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Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One

(From: “Warfare by Honor” by Quamaniq & Suuqiina

The Restoration of Honor ... A Protocol Handbook)

The Protocol of Elohim Concerning Israel - Part E

For those who might say, “Israel, the Jewish people, that doesn't fit into my theology.” Here's a story.

The story is about Allie Nicole, our granddaughter. Allie was two years old when we raised the Israeli flag on our land, with Arni and Yonit Klein from Tel Aviv, Israel. All our grandchildren were gathered around the flag pole, and the Kleins laid hands on them and gave them a blessing prayer from Zion. All the children were there, except Allie. She was asleep, inside the house of her mother and father, taking her nap. Her mother, Kimberly, exclaimed to me, at the conclusion of the blessing, “I forgot to go get Allie so that she could be a part of the prayer of blessing.” I answered, “When she gets up from her nap we will have the Kleins pray for her.”

That is exactly what happened. We went inside the house for a great spread of food and fellowship, and as soon as she woke up, Arni and Yonit prayed a blessing over her.

Six weeks later, as the flag flew over our land, Allie slipped from the house, for a brief moment in time, and drowned in our back yard pool. We were devastated, and the grief was so heavy. For many days, it felt like we were drowning ourselves, it was so hard to breathe. Yahweh provided incredible grace, but that did not erase the pain of our loss. The night of Allie's death, as I was helping her mother, Kimberly into the bed, Kimberly said to me, “This Scripture keeps running through my head, 'A voice is heard in Ramah, lamentation and bitter weeping. Rachel is weeping for her children; she refuses to be comforted for her children are no more'. (Jeremiah 31)

She continued, “That is how I feel. There is no comfort for me.” The room that I stayed in was underneath Kimberly's room, and all night, as I sat on my bed, I heard her groaning and weeping for Allie, her child.

The funeral for Allie was memorable. The Lord provided grace for Allie's parents and myself to do the eulogy for Allie, and we all celebrated memories of her life and shared the hope in Yeshua, that we would be with her again.

Weeks went by and we were left with the very real pain of building a life without Allie in our midst. Some days were better than others; but we were sustained by our Savior.

During the weeks that passed, Kimberly would often say to me, “I know that I have the Israel flag on my land, and I know that it must mean something. I know I must have a connection to Israel, but I don't feel an emotional connection to Israel. I am sowing into Israel and blessing Israel out of obedience, because He tells me to do so.” I encouraged her, that she did not have to feel anything. Abba would honor her obedience.

A few months later, at a Hanukkah gathering, I noticed that Kimberly was sitting off to herself and she was crying. I walked over to her and asked her if she was o.k. She assured me that she was alright and then she began to share.

She said, “The Lord just spoke to me and told me what my connection is to Israel.” I asked her if she could share it with me and she said she could. This is what she said, “Do you remember when Allie died and the people from the churches gave us money and we were so glad to have the support, but it felt weird to have money in place of Allie?” I nodded, yes. “Do you remember when Allie died and the people from the churches gave us memorial trees to plant in our yard, and as we watched them plant them, it felt strange to have a tree in place of Allie?” Once again I nodded, yes. “Do you remember when Allie died and the people from the churches gave us statues and figurines of little girls, and it felt strange to have a statue in place of Allie?” I nodded, yes.

“Well, the Lord just spoke to me and told me this, 'I don't need my people's offerings of money, and I don't need their plantings in ministry, and I don't need their statues and buildings that they erect for me. I just want my child back. Israel, my first-born child.”

She looked at me and, as the tears rolled down her face, she said, “With the loss of Allie, I bare the heart-pain of the Lord for Israel in my own heart.” Kimberley learned a valuable lesson that day. This is not about Israel, it is about Yahweh's heart.

With her words, I was immediately taken back to the night of Allie's death. I remembered that night that Kimberly shared the Scripture of Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted “because they were no more.” I remembered sitting on my bed, listening to her moan and groan for her child. So, this is how the Father feels for Israel? He is moaning and groaning with grief, and He refuses to be comforted until they are reunited with Him.

It was Moses who first heard Yahweh say, “Israel is my first-born son”. (Exodus 4:22) Kimberly heard those words again that day ... “Israel my first-born son.”

To Yahweh, it is not about theology, it is about relationship. It is not about religion, it is about relationship. It is not about denominational doctrines, it is about relationship. It is about a family, His family. It is about a Father's heart for His children.

After Kimberly shared her words, Yahweh spoke to my grandmother's heart about Allie, and He said this to me, “And so shall it be ... just as the day you raised the Israel flag on your land, and Allie was in her father's house sleeping, you will continue the work with Israel on the land, and later at the end of the age, you will join Allie at a great feast in the house of her/your Father, where we will be together for eternity.”

We have laid our treasure, Allie Nicole, in heaven with the Father and we will labor to see that His treasure, Israel, His first-born son, will join us at the great feast in our Father's house.

Someday in the future the whole world will take a stand against Israel.

Then our earthly nationality will no longer be important.

All that will matter is that we are born-again-into-the-Kingdom,

fellow citizens with Israel.”

- Don Finto

For behold, in those days and at that time,

when I bring back the captives of Judah and Jerusalem,

I will also gather all nations, and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat;

and I will enter into judgment with themthere on account of my people,

My heritage Israel,

whom they have scattered among the nations.

They have also divided up My land”. Joel 3:1-2

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NOTE: It was in 1990 that Marie and I became more aware of Replacement Theology. God led us to unite with Congregation Beth Simcha under the leadership of Messianic Rabbi Murray Silberling. For 18 months we sat under his ministry and gained his insights on this subject. Some 400 regularly attended Sunday services here in Federal Way, Washington. Later in 1998 we were called by a group of Messianics - Jews and Christians - to lead them until they got a rabbi. That lasted 10 years till Congregation Beth Chesed dissolved.

When I was 10, I attended a meeting on “British Israel” in Murrayville, a village of Langley Municipality in BC, Canada. There I was introduced to Replacement Theology with my grade 5 classmate Jack Penzer, who later became a dentist.

In 1948, 15 years later, one of the elders in a Latter Rain Congregation I led in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - was of the British Israel persuasion. Marie had a dream of him and his wife - in a prison with straw on the floor - both unaware of their captive position.

British Israel, Anglo Israel, Ephraimites, are but a few of a number of titles describing somewhat similar movements - all connected with Replacement Theology - that is - that the church has replaced God's future plans for Israel. (Islam believes she replaces both Israel and the church.) Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and America - all have pockets of this persuasion. Sounds great, but like the teaching of the Pharisees of Jesus' day - it makes void the Word of God because it is man'straditions! Imagine cottoning on to Denmark being descended from the tribe of “Dan” because “Den-” and “Dan” sound somewhat similar. This and scores of other non-geographical and non-historical positions are taught in this context.

Soon after 1948, George Hawtin introduced British Israel into that movement, but lost his place of leadership over it. An extreme form of “Manifestation of the sons of God” forced me to leave the movement early in 1949; Ultimate Reconciliation, plus some 3 or 4 other aberrations followed.

In 2008 the Rev. Dr. John Roddam, Rector following Dennis Bennett at St. Luke's Episcopal Church of Seattle, came to our home and had a talk-show with Marie and myself in 10 segments of 30 minutes each. It was to document the blessings and errors of the 1948 Visitation that took place 60 years previously.

I am the last of the 7 elders that officiated at the Summer Camp Meeting of that year, and Dr. John felt these things ought to be documented before Marie and I graduate to our Home Above. You can still obtain these 3 DVD's by contacting Stuart Spani of North Vancouver BC at <www.reason-for-hope.com> at a reasonable price.

I am not a scholar - just a serious student, seeking to put before readers insights from my level, that might prove helpful. It looks that this year I will complete the manuscript for God's Bible Numeric Interlinear Greek New Testament. The texts were completed by Ivan Panin just before his death in 1942. He was not the first to discover this Bible phenomenon. Dr. Jean Astruc of France, 1684-1766 was aware of it in his day, and sought to bolster the Mosaic authorship of Genesis with it and sound Textual Criticism, and upset the Documentary Hypothesis of the false critics of his day. Though he was a valued Medical Doctor, his heart was even more in these Bible interests. Panin picked up where he and others left off, and by producing the Bible Numeric Greek text, has his name more associated with this subject than any other.

Astruc has a Jewish origin, and means “happy”.

Go to our Website - <www.2rbetter.org> and click on “Interlinear” - there you will find 224 of the 260 chapters of the New Testament posted, with Notes. When printed, the notes will be eliminated. The Outlining of the Numeric tested sentences, subdivisions, paragraphs and section structure is mine, and is notinspired. I leave a space above each of these, and invite you the reader to replace my summaries with your own. The text however, isinspired, and will be a blessing to all of us who meditate upon it.

Glenn Beck says - “Don't believe what I say because I say it - Search out the facts yourself, and then come to your ownopinions. He points out how Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, FDR and now President Obama have brought out a “progressive” political theory, that is a serious digression from our Founding Fathers. Benjamin Franklin for some, is seen as the chief architect for our constitution, and he was strongly influenced by George Whitefield, outstanding British evangelist for our nation, and close friend of Franklin. He also strongly influenced George Muller of Bristol Orphanage fame - with the valuable insight of Biblical Meditation.

Watch the insidious influence of Jewish turncoat “Soros”, who has helped bring Obama to office for his own nefarious purposes.

I believe we need to let God say what Hewants to say, and let the Biblemean what itwants to mean. Men by tradition still today make void God's Word just like the Scribes and Pharisees of Jesus' day. Prove allthings - hold fast that which is good - 1 Thessalonians 5:20. If there is any worth or value in me and my ministry - it is probably this - holding forththe Word of Life as the only eternal accurate truth for these last days. “To God's Word and Histestimony - if they speak not according to HisWord and Truth, they have lost the light.” - paraphrase of Isaiah 8:20. May this evermore be our onlyPlumbline! - J.A.W.