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Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One

Testimony” of James A. Watt

Relating to Bible Numerics and Dr. Ivan Panin

One. Dr. Oliver, former President of the University of Saskatchewan at Saskatoon, and then of St. Andrews College of that same city. He felt his life would count more in training ministers for the United Church of Canada, than for the general education of secular students.

I was one of 5 leaders at a Boys' Camp in Saskatchewan in 1947. As morning teacher, I chose the parables of Jesus, and gathered stones and thistles for a “Show and Tell” demonstration. My 4 fellow minister leaders were almost more interested than the boys! One told me of Dr. Oliver and a specific parable. One of his Seminary officers asked him if he was not aware that perhaps 60% of the boys training for the ministry expected to be taught how to use the Bible to make disciples for Jesus? Don't you fear they will graduate as ministers with this spirit?

Yes, he replied, I am aware. But our Master was very wise in His use of the Parable of the Mystery of Growth: first the blade; then the ear; then the full corn in the ear. The application as he saw it was that they had these boys 6-7 years. In the first two years they could remove these old-fashioned views. Then in the next 4-5 years, they could build into their minds a more up-to-date church outlook; - and if one out of 100 slipped through their hands, they could afford to take that chance.

Iam that oneout of 100. Because of my grounding in Bible Numerics as discovered by Ivan Panin and produced in his Greek and English New Testaments based on this discovery, I was able to pick up 2 ½ years of University and Seminary, graduate from University with Honors - and withstand 1 ½ years of Seminary without being transformed into a Modernist!

Two. My Introduction to Panin and Bible Numerics. I completed my second year of University in 1943 at the University of British Columbia prior to joining the Canadian Navy. Though I did not then know God, yet He spoke to me from Psalm 107:23-24 in the Fall of 1942, and intimated that if I would join the Navy, He would reveal Himself to me.

I did so in June of 1943, and 9 months later at Passover He powerfully revealed Himself to me in Victoria, BC, and ushered me into the New Birth. In the summer of 1944, I was invited by a Russian Dr. Jewell to take Greek from him freely - in exchange on my part to study the works of the great Dr. Ivan Panin. I agreed to his proposal. He gave me 2 pamphlets on Panin, and arranged to meet with me the following week for our first lesson. He didn't show up, but I got Classical Greek freely in Saskatoon in the Fall of 1945 through Dr. Leddy, Rhodes Scholar and head of the Department of Classical Greek at the University of Saskatchewan, without obligation to study Dr. Panin.

But I still had the 2 pamphlets on Panin from Dr. Jewell, listing some 20 publication “on” or “by” Panin. Out of curiosity I ordered all 20 on the basis of a naval discharge grant in September 1945. When I read the Introduction to Panin's Greek New Testament - and discovered that Bible Numerics even establishes the sentence, paragraph-subdivision, paragraph and section (or chapter equivalent) structure of the entire New Testament, I was hooked. I love to outline. I started with Ephesians, and was so amazed at the clarity this outlining brought, that I completed the entire New Testament in an Interlinary format. I typed up the English text, and wrote in by hand the Greek text - in a clausal, not a word by word equivalent. I felt this would be easier for Laymen to grasp.

Three. Our Family Descent. During the Great Depression days we were living on a farm in Langley, BC. When I was about 12, my father received genealogical papers showing his direct descent from James Watt of Greenock, Scotland, and of steam engine fame. 5 brothers came over from Scotland to Canada in the 1850's, of which my grandfather, James Alexander Watt, was one. He settled in Gananoque, Ontario, and apprenticed my father in his machine shop for 7 years, and launched him as a chief engineer for power houses.

People would ask me because of my name if I had any relationship to the Greenock inventor. Because allthe Watt genes had passed me by, and because I could hardly fix a bicycle, I was reluctant to confirm the relationship. But in the mid 60's, a relative of mine in Anacortes, Washington said to me, “Jim - don't feel badly about your status. You may not have the genes for steam and electrical power - but you do have the genes for spiritualpower.” I have felt better ever since!

Four. Parallels between James Watt of Greenock and myself. The inventor was born in the 1730's, and graduated in a London Engineering College. He then took up in Glasgow, Scotland as resident engineer. When a steam engine in the University mine broke down, he was sent to repair it, which he easily did. But he was shocked to see that it was only 5% efficient. On his own time he worked out 6 improvements on this engine, the chief of which was the “condenser”. This with the other 5, brought it up to over 40% efficient. This eventuated in the Industrial Revolution, when Robert Fulton put Watt's Steam Engine on a scow and started the first Steam Ship, and Robert Stephenson put Watt's engine on a rail car and started the first steam locomotive.

Watt did not invent the steam engine. Archimedes had done so in 300 BC. But the 6 improvements Watt put upon it has changed the world ever since.

Ivan Panin produced a Greek and English New Testament on the basis of his discovery of Bible Numerics in 1890. But he died in 1942 without seeing his discovery received and acted upon.

I have taken his two texts, and put them together in a Greek Interlinear format, but with a number of improvements upon it, that hopefully will do for our time in our spiritual world - what James Watt's improvements did for the steam engine in his day.

a. An Outlined Interlinear Greek New Testament. I have taken the discovery of sentence and paragraph structures by Panin, and outlined each sentence with a brief title with lower case letters. I have gathered these under “Arabic” number summaries - these into paragraph summaries under Capital Letters; these into section or chapter equivalent summaries under Roman Numerals; and these into the 27 New Testament Book Summaries. I can scarcely believe the unusual spin-offs that have come to me through this exercise!

b. A transliteratedGreek text into English letters. Most Bible teachers are laymen who have not had the opportunity to take classes in Greek and Hebrew. Such can be somewhat formidable - so for their sakes I have made this complete transliteration. I have used the “Berlitz” method of transliteration, which capitalizes the accented syllable (whether acute, grave or circumflex) and hyphenated all syllables that are not directly connected with the accented syllable. So if you go to Greece, you can pronounce Greek words to your guide. As one did to me, she told me my pronunciation was terrible, but she did understand me!

c. Winston Churchill wrote up all his famous Wartime speeches like “blank verse” instead of prose. Peter Marshall did the same with his sermons. I have taken a leaf out of their books, and done the same for easier understanding

d. Spaces between sentences and at the sides. My titles and summaries are not inspired. You can't change Panin's Bible Numeric Greek text - and even very little with his English text. But you canwith my titles and summaries. Where you think you can improve upon them, please do so. You will get much more from this exercise, and making notes at the sides will further this!

e. Strong's numbers follow all significant Greek words, to make it easy to do Greek word studies, and to ensure you are relating with the correct English translation.

f. On our Website, <www.2rbetter.org> under Interlinear, you will find a NOTEattached, that will not appear on the printed copy to come. They will primarily point up the significance that comes from the Bible Numeric sentence and paragraph structure.

g. Notes will also point up the significance of the Bible Numeric inclusion of such passages as Mark 16:9-20 and John 8:1-11. There are also some interesting omissions. Check them out.

h. This is not a normal Interlinear Greek New Testament. English words do not appear word by word under the Greek. This means that the English text is readable on its own merits. This is really a “clause by clause” interlinear, much like a Ken Taylor paraphrase in the Living Bible. Simplicity is the goal.

i. The English translation appears in heavy black type to give ease in reading for those not desirous of checking out the Greek.

j. I have worked backwards from the English punctuation, letting the punctuation of the Greek conform to it. This again is to make it easier for laymen to utilize this Interlinear.

Five Visions of 1967. In answer to prayer, God gave 2 visions in one night. The first was the Lord appearing as an Observatory Director. In front of the eyes of 3 of us, he assembled 7 component parts of an automated laser-telescope. The key of 7 parts was the Bible Numeric Outlined Interlinear Greek New Testament, with complementary Greek Word Studies.

The second was 70 Prayer Pilot Teams of 8 men each in 70 cities across Canada, and 70 more across the line in the United States. The Lord again directed the vision, and said that these teams would share what they had successfully demonstrated as 5-fold elderships in the gates of the cities.

The other 5 component parts to make this Spiritual Star Wars effective are given in a previous article dated 2011-01-24.

Six. Arne Bryan is Founder and Director of “Prayer Canada”. There are now some 250 City, Town and Village Prayer Groups across the Dominion of Canada to undergird their mayors and their councils. They are interested in seeing this 2-fold 1967 vision realized effectively across their country, in the US, and throughout the nations and cities of the world. This could be a worthy Prayer Project for all of us. The prayer - “Lord, plant my feet on higher ground,” could expedite this.

Seven. in 1948 in Northern Saskatchewan, a Visitation from God took place in February of that year. 12 Embryonic Revival Principles came together at that time. In July of 1992, God by vision indicated that it was His purpose to see these 12 Embryonic Principles matured! They would then become parameters of safety for His last move prior to the Return of His Glorious Son. These principles can also be found on our Website (www.2rbetter.org) under “Embryonics.” This is the thirdof the 7 Component parts of God's Automated Laser-Telescope. Notice that Reuben on the green emerald stone worn by the High Priest on the Breastplate of Judgment - represents the Judeo Roots for the Christian Church, into which we have been grafted. Antisemitism in the light of this is a “No-no,” as is Replacement Theology. Romans 11 makes this abundantly clear.

Conclusion: This testimony is designed to help actuate Presbytery of Eldership Concept in the Gate of each city. See how it worked for Boaz at Bethlehem. The tribe of Naphtali under Embryonics is lined up with this concept. We are trusting in the very near future to see all of these operating in the 12 major regions of Washington State, in the 4 major cities of Cascadia, and in Moses Lake and the Washington Okanogan.

At the end of May last year, a conference in the Seattle area set aside 3 leaders for this purpose, representing the “City Presbytery”, the “5-fold Ministry” and a return to the “Heavenly Choir.” Nine more are awaiting God's indication for readiness. Perhaps like Acts 13:1-3, the Holy Spirit this year will indicate His choice for these remaining 9.

Jim Watt