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Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One

(From: “Visions Beyond the Veil” by H.A. Baker} - 2010-09-22


In fulfillment of the scripture that “In the last days … your sons and daughters will prophesy …” (Acts 2:17), a ten-year old boy was used by the Lord to bring us a message we will never forget.

A few months earlier this boy had been a beggar. He had arrived at our doorstep in rags and filthy – in fact with more dirt than clothes – with two other boys and asked if he might come in. When bathed and dressed the boy looked like an innocent chap, and so he proved to be. He at once took every Bible story and sermon to heart. He soon learned to pray, and we could hear him praying very earnestly every night. When the Holy Spirit came in power at Adullam this boy was among the first to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit and to speak in tongues.

Just as surely as God spoke to men and women in the past, making it possible for them to claim that the Scriptures were inspired by God and to declare, ‘Thus says the Lord’ with such conviction that they were willing to stake their lives on it, so God still speaks to the children today, when circumstances demand it and faith and other conditions permit it.

One night there was an unusually strong sense of the Lord’s presence and heaven seemed very near. The boy I have just spoken about seemed to leave the earth and be caught up in heaven. Ushered into the presence of the Lord Jesus he fell flat on his face before Him in humble adoration and worship. As a matter of fact the boy lay stretched out on the floor in the middle of the room surrounded by the other boys, who listened intently to the message that came through him from the Lord. The boy sobbed and wept with the deepest grief as the message was given to him; he spoke in a clear strong voice, speaking a sentence or two at a time. There was a strong rhythm in the language; the words were simple and pure. The intonation of the voice, the choice of language, the penetrating power of every word was such that no one who heard it could have doubted that this Samuel was speaking by direct supernatural inspiration from God.

In his vision lying at the feet of the Lord the boy said, ‘Lord Jesus, I am not worthy to be here or to be saved at all. I am only a little street beggar.’ Then Jesus spoke to the boy. The boy did not know it at the time, but the Lord actually used him as a mouthpiece, using the first person and addressing us and the children sitting around him. Our longing is that this message might grip your hearts as it still grips ours.

The Message from Christ

I weep tonight. I am heartbroken. I am in deep sorrow because there are so few people who believe in me. I planned and prepared heaven for everyone, and made room for all the people in the world. I made the New Jerusalem in three enormous cities, one above the other, with plenty of space for all. But they will not believe me. Those who believe are so very few. I am sad, so very sad. [This message was given between heart-rending sobs and floods of tears from the boy.] Since men and women will not believe me, I must destroy this wicked earth. I planned to destroy it with three great disasters, but because there is so much evil I have added a fourth.

If you have any friends, tell them to repent quickly. Persuade everyone to believe the gospel as soon as possible. But if people will not listen and will not accept your message the responsibility will not be on you.

Receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit. If you will wait and believe, I will baptize you. The devil deceives you by making you think you will not receive the baptism, but wait and seek, and I will baptize you and give you power to cast out demons and to heal the sick. Those who receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit are to preach and bear witness, and I will be with you to help and protect you in times of danger.

If you think perhaps you won’t get to heaven, that thought is from the devil. I will not destroy my own children; I will protect and save every one of you: not one who belongs to me will be lost. I will overcome. Pray for Mr. and Mrs. Baker, and I will give them power to cast out demons and to heal the sick. The children in the Home should be obedient. Do not fight. Do not lie. Live at peace. When you pray, pray from your heart. Do not let you love grow cold.

Tell other churches they too should seek the Holy Spirit. All churches must press forward.

The devil is coming to the earth in a few years, and there will be great trouble. Do not worry; I will protect you.

People everywhere will gather together and fight in one place, after which I will come to punish the earth. Do not be afraid, for those who believe in me will be caught up in heaven to blow trumpets and to play harps.

I will destroy two out of every three people. When I come everything must obey my voice [Chinese: Yang yang du yao ting o dy hwa]. Houses will collapse; mountains will fall down; trees will be destroyed. There will be utter destruction and not even a blade of grass will be left. [Chinese: Ih gen tsao dub buh liu]. Those who worship idols will die. All sorcerers and spiritist mediums will be thrown into hell. Only those who believe the gospel will be saved.’

This is what the Lord said to us at Adullam, and we believe this message is for all to whom we may be able to pass it on. It was given in Chinese, as recorded above. The sentences were spoken slowly and distinctly, with pauses in between. I wrote them down as they were given. They were often repeated so that there could be no mistake on the part of the hearers; there was ample time to record every word the Lord spoke through his chosen prophet.

When the message was complete the boy got up and told us he had been at Jesus’ feet. He did not know that the Lord had spoken through him in the first person as well as to him. He repeated the prophecy, saying, ‘Jesus said this … Jesus said that.’

Having heard the prophecy, written it down and then heard it repeated from the prophet’s memory point by point, it was easy to see how, in the Old Testament days, a scribe could record every word as it came from the prophet’s lips or how the prophet himself could record his own messages, saying truly, ‘Thus says the Lord’.

Just as in the past God used a boy, Samuel, to speak in an audible voice a message that was directly from God and was fulfilled to the very letter, so we believe that He is still the same living God and has spoken to us directly. We believe this prophecy will be fulfilled. We must either listen and obey, or suffer the eternal consequences.

NOTE: This book by H.A. Baker has recently been updated through his grandson Rolland Baker, now ministering in Mozambique with his wife Heidi.

The original edition by H.A. Baker was placed in my hands as a new convert in 1944. It is perhaps having even more of an impact on me today than it did 63 years ago when I was a sailor in the Canadian Navy.

Because of “Visions Beyond the Veil” and many other books of H.A. Baker, I have been praying for China regularly ever since, as well as for India and Israel. These 3 nations plus Japan and Korea have held a special interest for me to this day. Whatever will enable us to have a deep relationship with the Lord Jesus, and allow Him to use us today as He used these former Chinese orphans and beggars of the Adullam Orphanage in Kunming, Yunnan province – that will be pleasing to the heart of our Father.

I mentioned Israel as a prayer target for me. In 1944 I was mentored by Mrs. Mary Bertha Allquist of Port Alberni, BC. I had been her paper-boy from 1938 to 1941, and when God according to His promise revealed His Son to me on Passover of that year, I immediately remembered that Mrs. Allquist would be glad to help answer my question on the Urim and Thummim. She did so, and also shared Leviticus 23 with me and the 7 Feasts of the Lord, especially Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles. God gave them to Israel to observe, but He called them in the Bible - His Feasts.

The Feast of Tabernacles - the last great Feast of the Lord, starts tonight at sun-down. When the Lord returns, He will at this time restore the earth during His Millennial reign over all nations of the earth from Jerusalem. What a change thatwill be. The first two Great Feasts have been fulfilled at Passover and Pentecost 2000 years ago. But the endof a matter is betterthan the beginning. The Glory of the Latter House, shall be greater than the Former! The best wine was held to the last when Jesus performed his first miracle at Cana of Galilee. It is betterfor us to be alive today than if it had been for us the times of the early church! Pray for Israel. Her bestdays are just ahead. Thenshe shall be as a nation born from above in a day! She has returned to her land in unbelief - but Zechariah 12 and 13 picture what God has in mind for her at the end. “Father, in the Name of our Lord Jesus, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem. And one day we trust to see the New Jerusalem from above, the Bride of Christ, come down to earth, then renewed as a Paradise of God like Eden of old, but even better. Even so, Come quickly, Lord Jesus!”