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Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One



On the first Wednesday of August 1982, our Senior Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Arcata, California invited Pastor Jack Hayford to speak at our prayer service. We normally had 13 or so present. Some 500 to 600 crowded into our auditorium, and 150 more in a basement room with Closed circuit television. He told us how his mother in June of that year recounted how her husband and Jack's father of Oakland, California - in 1969 - was reading Exodus 28 for his devotions. The Holy Spirit took over and said to him, “My son, if you take Judah's name off the red Sardius stone on Aaron's Breastplate of Judgment, and replace it with your Clan name of 'Hayford'; and if you take Issachar's name off the Sardius stone next to it, and replace it with your wife's maiden name of 'Smith'; and if you and your wife will agree to pray twice a day for your two clans,Iwill make an effective witness to every member of these two clans throughout the world, and those of open heart, I will bring into My Kingdom!”

His wife agreed, and within 6 months 4 Hayfords and 2 Smiths, of whom they had no previous acquaintanceship - contacted them as new converts! Then for the next year, - no contacts. When queried, God said - “I confirm every word in the mouth of 2-3 witnesses (2 Corinthians 13:1); I have given you six! How can you walk by faith if I keep confirming this word? Keep praying and believing; when you get to heaven, you'll see what I have done.”

Pastor Jack confirmed what his father and mother had done until the former's death in 1979. His mother continued with this prayer challenge until June of 1982, when she informed their son of this. He asked, “Why didn't Dad tell me this years ago?” “You know your Dad,” his mother answered; “If God showed this to a layman, how much more would every pastor know of it? Why waste your time, son?” Pastor Jack was astounded. He researched this out, and found it entirely scriptural. He then said, “Whenever I have a one service stand, and unless the host pastor or the Holy Spirit says otherwise, I will alwaysspeak on Clan Salvation!”

Thursday morning after he had spoken, my wife Marie and I knelt in prayer for our devotions. I presented the “Watt” clan to God, and the “Gaudet” Clan representing Marie's maiden name. But I am a Canadian Scot in my background, and it seemed a shame to do nothing with the other 10 stones on the breastplate! So I added my mother's maiden name of Mosher; and Marie's maternal grandfather's name “Chartrand”; Next the names of the spouses of our 3 children - and the names of the spouses of the brothers and sisters of Marie and myself. I had to add 6 more stones to the breastplate of judgment to contain them all!

Within 16 months, God in Manitoba opened the door for Marie to discover the family tree of the Lacerts going back 6 generations - her maternal grandmother's name. 16 months later he opened the door for her Chartrand heritage. Soon she discovered that she is related to one half of French Canadian Manitoba. Then in 1996 she was led to seek her unknown and older half brother in Quebec. God miraculously led her and a younger brother to him at the age of 75. He gave all the glory to God, and witnessed for 20 minutes of this miracle to a Pentecostal church in Quebec. As a Catholic, his life was transformed, and many of the lives of his 5 children and their families were affected.

A few weeks after Jack Hayford shared this “find” with us in Arcata, I read in the San Francisco Chronicle of a Chinese clan by the name of “Hu”, that met annually, 500 of them, to celebrate their clanship in that city. But the newspaper article added that there are 60 million “Hu's” on mainland China! I prayed, “O God - lead me to a 'Hu' to win to you, and get him praying for his 60 million clan members.” Later in Vancouver BC, I was preaching near the UBC campus, and at the close of the service, a lovely Chinese lady told me - “I am Monica Hu, and this morning I started praying for my 60 million clan members in China!


But the above is only half the story. In 1944 in Victoria BC, God had just saved me as a Canadian sailor. Somebody gave me a copy of “Herald of His Coming”, and the lead article was “Household Salvation”. As soon as one member of a household is saved, he can claim the rest of his household! Noah in Genesis 7:4 and Hebrews 11:7 built an ark to the saving of his household; God said concerning Abraham in Genesis 18:19 - “I know him that he will bring up his householdto serve me; Abraham used this faith to reach out to his nephew Lot (Genesis 19:12-13), and saved him out of Sodom and their enemies; Exodus 12 let Israel know that God saves by households, if the blood of the Lamb is on the lintel and doorposts of their homes; Rahab the harlot saw her whole householdsaved by Joshua at Jericho: her father, mother, brothers and sisters and all their kids (Joshua 2 & 6); Joshua believed God for the saving of his entire household(Joshua 24:15); Cornelius believed God for all his relatives plusclose friends (Acts 10 & 11)! The Philippian jailer saw his entire householdsaved and baptized before breakfast (Acts 16:3l); Lydia believed God for her entire household(Acts 16:15); and Crispus the same (Acts 18:18). All these are mostencouraging for us.

Charles Haddan Spurgeon wouldn't let God alone until all 300 of his householdwere saved; Jonathan Edwards claimed God's covenant promise to the 3rdand 4thgeneration of all his family tree. A check after his death found over 1600 saved, while another family of unbelievers had some 1400 costing tax payers money through all their crimes and jail sentences. A pastor friend of mine told how his mother in Alberta wouldn't let God alone till all 12 of her sons were saved!

In February 1946 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, at 3:00 am, and 38 degrees below zero outside, God awoke me and said, “Ask me for your family, and I will give them to you.” I leaped out of bed on a very cold cement floor, and said, “My father, my mother and my brother!” God's answer: “You've got them!” If it hadn't been so cold I might have thought of all my aunts and uncles and other relatives. Within a few years all 3 of the above were gloriously saved!

A lady in Chicago (originally from Georgia) - attended our Baptist church. She pestered me to get her husband C.B. Caple saved, - a most ungodly man. She wouldn't set a right example, but loved him and didn't want him to go to hell. God in mercy to get her off my back, gave me a tract, “How I Learned to Pray for the Lost.”As a missionary in China, the author wanted help from God to win 40 unsaved relatives back in England. God gave her 3 verses: Mark 10:27 - the strongPossibility; 1 Timothy 4:10 - Jesus' complete Purchase price; and 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 - How to possessthe promises. All 40 were then saved.

We had Pearl come over the following Monday, and went over these 3 verses for Household salvation. In 5 minutes we got off our knees, because we had the witness that God had heard. C.B. Caple got glomular nephritis from over-drinking during his army days, went into a coma, had visions of heaven and hell, and was soundly savedby the time he came out of the coma!

J. A. MacMillan - who wrote the article on “Household Salvation became missionary supervisor for the Philippines, as a representative of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Their publication society in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania has reprinted this article in pamphlet form. It was still available the last time I recommended it.

At the close of presenting the above two messages, we have a closing Anglican/Episcopal type of prayer, mentioning each of our unsaved loved ones by their relationship and Christians name. Example, “My mother Sue; my brother George; my son Peter; my sister Anna; my grandfather John; my great grandson Luke. - Nothing more. Then write them down with 3 dates. Date written; date witness given that God has heard; date now in God's Kingdom. We stand and name each softly but vocally, followed by the clan names connected with us.

One church in one year had its members report to the pastor 100 new in the Kingdom - because of the above challenge! Some 20-30 years ago, my wife Marie and I had recorded 3000 such converts. We stopped recording them after this point. We are not evangelists, but possibly have seen as many converts as many evangelists, through faithfully presenting Clan and Household Salvation over the years.

May this challenge be as profitable for you! Jim and Marie Watt

P.S. You can thank an unknown Canadian friend who found my Website by “surfing the Net” for information on J. A. MacMillan and his article “Household Salvation” in “Herald of His Coming”. She could not find back copies of this publication containing this article, and contacted me for help. The above is my answer as best as I could give it.

But it took sufficient time and effort - that I felt you on my mailing list might like to receive it also. J. & M. W.

P.P.S. - It is now 2011-03-13. - The above message is so important for families and clans - that even though it is but a year since we last sent it out - we are repeating this mailing. Many new ones have subscribed themselves on our mailing list since then, and no doubt will appreciate receiving this most helpful and successful means of bringing loved ones into the Kingdom of God. J.