact was made with a printer in Moses Lake, who felt God commissioning him to put this Interlinear Outlined Greek NT into print. My grandson Keelan Long produced a revived Website for me, to put various articles I have written in an “Archive” section, and this Interlinear Outlined Greek NT in the “Interlinear” section of the Website.

The Undergirding Bibliography for all of this, will help one navigate through this challenge, and successfully bring him into the activation of God's vision.

This morning, besides my Bible reading, my devotional part was from Oswald Chambers “My Utmost for His Highest.” I am enclosing it for you, because I found it appropriate for the above challenge. J.A.W.


I have been crucified with Christ ...” (Galatians 2:20)

To become one with Jesus Christ, a person must be willing not only to give up sin, but also to surrender his whole way of looking at things. Being born again by the Spirit of God means that we must first be willing to let go before we can grasp something else. The first thing we must surrender is all of our pretense or deceit. What our Lord wants us to present to Him is not our goodness, honesty, or our efforts to do better, but real solid sin. Actually, that is all He can take from us. And what He gives us in exchange for our sin is real solid righteousness. But we must surrender all pretense that we are anything, and give up all our claims of even being worthy of God's consideration.

Once we have done that, the Spirit of God will show us what we need to surrender next. Along each step of this process, we will have to give up our claims to our rights to ourselves. Are we willing to surrender our grasp on all that we possess, our desires, and everything else in our lives? Are we ready to be identified with the death of Jesus Christ?

We will suffer a sharp painful disillusionment before we fully surrender. When people really see themselves as the Lord sees them, it is not the terribly offensive sins of the flesh that shock them, but the awful nature of the pride of their own hearts opposing Jesus Christ. When they see themselves in the light of the Lord, the shame, horror, and desperate conviction hit home for them.

If you are faced with the question of whether or not to surrender, make a determination to go on through the crisis, surrendering all that you have and all that you are to Him. And God will then equip you to do all that He requires of you.