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REVIVAL” - 2011-02-09

Its Present Relevance & Coming Role at the End of the Age

by Dr. Wes Adams & Rhonda Hughey

What is God's purpose for revival in the 21stCentury and can we know it? Our world is headed toward catastrophic climax. The forces of evil are becoming more united in their sinister aggression against God. At the same time there are increasing signs of an unprecedented spiritual awakening worldwide.

How can we know there will be a final great revival at the end of the age? What is the biblical evidence that points to such a revival before Christ returns? As the Lord brings redemptive history to a grand culmination, a final global revival is promised in Scripture. This end-time revival will make possible a vast spiritual harvest of souls, restore widespread awareness of God and His glory, magnify the name of Jesus in the earth, and prepare a pure and spotless Bride for the Bridegroom.

The great revival is still ahead of us! We have the privilege of partnering with God the Father in the final preparation of the ages for great revival and the return of His Son!

A confirmation to the above by Mike Bickle, Director, Int'l House of Prayer - “An unprecedented great revival is coming to the earth! Flowing from decades of study, personal experience and fervent intercession, Wes Adams and Rhonda Hughey provide solid Biblical evidence and prophetic insight that gives clear perspective and hope to contend for the revival that is coming!”

John Wesley Adams (Ph.D., Baylor), a biblical scholar, is co-author and chief revision editor of the internationally translated Life in the Spirit Study Bible(Zondervan) and author of The Fire of God's Presence. His pursuit of revival includes extensive study, teaching and intercession for over 40 years. God's fire burns in his heart for great revival in this generation. Wes resides in Grandview, MO.

Rhonda Hughey, author of Desperate For His Presence(Bethany House) is the Director of Fusion Ministries, Inc. Rhonda has served as a leader in the transforming revival movement for over 16 year. A fiery leader with a revolutionary spirit, Rhonda has committed her life to contending for God's presence and glory in our generation. Rhonda makes her home in Kansas City, MO.

NOTE: A Korean friend of mine felt impressed to give me a gift of the above volume. I have been intensely interested in Revivalsince my conversion in 1944. “Times of Refreshing” by Dr. J. Edwin Orr - his account on a trip across Canada in the 1930's - especially gripped my attention. The authors of the above “Revival” make Dr. Orr one of their chief proponents for this which is so close to the heart of God.

In the above book, the chapter on “Transformational Revival” especially captured my attention. The last decade has seen 100's of cities worldwide impacted by this. Not only individuals, churches and cities have been affected, but also governments, economics, social interests, education and “the land”. The reigns of King Hezekiah and Josiah in the OT exemplify the same features.

All those of you who have a like-heart for this complete type of revival, will not wish to miss reading not just once, but a number of times - this challenging and informative word.

It has been Published by “Fusion Ministries, Inc.” 2010, 721 Main St., Ste. 105, Grandview, MO 64030, and can also be obtained through <www.fusionministry.com> .

I have personally met and heard both the authors, and have no hesitancy in warmly recommending this volume.

MOSES LAKE CONFERENCE - January 26-29, 2011

I was invited to attend and serve as one of the speakers at this conference, and sent out a report February 2 concerning my impressions. Here is a word on my report:

Jim - This letter is one of the best you have ever sent out. I can see the REVOLUTION on the horizon and today's Nazarite youth are realizing that the generations that have had a 'gap' are seeing that gap close up in the exercise of honor. We honor you as a forerunner that built a foundation upon which we all stand. And that foundation will be the springboard for the coming outpouring. Blessings in the highest degree that can be given.

This time, the outpouring will be with God's chosen hand in hand with us Gentiles. Past dates bear that out, i.e., '67 Six Day War and the Jesus People Revolution, British Mandate over Israel in the early 1900s and the 1906 outpouring, 1948 Modern Israel and the revivalists that burst forth on the scene at that time, Kathryn Kulman, Gordon Lindsay, Charles Parham, etc.

So, my brother and sister. We honor you for the highway you paved that we can run on. And we are running. We see Egypt soon on our calendar probably in June. With all that is happening there they need encouragement. We are in contact with a pastor there in Alexandria who had planted churches in that city as well as others. They are on the cutting edge of revival and are opening a 24/7 prayer room in their Alexandria congregation. We are watching closely now and praying against the Muslim Brotherhood who are like a virus in all the Islamic countries.

Findland wants us back again this Summer. There were several healings there last year and evidently the message of the coming revival changed some lives.

Keep us in your prayers and we too keep you in ours.

Keep up your vigil to see this move loosed upon the earth. The woodpiles are in place and all that has to happen is the Holy Spirit to come in fire.

Ron & Carol Cantrell

NOTE: I quote the above chiefly that you might join in prayer with Marie and me for Ron and Carol as they tentatively plan to be in Egypt in June, and later on in Finland.

They have together had a most fruitful ministry in Israel and neighboring countries - for 2 terms of over 20 years. Ron is author of “The Mahdi” - a most significant book in the light of the times in which we live. Their Web: <Shalom-shalom-jerusalem.org>- and Ron's Blog: The New Nazarite - <http://thenewnazarite.wordpress.com>

We have walked with Ron & Carol Cantrell since 1990 through Congregation Beth Simcha of Federal Way initially - but have followed through closely since then in the last 20 years, visiting them in Israel on two occasions. They are worthy of our prayers - Jim & Marie Watt