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Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One


October 4, 2009

The article that follows with the above title is a sign of the beginning of the end. The legitimacy of Sodom and Gomorrah over the rights of Bible-believing Christians is at stake. Some believers believe we are wrong in pointing out the evil and wrong decisions being made in Washington in appointing such a Czar as the above. They feel they would rather remain underground and avoid the possibility of persecution, imprisonment and martyrdom.

But - Is thisthe line that God would lead us to take? Think of the prophets of old - how Nathan stood against David in his sin with Bathsheba and Uriah (2 Samuel 12:1-23); or Elijah who withstood King Ahab (1 Kings 18:16-40); Hanani's rebuke to King Jehoshaphat for his alliance with the wicked (2 Chronicles 19:1-3); Zechariah the son of Jehoiada's rebuke to King Joash for departing from God and His Word (2 Chronicles 24:20-22); God sent a prophet to rebuke King Amaziah for falling into idolatry (2 Chronicles 25:14-16); Azariah the priest rebuked King Uzziah for usurping the priest's position, confirmed by God's judgment of leprosy (2 Chronicles 26:16-21); John the Baptist's rebuke to King Herod for his unlawful marriage, and is imprisoned and then assassinated (Luke 3:7-20); Jesus' rebuke to the Scribes and Pharisees for their hypocrisy, and later crucified for His outspoken rebuke (Matthew 23); Peter's scathing rebuke to the Jewish leaders who led in the crucifixion of Jesus, and who himself was later crucified (Acts 2:36-43); Stephen's scathing rebuke to the stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart Jews who throughout history killed God's prophets (Acts 7); Paul's scathing uncovering of the blind and dull of hearing Jewish leaders in Rome (Acts 28:23-28).

Does God want us to go under the radar and save our lives, when prophets of the past including Jesus Himself - boldly spoke out and openly rebuked Kings and leaders who transgressed against God and His Word, the Bible? Remember - God's Numeric Hebrew and Greek texts prove by Ivan Panin that only the Biblehas this mathematical proof of the absolute integrity of God's Word! Therefore no other holy writing can stand in the light of this. Therefore leaders and Presidents and Czars who rule against the clear teaching of this Book - face the same right to be boldly rebuked - just as by all prophets of the past. Many were imprisoned and killed - but God keeps the accounts. God's Martyrs are highly acclaimed in heaven. See the book of Revelation.

We sent out recently an article outlining the Czars appointed by our President, non-elected, non-checked out by Congress - accountable only to him alone or those he appointed over them. I asked - What is “your take” on sending this out? Here are a few replies:

Dear Jim - I believe Jeremiah 17:19-27 and 18:1-10 will bring much insight. If we don't know what the problem is, then how can we correct it? Exposure may be difficult, but it is always the road to correction and healing. Jeremiah was asked by the Lord to tell the people what to do for change. Even in the midst of all the evil they are doing, God has plans for good in which the people would benefit. What a great God, always wanting the best for us individually or as a nation, if we will just turn to Him right from where we are at. God just wants the people listed, to do what is right for the people of the United States of America. In that, it would have global effect. This is why as you have stated that we are to pray for them. With direction by you, a man anointed by God and a highly respected elder in our nation, in what to do with this email when it is received - I might be one or more of the 870 people on your email list that through this email, with prayer and direction, may turn our God to speak concerning our nation and concerning His kingdom, “to build and to plant it.” May God Bless You and Marie Both, Abundantly and Exceedingly.

Well, my friend - Here's my 2 cents for what it's worth. I don't think you can send enough stuff to discredit this current president. I wrote to you several months earlier that it is my contention that Obama is a closet Muslim, and I believe we will observe this before his term is over. I am absolutely not surprised to see his appointments. In September before the election, I had a word in our church, that because of the hardness of the hearts, God was going to allow this to happen. However, it is also my contention that simply because God says something like that, does not mean, in my opinion, that He wants His people to stand idly by and watch, as it were, the raping of the land and the people of the land. I am convinced that messages like this - it is imperative to get out - and in fact, the one who keeps this information to himself or herself is abetting the abuse of the office. So, my advice is to keep this stuff coming. As you so succinctly stated, it's hard to know the veracity from what you read on the internet. From me, thanks for sending this out.

Dear Jim and Marie, Love you both. You have been brought into the Kingdom for such a time as this. Yes, Yes - sent it out. How will they know unless they be shown? Bless you both - from Canada.

Hi Sir: This is absolutely good, and we do think more people should be able to read this, so they can understand times and seasons, and what to pray for - Africa.

Dear Jim and Marie - Thanks for doing this homework. It is shocking and astounding. What a mess the world is in. Be well and keep up the good work. You too are a real blessing. Oklahoma.

Dear Jim - That was interesting to read. Obama and his power is a very scary thing. Don't know what to tell you other than pray about it. God's blessings - Europe.

Jim & Marie - We agree - send it to everyone! - Former Middle-East missionaries.

To Jim - Thank you for the article. It is good to know what is going on - keeping in mind that we are not to fear man, only God. Our daily reading today was Psalm 91, and that helped me to keep things in perspective. Thank you for your work in Christ -

Shocking! - Near East

Hi Jim - Here's some further commentary on the czars that you might find helpful. I also looked at the White House response to the subject and found it rather defensive, but none the less interesting.

Jim & Marie - Thank you. This list should be posted on the walls of every Post Office.

Oh Jim and Marie - I tell you, you two are such a blessing! We so love your input and Godly wisdom. You just have no idea.

Jim - We no longer research any antigovernment sites on the internet, as we firmly believe the true antigovernment activists will be first to “go”. Under the radar, we wish to continue “coming and going” in the Name of Jesus Christ to the underground Church both in the Americas and around the World. We have no other Name than the Name of Jesus, no other King, no other Kingdom, no other Powers, and no other Authority. Let us continue to pray for the government of czars (or 'Caesars') that we may live in peace and consider God's delay in judgments as His patience, for He is not willing that any man perish (as Godless and without Christ). May He ever bless and keep you in the center of His perfect Will!

Received your very damning 'photo op' in writing of your President, not mine. As I imagine you might guess, I'm not tuned into your channel. The outright lies that the active right Republicans have been parroting is not my 'cup of tea'! Further, in seeing the condition of your country after 8 years of the Bush Republican reign, things were so grim financially, that one would need a 'miracle worker' to even start turning things around. And with the recession (depression?) that was, and is, global, the present Administration's hole is quite large. Isn't that what the Democrats under Obama inherited? So, from my thought, do as you feel led, but your rather slanted approach is not for me - nor do I embrace such an over-stated diatribe. Sorry about that, but .... Your present approach is not for me, and Spiritually, such lacks the common Christian grace that our Lord's role modeled. Blessings and love -

(from a retired Canadian pastor). (One response: My - my - pretty harsh reply - I do believe it masks a spirit of deep anger which convinces me more and more that we cannot hide from the Lord in any of our posturing, however elegant intellectually it may appear. I am so impacted as to how fathers impact their children - it is stunning to see these patterns walked out over the years. God will not be mocked.)


(by Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman, Liberty Counsel)

What I am about to share caused me to gasp! Barack Obama has nominated far-left homosexual rights advocate Chai Feldblum to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC - a move that makes Congress' new push to pass the anti-faith ENDA bill even more dangerous to the rights of Christians.

Consider this ... Not only is Feldblum a former legal counsel for the ACLU and the pre-homosexual Human Rights campaign, she is a Co-authorof the ENDA bill that she could soon be enforcing!

And what is Feldblum's agenda? Incredibly, Feldblum says that when there is a conflict between religious freedom and homosexual rights, “... society should come down on the side of protecting identity liberty of LCBT people”. (LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered).

In this view, yourreligious beliefs will take second place to someone else's desire for aberrant sexual activities or gender changes!

She opposed Liberty Counsel's case in which we represented a Christian couple who owned a bed and breakfast in Vermont and who refused to participate in a same-sex union ceremony in their own home.

Feldblum stated: “Thus, for all my sympathy for the evangelical Christian couple who wish to run a bed and breakfast from which they can exclude unmarried straight couples and all gay couples, this is a point where I believe an inevitable choice between liberties must come into play. In making that choice, I believe society should come down on the side of protecting identity liberty of LGBT people.” Unbelievable!

In Feldblum's desired workplace, Bob the receptionist can wear a dress and lipstick to work and designate his restroom of choice, yet the owner of the business - even a Christian business owner - will not be able to say a thing about it!

If this latest Obama nominee has her way, even the boy Scouts would not be able to protect its young members from contact with openly homosexual leaders ...

Feldblum is on record as saying that the Boy Scouts should not have won their case at the United States Supreme Court that affirmed their right to free association.

Feldblum and ENDA will put every employee, business owners and even churches and non-profit ministries on the wrong side of the law.

The nomination of Chai Feldblum makes the ENDA battle in Congress even more critical. If she is confirmed and ENDA is passed, we should brace ourselves for the most radical, anti-faith interpretation of this bill that is even possible.

Here's what Liberty Counsel is doing - We just crossed 125,000 petitions and I want to reach 150,000 before ENDA comes to a vote in the House - quite possibly in the next two Weeks.

The petition delivery is a key component to our overall grassroots and education strategy to mobilize hundreds of thousands of citizens in the coming weeks. But the first, crucial step is the petition. Please go here to sign right now:


President Obama's nomination of Chai Feldblum is no accident. This is all part of a strategic plan to advance a radical, anti-faith, anti-marriage agenda. Only the Left would even attempt to pass such a radical law and then give the architect of that law enforcement powers! We have exposed their strategy. Now, we must stand. Thank you in advance, and may God bless you!