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Raymond Dent, N.D., has practiced Naturopathic Medicine for 27 years. He graduated as a member of the first class at the John Bastyr College of Naturopathic Medicine, at Seattle, Washington (now Bastyr University), in 1982 after completing pre-med studies at Cal State Northridge, Brigham Young University, and Pierce College.

He has practiced in Manhattan, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Washington State. He has been associated with several medical doctors who practice alternative medicine including doctors Jonathan V. Wright, Thomas A. Dorman, and Ira Rabin.

My interest in the properties and benefits of water as it relates to alkaline content, bio-efficiencies, and ionization began while I was working with a company at Paradise, Idaho. The company owned natural springs arising at the base of the Saw-Tooth Mountain in Idaho. This particular spring water emerges with an alkalinity of about 9.7 in conjunction with very low dissolved solids.

It has abundant free electron activity and a negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP) reading, similar to alkaline antioxidant water produced technologically. Working with the research and quality control division of that company laid the foundation for my subsequent work involving alkaline antioxidant water.

Water is a very powerful tool for improving and maintaining health. Alkaline antioxidant water is unlike any other water because it is more than just “water.” It's a health drink. Daily use of alkaline antioxidant water may be the best form of natural health maintenance and improvement you can adopt.

Structured alkaline antioxidant water contains greater concentrations of ionized H20 molecules which have been restructured through electromagnetic means in a way that creates a greater probability of physiologically desirable “cluster” sizes. This causes more free electrons to be available in the water as well as greater hydration potential. The “free” electrons can act as antioxidants while the six sided or “hexagonal” water molecule clusters enhance the proper hydration of our cells. All of this results in many patients feeling a generalized sense of well-being and improved health when they drink alkaline antioxidant water. These 6-sided clusters found in ionized, structured, alkaline water appear to allow for the fastest internal rehydration possible.

Alkaline antioxidant water is produced through means that favor the development of 6-sided water molecules resulting in what we call hexagonal water. Hexagonal water is water which has undergone hydrogen bonding which favors its peculiar structure and energy state. In water such as regular tap water or water from municipal water sources, you can get structures involving up to 12, 13, 16 or greater number of water molecules. Such water does not promote optimal health in the same way that hexagonally structured water does.

Alkaline antioxidant water can increase the general efficiency of all systems of the body. There are many benefits to this. One of the benefits I appreciate most is that alkaline antioxidant water is many times more hydrating and better tasting that tap water. That's one of the greatest things I have identified because people will drink more water. It's smooth, refreshing, and satisfying.

The percentage of hexagonal units found in water, as well as their stability, appears to depend on a number of factors, including toxin levels, mineral content, motion, and energetic influences that water is exposed to. For example chlorine, fluoride, and many pollutants typically found in municipal water sources decrease the ability of water to form significant numbers of hexagonal units. Tap water typically has a very low percentage of these structures. By switching from tap water to alkaline antioxidant water, one may greatly improve the functioning of the body by supplying it with truly rejuvenating, clean, healthy water.

The hexagonal water affects health by improving the body's ability to use the water effectively. With alkaline antioxidant water, the water is also purified. Substances commonly added to municipal water, such as chlorine, are removed from alkaline antioxidant water before the water is consumed. The alkaline antioxidant water processor removes many harmful toxins from drinking water for good.

Water is a very dynamic substance. When we take the water through the ionization process, we cause changes that occur in a fraction of a second. We create an energetic effect which causes the water to be structured in a way that improves the body's ability to use the water optimally and maximize the benefits of the water.

You get better interaction from vital enzymes, vitamins, structural, and antioxidant molecules because all of these substances operate in a water environment. The better the quality of the water, the better it is for the body.

The effects of this may be seen in many ways including improved sleep, enhanced sense of well-being, better exercise endurance, improved elimination of cellular wastes, clearer thinking, increased overall hydration, less discomfort, better skin health, and enhanced overall health.

People are able to produce alkaline antioxidant water in the comfort of their own homes. Some of the processors used to produce alkaline antioxidant water offer a filtration system that is 50 percent better than what is used in hospital or compounding pharmacies today.

Alkaline antioxidant water is nature's best. It's the kind of water you find flowing freely from many of the world's best natural springs.

Modern lifestyle, diets, and pollution promote acidic metabolism in the typical individual. Having a mild and harmless alkaline influence in the form of water can go a long way in buffering and protecting one's health against the harmful chronic effects of an acidic metabolism. Alkaline antioxidant water can help you resist disease and slow the aging process. In the body, alkaline water helps to buffer a chronic state of acid stress.

This improves the body's ability to maintain good health and proper overall functioning. Therefore we would expect to observe the helpful benefits of increased ionization and alkalinity in a combination which would include the effects of antioxidants, the micro clustering of the water, the alkalinity of the water, and the improved taste and texture of the water.

People often ask me if there is any instance in which the alkaline antioxidant water would be less than beneficial. Individuals with cervical spinal stenosis should not drink alkaline antioxidant water.

If you are a normal individual, I sincerely do not think you could drink too much properly produced alkaline antioxidant water. You should start out with alkalinity at near neutral levels then gradually increase the alkalinity as your body demonstrates tolerance to the alkaline antioxidant water. I have been watching peoples' reactions to alkaline antioxidant water for months and I have not seen anyone have a problem except two patients with cervical stenosis.

If a person starts out slowly and follows the basic guidelines, as well as consults one's physician if he or she is on any type of medication, I believe the water will offer very good and beneficial results. I advise most people to drink about six glasses per day. I believe the proper use of alkaline antioxidant water is the single most important thing that one can do for his or her health.

(The above article appeared in “HEALTH NEWS” - Vol. 18 No. 6, Tel: (800) 597-2585; Web: <www.healthnewsweb.com> - Email: info@healthnewsweb.com

Dr. Raymond Dent states - “Alkaline antioxidant water can help you resist disease and slow the aging process.” - and also, “Alkaline antioxidant water is nature's best. It's the kind of water you find flowing freely from many of the world's best natural springs.”

I was introduced to “ION WAYS - ALKALINE IONIZED WATER” through a friend in Washington State, Wanda Gladney - Email: <reallife_intl@hotmail.com> Web: www.ionways.com/lifeflo

I have been partaking of this water for a little over a month, and can testify to 4 areas of distinct improvement in my health. As many of you know, I turn 87 next month, and need excellent health to finish an assignment in the production of an Interlinear Greek New Testament. Jim Watt