Picture of Pastors Jim and Marie Watt
Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One


August 20-21 2009

GOAL: To connect well with the Lord and each other - under Holy Spirit leadership

SPEAKER: Jim Watt: History of God's leading till now - and releasing us into His present day truth.


A. A present day answer for the prophetic in “Dreams and Visions”. The majority of past “dream books” have been tinctured and tainted with the occult through Carl Jung. Two Australians recognized this problem, and from 2005-08 in Australia, have produced “Dreams: The Divinity Code” - The Keys to Decoding your Dreams and Visions - by Adrian Beale and Adam F. Thompson. A copy was presented to me Pentecost Sunday in Canada, May 31, 2009. I have contacted Adrian Beale, and he has graciously made copies available to leaders of the Cascadia Conference at reduced price through Russ Snyder. If this opportunity resonates with you, see Russ.

B. Russ and Bonnie Snyder this year have come out with an ongoing answer to “How maintain Revival Principles such as of 1948. Their book “Are These the Missing Pieces? - To Sustaining a Move of God,” can be obtained through “Rusbon Resources” www.rushbonresources.com- will be an unusual help to those looking for answers for revivaland reformation. It is based on “The Five Equipping Gifts” of Ephesians 4:11-12, and will well serve the leaders of the 12 Washington sections raised up through Russell and Bonnie.

C. Bill & Delight Petersen from the Portland area made available to me 3 DVD's made in Dan Hammer's church in Everett, WA on August 1st. The second DVD by Cindy Jacobs on the growth of the occult and paganism in our land, aided and abetted by the “Harry Potter” series - is a “must” series. It is followed up by Chuck Pierce. Many of the answers to this challenge will be found in the above book by Russ & Bonnie Snyder.

D. John Roddam with Stuart Spani of Canada, came to our home in late 2007, and in 10 thirty minute segments documented the pros and cons of the 1948 Visitation at North Battleford, Saskatchewan. As a talk-show host, he interviewed Marie and myself in a 3 DVD series. I am the last of the 7 Summer Camp elders of that time, and John felt it was important to document it seeing we were both 84 at that time. For any interested in purchasing these videos, here's the link that directs you for this: Here is the link to buy the video.



1944 - My question to God following my conversion in the Canadian Navy - “Why did You choose to reveal Yourself to me out of all my friends? Answer: “Because I am going to restore My Church with Apostles and Prophets in the last days, and if you are faithful, you may have part in this.”

1945- August, HMCS Cornwallis, Digby, NS - “Write George R. Hawtin, Bethel Bible Institute, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and apply as a student.” There was no address provided, but shortly I received application papers in the mail. Following my application I received registration permission, and the Captain of my Naval Base sent me to Victoria for honorable discharge.

1948- from George Hawtin - “Will you stand with us at the Summer Camp Meeting in July here in North Battleford as one of the 7 elders?” I was but 24 at the time, but agreed to do so, and because I was so young, I am now the last surviving elder of that summer.

-1992- July - In a vision, George Hawtin (then deceased) appeared to me with this word. “I am too old to lead in another Visitation. You and Marie were with us from the beginning. You know the revival principles God brought together for that time. I pass the torch on to you. Take it, and bring to maturity the 12 Embryonic Revival principles that came together in 1948. They shall be parameters of safety for the last great move that shall precede the return of God's Son.” I linked these 12 with the 12 tribes of Israel for memory purposes, and they appear on our Website, www.2better.org- under “Embryonics” on the Top Bar.

1944. “In the not too distant future I will restore “The Heavenly Choir” that you have just read about in “40 Years of Signs and Wonders in the Life of Mrs. Maria Woodworth-Etter.” I shared this word from God with Ern Hawtin, younger brother to George, in 1945. In 1948, October, in Edmonton AB, he asked at a Conference there if I would share Scripture on “The Heavenly Choir” and what God had spoken to me. At the close, within 5 minutes, God faithfully fulfilled His promise, and some 600 of us heard worship orchestrated from heaven such as none of us had ever heard before. There are still some of those alive from that meeting that tell what God supernaturally did, and what it meant to them. Two business men followed their ears from blocks away, and both entered God's Kingdom!

1967- My wife Marie asked me - “What was God's hidden purpose in leading to our marriage in 1948?” Like Isaac did for Rebecca, I sought the face of the Lord, and that night He gave me 2 visions. In the first we were in an Observatory: Marie at my right hand, and a member of our Seattle Church at my left. The leader informed us, that because we had been instrumental in preparing 2 of the 7 components about to be assembled, that we had the privilege to attend this time of assemblage, and to see the effectit would have. He then pulled a lever, and a large entity, round, full of dials, weighing approximately 400 pounds, came to the center of the Observatory, and rested above the floor. I wondered how this could happen, but an angel behind us said, “Antigravity.” The member from our church to the left, confirmed this the next day.

The Observatory Overseer said - this component represents God's Bible Numerics represented in the Interlinear Greek NT prepared by Ivan Panin, that you are working on. The next component was a stand supporting the first component, and the Overseer said that it represented the “City Church” composed of many local churches. There are 114 Greek references to “church”. The first is in Acts 7, and alludes to Israel in the wilderness. 3 are in Acts 19, and refer to the City Ekklesia of Ephesus. 14 refer to a church in the home. 15 refer to God's “Universal Church.” But81refer to the “City Church”.

The Overseer then pulled 5 more levers but said nothing about the components they represented, because others had been assigned for their preparation. When all 7 were assembled, He said to me - Come - look through the eye-piece, and see what it can do. It looked like a telescope. But when I looked at the heavens through it, I saw marvels I had never expected to see in this life. I noticed a dark spot in the heavens. Suddenly there was a blinding flash through this instrument, and the spot disappeared. Later I was shown that the instrument I looked through was a Laser-Telescope. I believe it was in the April issue of the 1984 National Geographic, that a description of this instrument is given in detail.

Apparently God controls this instrument, and it removes principalities and powers over cities. He said, “Call this 'Spiritual Star Wars'.”

Then the vision shifted to Canada. There 3 generals were in front of Marie and myself on a parade square. Behind us were 70 elders, and one we recognized from our church. Behind them were 490 men, making up 70 teams of 8 each, with a key leader for each. One of the generals approached us and said, “Your last assignment has been successfully completed. Now you are to release these 70 teams to share with my troops to the left the result of your lessons.

I understood that the general who approached us was the same overseer of the Observatory. I also understood that the 70 teams of 8 represented elders in the Gate of cities, who would be as organic Laser-Telescopes, that the Lord Himself would direct at Satanic overlords over cities, and then the people could go in and mop up, much as David did after God sent angels to first deliver a knock-out blow to the Philistines.

I believe the 2 above visions are one. They represent 2 aspects of the same truth. There will be 70 groups of 8 for the US, just as in Canada. There will be hands across the border for the work of God. The 5-fold ministry is represented in these teams of 8, much as in Acts 13:1-3 in Antioch, and Acts 15 in Jerusalem. What Russ and Bonnie have in their book, is a practical illustration of how the City Church can function with all 5 Equipping Gifts working in harmony with the total City church.

1967- Samuel had 4 cities that he constantly rotated in during his lifetime. It was given to me that the 4 major Metroplexes of Cascadia, the Pacific Northwest, have a parallel position with these 4. When each of these have a unified 5-fold ministry operating in their respective Gates, and internetting with each other in both victories and prayer needs, then God will pour fire from heaven upon the area. Like wildfire in will quickly spread Eastward across both Canada and the US, leaping the Atlantic, spreading its message to Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and the Islands of the Sea, and then Jesus will return as Lord of lords and King of kings.

At the same time SeaTac (Rama), Vancouver BC (Bethel), Portland/Vancouver WA (Mizpeh - a Prayer Tower) and Spokane (Gilgal) will have a Westward thrust. The 3 western cities like a bow, will have the string drawn back to Spokane, and God will unleash His arrows to the Pacific Rim cities and nations. It is a volcanic rim, so will have added significance.

2008- “What I gave you in 1967 concerning Spiritual Star Wars, I have not yet fully activated. But nowis My time, and swiftly you will see these visionsand wordscome into actuality.

CONCLUSION: The book by Russ & Bonnie Snyder I sense will be a key to help speed up the above. Likewise the Dream Book from Australia will be significant in activating a Joseph/Daniel ministry of dream interpretation that is accurate.

I am sending this challenge out as a mailing, because so many of the readers are involved in prayer and intercessory ministries. I know we can count on many of you to undergird in prayer this Cascadia Summit. The 4 parallel cities to Samuel, will have key leaders at this summit. All are open to God's leadership in revealing His Strategy, Tactics, and Logistics to fulfill Biblical Prophecy in these last days. Your part will be as vital as those present at the conference. David reveals that those who stay by the stuff, will share equally with those who go to war. - J.A.W.