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Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One

Jim Marie Watt - Tuesday November 16, 2010

Marie and I have been receiving reports from Courtney and Port Hardy for over a week now. These reports mean a great deal to us, for we are from Port Alberni, in the very center of Vancouver Island. Victoria is my spiritual Bethlehem, for it was here God sent me in 1942 to the Canadian Navy, where in 1944 He supernaturally brought me into His Kingdom according to His promise in Psalm 107:23-24.

Dr. Charles S. Price saw a mighty visitation of the Spirit in the 1920's in Victoria. It visited even modernistic churches, and one reported that 90% of Chinatown was sovereignly swept into the Kingdom.

In the early part of the Century, Dr. J. Edwin Orr in his “Times of Refreshing” reported his trip across Canada, with extraordinary accompaniments. He prophesied that in the last days, God would visit Victoria in a special way. I am dedicated for national revival in Canada before the Lord's return. The report that follows sent by John Roddam, could well be the beginnings of God's last days' move.

Revival Winds Blowing on Vancouver Island


Vancouver Island is in the Pacific Northwest approximately 200 miles north of Seattle ,Washington. Something wonderful and Supernatural is happening there.

Some call it revival. Since Sept. 2010 healing, miracles, the intense presence of God, laughter, Baptisms in the Holy Spirit, tongues, salvations, unusual signs and wonders are regularly

occurring.  It began in a small village called Port Hardy but has now spread to seven cities.

Said Stuart Wilson, editor of Stunews newsletter,” My understanding is that God often acts first in ways that catch our attention - healing, tongues, laughter.  Then He begins to heal our spirits and our understanding of who He is - and who He is in us and who we are in Him.  This can be a lengthy process - but if our hearts are open and seek His face and heart, we will be encouraged and we will not be deceived.”


The following are reports and news items that have been compiled from pastors and participants of the outpouring:


Port Hardy to Victoria Prayer Convoy - Saturday Nov 6th

There is a team that is travelling from Victoria to Port Hardy on Friday night and then leaving Saturday morning at 9 am and travelling down the Island stopping to pray and impart at 7 locations on the way. http://www.islandrevival.com/ This is the website with more information. They will be in Qualicum at CFC between 3-3:30 pm (this is of course projected time). The website has a Twitter feed so you can follow them as they go and find out where they are in real time! PLEASE come and join us in prayer at 3-3:30 at CFC and release everything that God has for us!

The Convoy will be stopping at the Nanaimo Christian School between 4-4:30 pm so if you are in Nanaimo you can meet them there.

Brian Robertson

Christian Fellowship Centre, Qualicum, Vancouver Island, British Columbia



Vancouver Island Mobile Prayer Report <http://www.islandrevival.com>

by Paul Hansen, River Heights Church, Courtenay, Vancouver Island


Sometimes it's nice to go behind the scenes - so here you goŠ

On October 29th as I was driving along the island highway towards Campbell River for a leadership meeting, I had a vision of a mobile prayer meeting going from Port Hardy to Victoria, stopping in seven locations along the way. This mobile prayer meeting would declare freedom, revival and release to our island. We took this vision to our leadership meeting and felt God clearly confirm to move ahead and we decided that night to proceed. The next day we put it on Face Book. The following day we shared it with our church and that evening Drew shared it with our friends Rick and Becky Lawrence in Qualicum. On Monday I shared it at a local pastors gathering. The day after we received this vision, Laurie Thomson received a scripture reference in the night and decided to look it up in the morning. She cracked her bible open and it landed on the exact page of Zechariah 8:20-21

20 _Thus says the LORD of hosts, 'It will yet be that peoples will come, even the inhabitants of many cities. 21 _The inhabitants of one will go to another, saying, "Let us go at once to entreat the favor of the LORD, and to seek the LORD of hosts; I will also go."

Three days before I received this vision a pastor friend of mine in Courtenay shared with me how he had blurted out as an intro to his sermon that "revival has broken out in Port Hardy and Duncan with miracles, healings and that the apostle Paul's ship has landed on Vancouver Island". He had no clue what was going on in Port Hardy. This landing of the ship had incredible prophetic significance for me Šmore on that at another time aka "The Malta Saga".

Within a short time we had over 40 people signed up on facebook to pray with us. Twenty plus were committed to the journey. I called George Ewald - pastor of the church in Port Hardy, to get his blessings on the launching the prayer assault out of his church. In chatting with George he shared a prophetic word they had received. "When the church of the north island and the church of the south island unite, there will be an eruption of power". We will share the synergy of several other prophetic words in another post. We are also amazed as we digest a report from a team that was sent literally the week before by the Lord to pray over our island and drove from Victoria to Port Hardy via the west coast making declarations and having communion. They knew nothing of what was happening in the natural but made connections with George in Port Hardy as well as with churches we prayed with in Nanaimo etc. I am waiting to hear back from them after sending an email this morning.

To sum up this prayer assignment, twenty plus Christians from five churches encouraged two hundred plus folks from over a dozen churches in seven cities over a distance of 600 kilometers in a span of twelve hours. Every location we stopped and prayed in except Duncan, there was a good size group of believers from various churches that came into amazing agreement, unity and proclamation of freedom for our island. We shared, worshipped, prayed and released the fire on people. We also brought anointing oil from Port Hardy to mix together with each city.

Our services in Courtenay the day after are hard to describe. In both churches the presence of God was so strong and powerful we wept through communion. Both our churches had communion as well as at least two others in the valley. Our altars were full and people were experiencing God's intimate touch. We are excited at the myriad of testimonies we are hearing. We are also super excited as we anticipate our forward movement together as an island into a supernatural, miraculous, fire filled destiny. Get ready for a cross pollinating of teams and streams that will release God's dreams.


Revival in Port Hardy

From: Pastor George Ewald, Port Hardy Christian Fellowship, Vancouver Island

I apologize for my tardiness in getting this word out as part of it has been me being dumfounded by what God is doing every time I sit down to write.  I actually get intoxicated thinking, talking or even writing about it.  The presence of God is tangible here.  People are praying with increased fervor and time.

Oh my it is getting so thick up here with the presence of God. Friday night we saw folks from all over the mid island come and join us as they prepared to pray the island.  Its things like this coming together as the Spirit led that make me believe that this is much more than we can even imagine. The richness of coming together as one body and realizing that we all are important in what God is doing here even though some live elsewhere.  If we don't have people praying into this and interceding for this we will be dead in the water. We feel so blessed to have found new partners and we are all laying hold of this for the entire island and beyond. God moved so powerfully and in so many ways.  There were healings from migraines, and a back was healed, there were more baptisms with fire.  God's weightiness was put on display as many had lengthy quality time with the Lord on the floor.  People described it as warm sticky honey oil. Fire was upon many as the ministry happened. It was deep.  One woman came and said "this woman has been changed, drastically radically changed and I will never be the same" another person said "  It was truly awesome to connect with you guys. GOD did some amazing things and I think it will take us a while to process and see all the good fruit."

This is about stirring hearts to believe for the major outpouring/revival that has been prophesied for so long.  if the world ever needed it it is now.

Saturday morning we got together with the travelling prayer team and prayed into one another made an oil covenant and saw God fall in the prayer time. It was so unifying. I hear from the folks in Victoria that at the final destination they received fiery hot lava from Port Hardy.  I am not sure what that fully means but it sounds more than good!

Saturday night we saw more healings, salvations and more baptisms with Fire.  A lady that came and was healed Thursday night of chronic back pain was struck down again upon going home came back again Friday night and received the fullness of her healing and was set free from some things discerned that finished the job and she is still walking healed today a week later. We have seen that twice where people took two nights to finalize things but it is finished!! praise God.  Again like a couple of others God had her go through physical stretching both nights and she finished by running back to her seat giggling and dancing.

Again young adults were being lit up and transformed.  The weightiness of God is getting heavier. I cannot fully explain as it overwhelms us. The town of Pt hardy is starting to buzz with what is happening although many are still not coming in.  those coming from outside are going into the hotels and restaurants and the table conversations and at the front desks of hotels as to what has brought them here is starting to have an effect.  Tire shops, grocery stores etc. Many still unbelieving but the stirring is happening.  Inside the churches involved here in the north island people and leaders and soakers are starting to feel the burn of change in their hearts.  I have had many this week share how God has been refining them and calling them to deeper places of holiness.  One man said, "I can't explain it.  My wife is away and I could watch anything I want on TV but I can't turn it on.  All I want to do is listen to worship and soak in His presence.  I thought I was fairly holy before but God is taking me deeper."

Another said I have never spoken in tongues so much or for so long as I have this last week.

An mature believer that was skeptical of some of the manifestations challenged God that if this is real then you need to show me. She woke up the next morning had her shower and came out of the shower with her hands covered in heavenly dust.  her 9 year old daughter (one of the kids that has been baptized in the Holy Spirit) who was with her there at the meeting that night came down and said look mommy your glittery. The mom said lets see your hands and the daughters were even more covered than the mom.  They called the 13 year old son who had just finished having his shower to come see.  He walked in to the kitchen in his boxers straight from the shower and asked if they had been crafting. They said lets see your hands.  The sons had even more dust on them than the females and he had not even been there.  They ran around the house shouting and hooting and hollering in prophetic triumph as they believed walls were coming down in their home.  The dad who has not been serving the Lord came home from work and they told him and when they showed him he was somewhat unbelieving and they asked to see his hands he had even more than all of them.  He declared I wasn't even there!  The little girl was going around her school and she would speak in tongues wipe it on her friends and then declare there you've got it.  You don't think that is going to change that school?

I had the privilege of praying over a family that has seen there dad being delinquent for the last 3 months.  He laid on the floor Sunday night for probably 2 hours and the kids prayed over him.  His 3 year old son stood at the back of the sanctuary and one of our prayer team witnessed him saying fire of God fire of God over and over.  I had prayed earlier, God let these 3 kids begin to pray and know that they can speak healing and freedom over their daddy.  I praise you God that these things which can not be explained in any other way than by your hand are happening!! We saw migraines being healed over the entire weekend.  A lady came up for prayer Sunday morning for a migraine that had her come with her eyes half closed. As I prayed the power of God hit her she swooned under the power and crumpled and fell forward instead of back, hitting her head on the edge of the stage as the congregation let out a combined OHHHHHH! as the thud echoed in the sanctuary. The power of God was all over her.  She laid on the floor for 20-30 minutes came out of where ever God had taken her and rolled onto her back starring directly into our bright stage lights and she just smiled and said Oh there so pretty.  I interviewed her Sunday night at the beginning of service and she had been completely healed of the migraine and did not even feel the thud on the head that caused the congregation to groan. Another had been having headaches for days and the pressure never left her head like hands squeezing she said. She got up off the floor and the pressure and pain where completely gone!

The lady from two weeks ago who was an evangelist but had had a stroke reported back that she has been completely cleared by her doctor to return to the ministry.  She was the one that had God speak to her as she laid on the floor and he told her "you have been healed go back to your doctor for a new report.  Praise God!!!  As I am finally getting to write this you can see why it is hard to not get intoxicated with His goodness.

I bless you all and trust that as you are reading this He is speaking deep with in you to believe for your own revival. One of the churches that had sent there associate pastor up 2 weeks ago ad multiples of healings last Sunday and then this weekend one of the churches that had been part of the prayer caravan down the island saw God fall powerfully in their service.  The pastor said that her associate had felt that he was in fear of dying for a moment as the power of God came on him so strong. They felt led to sing OH Canada and the glory hit the place.

This past Sunday night a visiting 20 year old shared his testimony and the glory fell and none of us could really talk. People who don't usually get touched where intoxicated and couldn't move. A fearful young lady that I had prayed over for peace on Saturday night came up to me at the end saying wow! Baptized in the Holy Spirit and I received tongues tonight, Wow!!! She glowed with the glory of God!

We have seen people receiving other gifts of the Spirit as well.  Discernment is on the increase.

The woman who we cast 21 demons out of(see last weeks reports) came back again from down island and came for prayer.  I asked her how it had been and she said better. I asked the Lord what she needed? He said pray in the river of Ezekiel.  As I prayed the ankles the knees the waste and when I declared it was over her head and her feet where off the bottom she swooned went to the floor and laid there with the most awesome smile on her face for a lengthy time.  She looked absolutely transformed!

Hope you are stirred by all this

In His presence
We have determined that since God is getting stronger in the services we will keep these meetings going until the 19th of December, Thursday-Sunday each weekend at 7PM and then break for two weeks over Christmas starting again on Thursday the 6th of January.  During the Christmas break we will still run our Sunday nights as Revival services with Fridays & Saturdays being Christmas and New Years Days. We need to honour our families.  Other meetings are happening in Victoria, BC, Nanaimo, BC,  Courtenay, BC, Qualicum, BC and Duncan, BC
FYI for those coming from long distances - the USA for example, the rates on Pacific Coastal flights have miraculously been dropped by half if you are willing to lock your ticket in for date and time. This makes it around $100 a flight from Seattle.  If you want to fly in call us at the hotel and we will arrange rides to get you to the complex.  There are plenty of restaurants with in walking distance as we are at the heart of the town.
To those who have been and are coming back. We had to raise our rates in the hotel complex as we have been holding the original conference pricing of $40 a room from the initial conference 6 weeks ago, but at our new price of $16 per person or $65 for up to 4 in a room they are still very reasonable for people to come visit.


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