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Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One

Jim Watt - 2010-10-31

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1. Ivan Panin's Interlinear Greek Bible Numeric New Testament. Go to our Website <www.2rbetter.org> and click on “Interlinear”; make use of our “postings” there. God revealed in a vision that this is the Key and First of the 7 above components! God is behind all that Panin discovered!

2. “The City Church Concept”. God sees but one church per city, with all local churches moving as one for His purposes. However, believe for a “Remnant” of individuals from any church in each city to man “City Halls” for prayer. This is the “Pedestal” to uphold the Interlinear NT. The books written by John Dawson of YWAM are very significant at this point.

3. The 12 Embryonic Revival Principles of 1948. Click on “Embryonics” on our website. Believe to bring these 12 Embryonic Revival Principles to “Maturity”. They will be parameters of safety for the last great Visitation prior to the Return of Jesus. God used George Hawtin of Saskatchewan to bring these together.

4. Prayer Multiplication. Deuteronomy: 32:30; Ecclesiastes 4:9-12; Matthew 18:19; and especially Zechariah 12:8. Each City Hall Prayer Group should claim that 2 will start out driving 10,000 to flight; but go on to Zechariah 12:8 and believe for each couple to drive 10 million; and 4 couples 1 billion! Why not? Ern Baxter brought out this principle solidly based on “Covenant” understanding.

5. Meditation. As George Muller used this from George Whitefield; Joshua 1:8; Psalm 1:1-3; and Psalm 19:14 - Let us learn this amazing Spiritual Secret! Ben Franklin was powerfully influenced by Whitefield also, and our Constitution reflects his influence through these two friends.

6. Possessed by the Holy Spirit. As Rees Howells experienced this with a team of 120 and defeated Hitler in World War II, let us multiply this effectively with 200 to 300 teams! H.A. Baker in “Visions Beyond the Veil” shows how he too moved in this same spirit. Angels were released through such intercession.

7. Personal, Passionate Devotion to Jesus as Oswald Chambers experienced and laid out in “My Utmost for His Highest”. Jesus is the Key, and by His Spirit must always be pre-eminent.


We had our first meeting on October 31, 2009, with 4 present: Elvin Gladney, Terry Brown, Ed Densmore and Jim Watt. Our meeting last night brought us up to our goal of 8 members present, with Elvin leading the meeting. Glenn Hill with Jewish background, started meeting with us early in 2010. Jim Ray joined us a couple of months ago; John Hwang from Korea, last month; and Dennis Katzeek, First Nations People, last night. Joe Mwaniki from Nairobi, Kenya took the place of John Hwang who had recently been in Korea.

Elvin opened our meeting by presenting an adjusted map of the 12 regions in Washington state - as targets for Pilot Prayer Teams of 8 members each in the gates of their regions. We are also targeting 70 cities in Canada for the same, plus the over 300 prayer groups meeting in City Halls across Canada under Arne Bryan - founder and director of Prayer Canada. God is leading us to add 70 matching cities in the US, plus the 4 key cities of Cascadia, the Pacific NW.

Both Elvin and Glenn on the way separately to the meeting felt God say: I have promised that it is now time to activate the 7-fold Automated Laser Telescope concept outlined above. But you have not asked me to do it for you. God told Israel in Ezekiel 36:37 - “Thus says the Lord Jehovah: For this, moreover, will I be inquired of by the house of Israel, to do it for them: I will increase them with men like a flock. 38 As the flock for sacrifice, as the flock of Jerusalem in her appointed feasts, so shall the waste cities be filled with flocks of men; and they shall know that I am Jehovah.” Daniel read these promises in Jeremiah that the 70 years desolation were at an end, and inquired of the Lord to fulfill and activate His promises. And He did, through Cyrus of Persia (Iran), a heathen king, and named before birth.

Even though God has planned to do something for us, activating does not take place until we express our belief in His promises by asking Him to fulfill it! So at 9:00 pm. Elvin asked me to lead in prayer - asking God to activate His promise of releasing His Promise. The 8 of us immediately sensed a break-through in the heavenlies, with a release of angels to counter Satan and his cohorts, in all the above areas. It needs to be perfected, so that He can use us in a corporate manner by focusing on individual targets one by one over cities and regions.

It is important to note that 4 of our 8 members represent other cultures. Elvin as African-American not only stands for the return and release of the Heavenly Choir through his people of the US - leading for a national break-through also; but in Africa - especially Kenya and Tanzania - an even more powerful break-through. For in 1992 God reminded that the first restoration truth of the 1948 Northern Canadian Visitation was the “Presbytery Concept.” God is going to restore this not only in cities and nations of Africa - spear-heading through Kenya - but for the entire continent. It started in Kenya this summer with Elvin and Felix Anderson from Bellingham visiting there. The bishops of that area were so impressed with the unity that God fostered through these two brothers in an area of Nairobi with 42 tribes - that they laid hands of blessing on Elvin and Felix to bring this blessing in activation back to their homeland.

Joe Mwaniki who functions as an apostle in Kenya, represented John Hwang of Korea, and all of Asia last night. A good half of the World's population resides here. Brother Yun, the Heavenly Man, is one of 5 leaders raising up 100 million Chinese in the Underground church. Their “Back to Jerusalem vision” is significant. Their “suffering” is part of the call and condition for such results. “Prayer and fasting” in Africa is another key.

Dennis Katzeek on behalf of the First Nations people and all other Aboriginal peoples - struck a strong note for us. He led us to Psalm 31:19-24 by David. See the significance of this insight for all taking place at this meeting:

Oh how great is your goodness,

Which you have laid up for them that fear you,

Which you have wrought for them that take refuge in you,

Before the sons of men!

20 In the covert of your presence will you hide them from the plottings of man;

You will keep them secretly in a pavilion from the strife of tongues.

21 Blessed be Jehovah;

For he has showed me his marvelous lovingkindness in a strong city.

22 As for me, I said in my alarm,

I am cut off from before your eyes:

Nevertheless you heard the voice of my supplications,

When I cried unto you.

23 Oh love Jehovah, all you his saints:

Jehovah preserves the faithful,

And plentifully rewards him that deals proudly.

24 Be strong, and let your heart take courage,

All you that hope in Jehovah.

Glenn Hill is Jewish. He represents an aspect of Point 4 of Prayer Multiplication in the above 7-fold outline. The Ministry God has given to my wife Marie and I - we call TABTO (“Two Are Better than One” Ministries) after Ecclesiastes 4:9-12. God gave us this challenge early in our ministry before 1967. According to Deuteronomy 32:20, one enemy drives 1000 Israelis to flight: 2 - 10,000. But when Israel is right with God - more than the reverse take place. Read Zechariah 12:8 -

In that day shall Jehovah defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem;

and he that is feeble among them at that day shall be as David;

and the house of David shall be as God,

as the angel of Jehovah before them.”

C.H. Spurgeon saw this truth in the 1800's, and incorporated it into one of his Daily Devotionals. And - because Gentiles are grafted into Israel forming the “One New Man” - we with Israel have the legal right to claim this blessing for these end times! We become not just like David - 10,000-fold, and two 100,000 - but we become like God, and the Angel of the Lord - one a million-fold; two - ten million; and 4 couples or 8 members - one billion.

That is why God in vision called for teams of 8 in the Gate of each City - they become a corporate organic Laser-Telescope under the direction of Jesus to initiate the Spiritual Star Wars effect - and blast Satan's principalities and powers out of the heavenlies over their respective cities and regions! No wonder Satan fears this revelation. So - as we move with Elvin in his culture; Dennis Katzeek in his; John Hwang in his - now we also move with Glenn in his - and claim the billion-fold effect for each Pilot Prayer Team. According to your faith, be it unto you. We saw God blast us through Saturday. This is going to multiply! Again - according to your faith be it unto you.

Elvin pointed out that it is 48 years since God led Marie and me from Illinois to the Sea-Tac Metroplex. It was so we could be present as He lays the foundations here for the Last Days Revival preceding the return of His Son. I have watched Him for these 48 years. And now His Word is - Ask me to Activate My promises of the above!

Then in 1944, 66 years ago, God dropped on me the challenge of Ivan Panin and preparing His Bible Numeric Interlinear Greek NT based on the two Testaments prepared by Panin. The Manuscript for this was completed in 1967. The format for putting it on Website by Computer came in 2007. I started this final Commission that Fall, and the 12th month of this year should see it completed and ready for the Printer. This Interlinear is the first and key component for the successful activation of the Automated Laser-Telescope. How significant then is God's timing in all of this.

Also in 1944 I asked God for His purpose in sovereignly revealing Himself to me and saving me. His answer: “In the last days I am going to restore My Church through apostles and prophets - and - if you are faithful - you may have part in this.” At the time I was a sailor of 19, and didn't understand the significance of apostles and prophets - and church restoration. But in 1962 He said, “You have been faithful. Resign as pastor of your church in Round Lake, Illinois, and move out to the West Coast. There I am about to lay My foundations for all of this.” Now - 48 years later!

We have 3 Intercessory teams undergirding us as a Pilot Prayer Team: one in Tacoma; one in Northern California; and one in Texas. Last night we powerfully sensed the undergirding of prayer bringing us through to the unusual victory we experienced.

The “Unity” concept Brother Joe Mwaniki represents from Kenya - is essential in all other places also to see the above concepts fulfilled. Corporate Prayer unity must undergird all other concepts! Jesus exemplified this. Paul and the early church also. We are no different. Heavenly manifestation is released this way, and this way only!

This report is going out to but a small listing. We were led for the blinding of Satan not to understand what God is up to through us. He hears a sound - but it is garbled, and he can't understand.

Much more could be said - but as God has led us - He being no respecter of persons - He will lead you also - and those with an ear to hear - will hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches. They will also take Hebrews 4:12 -

For living is the word of :God, and active,

and sharper than any two-edged sword,

and piercing even to the dividing of soul and spirit,

of both joints and marrow,

and a discerner of thoughts and intents of the heart.”

and through the Interlinear Greek New Testament - successfully divide between soul and spirit - causing one not be led astray.

Blessings on you each one - your brother Jim - merely a scribe and reporter of last night, not the leader -

and really - it is God who has led and orchestrated in all of this!