Picture of Pastors Jim and Marie Watt
Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One

PILOT PRAYER TEAM - Saturday, November 27, 2010

Many of you are familiar with he two visions God gave me in 1967. My wife Marie and I had been praying for insight concerning God's heavenly purpose in our marriage. The night following Marie's desire for a definite answer, I asked the Lord to answer.

The first vision was conducted by the Lord in an Observatory, in which He showed me the assembling of 7 Component Parts of an Automated Laser-Telescope. Number one Part was also the Chief part. It represented God's Bible Numeric Interlinear Greek NT with related Greek Word Studies and Numeric Bible Outlines. The second had to do with a Supporting Stand for this, represented by the City Church Concept, with an Eldership or Presbytery in the Gate of each city. The next 5 parts He did not reveal at that time, because I was not directly responsible for any of them.

The second vision - again directed by the Lord up in Canada - represented 70 groups of 8 men each, who would be the Presbyters or Elderships in the Gates of these cities - plus 70 more in the US. Hands across the Border would make these extremely viable. Since then He has revealed the other 5 Component Parts of the Laser-Telescope. He promised activation of these two visions last year. The first Presbytery meeting of a Pilot Prayer Team took place Saturday November 31, 2009.

At our last meeting, our leader Elvin Gladney emphasized the need of prayer on my behalf for the successful completion of God's Bible Numeric Interlinear Greek NT for Laymen. 12 chapters were left at that time to complete of the 260 NT chapters. I confess I have felt the strain and drain of physical, mental and spiritual resources as we near the end. But I experienced a touch from the Lord last Saturday, and am well on my way to completion of this project and assignment.

I am enclosing a one page copy of the 7 Component Parts of the Laser-Telescope, and one of its purposes to remove Satanic principalities and powers over cities and regions. Elvin is encouraging our 8 members to master these 7 concepts, plus the 12 Embryonic Revival Principles that came together in God's 1948 Visitation in Northern Canada. These can be found on our Website <www.2rbetter.org> under “Embryonics”.

I am also enclosing a NOTE from the Luke 11:1-28 Mailing, and its emphasis upon the need of Importunityin our prayers.

Another Target Saturday was for God's Destiny for Tacoma to be fulfilled. Another for Prayer Canada, founded and directed by Arne Bryan.

We also felt God leading us to pray with one accord for our member John Hwang of South Korea. Because of Wiki-Leaks, we have learned that China is favorable to a united Korea with South Korea having the lead and ascendancy. The North is a “rogue” state, and in no position to provide such leadership.

We also felt the Lord directing to continue believing for God's Destiny purposes for the First Nations People. Until they (like Benjamin for Israel in the last chapters of the Book of Judges) are restored and received as one of the 12 Spiritual World Cultures - both to give and to receive - then the Church - the One New Man - will be unable to function as God intends. Israel knew they needed all 12 tribes to corporately function to fulfill God's purposes - and weneed all 12 spiritual world cultures to have a likewise functioning.

Many of you are upholding us in our monthly meetings. 3 specific Intercessor Prayer Groups do so. Thank you all for your faithfulness. We sense a change in God's direction for us in 2011, and a multiplication of many more City Gate Elderships, and Pilot Prayer Teams. Pray for the 250 Prayer Groups in Canada that meet weekly for City, Town and Village Council Meetings. 20% pray in City Halls. 30% meet in weekly council meetings, sit at the back, take notes, and pray for God's best for the council. The Canadian leadership would like to see God lift these groups higher into the Automated Laser-Telescope Operation.

God's Visitation on Vancouver Island's 7 major cities from Port Hardy in the north to Victoria in the south is a decided encouragement, and merits our prayers that it may do for Canada what the First and Second Awakenings did for the US and Britain.

Pray for our next and last 2010 PPT meeting on Saturday, December 11th. J.A.W.

NOTE: For George Muller of Bristol - every opportunity to exposit the Scriptures, was to find something on prayer! Prayerwas a key occupation in the life of Jesus while on earth as the :Son of man - specially His last three years of ministry. Check any of the great saints of the Bible - OT or NT - and we will find examples of a life of prayer. In the Moody Colportage book “Answers to Prayer” by George Muller, the Preface has a brief outline of 6 points, how to always infallibly know the will of God prior to praying. I memorized this in 1944, and have found it works for me just as successfully as it did for Mr. Muller. In “Appendix B” of the same book, he has 5 points how to always Prevailin prayer, once the will of God is surely known.

Importunityis one of the 5 points in the second outline, and I use the example of Luke 11:5-13 for this, as well as Luke 18:1-8, and Daniel chapter 10. C.T. Studd is also an example of importunity- notto give up untilthe answer comes through. George Muller had 50,000 exact answers to prayer requests for the financial needs for 10,000 orphans. The equivalent for $8 million came in, without ever asking anyone for help except God alone! What a testimony. And for Studd - on his way to China as a missionary under the CIM, on ship-board he heard the fiery testimony of a Salvation Army lass. He said, “Lord, I want heras my wife!” God said, “You've got her.” Following the service, he excitedly shared with her this revelation. Her response: “Charlie Studd, if you were the last man on earth, I wouldn't marry you!” He went back to God, who said, “She's the one - keep drilling.”

When they arrived in Shanghai, he found his temporary base, but she went on to Peking. His first letter to her was, “12 reasons why you should marry me.” Her response: “13 reasons why I shouldn't.” They got up to 20 points in their exchange of letters. But he wouldn't give up. He believed in importunity. So he fasted for 2 weeks. Then God said, “Charlie, you can stop fasting. We've got through!” Her next letter was, “Okay Charlie - when do you want to get married?” They had 4 daughters, and later when Charlie went to Africa as a missionary, no mission board would send him - so his wife in England was his mission board for the next 20 years! They saw one another but 2 weeks in that interval before he died in Africa.

Churchill in his very elderly years gave the speech for the graduation class at Eton College, his old Alma Mater. It was extremely short - “Never, never, never, never, never give up!”- That's it! That's importunity. That is the illustration in all of the prayers of Jesus and George Muller. This is the message I use for myself. This is the challenge I leave for allof us. 66 years ago God challenged me with the Discovery of Ivan Panin on “His Bible Numerics.” I soon learned of Panin's disappointment that he would die in 1942 without seeing an Interlinear Greek NT from the two Bible Numeric New Testaments that he produced in 50 years. I believed God laid it on my heart to do this for God first, and Mr. Panin second. This month, I will complete this project, 66 years later. I'm currently on chapter 14 of the Gospel of Luke, the last of the 27 NT books I have been working on. Luke is

the last of the 27 NT books I am working on, and the 250thof the 260 chapters. It will be completed this 12thmonth of this year. Importunity. “Never, never, never, never, never give up!”




1. Ivan Panin's Interlinear Greek Bible Numeric New Testament. Go to our Website <www.2rbetter.org> and click on “Interlinear”; make use of our “postings” there. God revealed in a vision that this is the Keyand Firstof the 7 above components! Godis behind allthat Panin discovered!

2. “The City Church Concept”. God sees but one church per city, with all local churches moving as one for His purposes. However, believe for a “Remnant” of individuals from any church in each city to man “City Halls” for prayer. This is the “Pedestal” to uphold the Interlinear NT. The books written by John Dawson of YWAM are very significant at this point.

3. The 12 Embryonic Revival Principles of 1948. Click on “Embryonics” on our website. Believe to bring these 12 Embryonic Revival Principles to “Maturity”. They will be parameters of safety for the last great Visitation prior to the Return of Jesus. God used George Hawtin of Saskatchewan to bring these together.

4. Prayer Multiplication.Deuteronomy: 32:30; Ecclesiastes 4:9-12; Matthew 18:19; and especially Zechariah 12:8. Each City Hall Prayer Group should claim that 2 will start out driving 10,000 to flight; but go on to Zechariah 12:8 and believe for each couple to drive 10 million; and 4 couples 1 billion! Why not? Ern Baxter brought out this principle solidly based on “Covenant” understanding.

5. Meditation. As George Muller used this from George Whitefield; Joshua 1:8; Psalm 1:1-3; and Psalm 19:14 - Let us learn this amazing Spiritual Secret! Ben Franklin was powerfully influenced by Whitefield also, and our Constitution reflects his influence through these two friends.

6. Possessed by the Holy Spirit. As Rees Howells experienced this with a team of 120 and defeated Hitler in World War II, let us multiply this effectively with 200 to 300 teams! H.A. Baker in “Visions Beyond the Veil” shows how he too moved in this same spirit. Angels were released through such intercession.

7. Personal, Passionate Devotion to Jesusas Oswald Chambers experienced and laid out in “My Utmost for His Highest”. Jesus is theKey, and by His Spirit must always be pre-eminent.