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Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One


Mr. Muller travelled over 200,000 miles when he was over 70, to make known the secrets and principles of faith that God had taught him thru the Orphanage in Bristol, and 8 other endeavors of faith. He felt a divine compulsion to share these truths near and far.

One. To preach the gospel in its simplicity, especially to show how salvation is based, not upon feelings or even upon faith, but upon the finished work of Christ; that justification is ours the moment we believe, and we are to accept and claim our place as accepted in the Beloved with regard to our inward states of feeling or emotion.

Two. To lead believers to know their saved state, and to realize their standing in Christ. Great numbers not only of disciples, but even preachers and pastors are themselves destitute of any real peace and joy in the Lord, and hence unable to lead others into joy and peace.

Three. To bring believers back to the Scriptures, to search the Word and find its hidden treasures; to test everything by this divine touchstone and hold fast only what will stand this test; to make it the daily subject of meditative (vocal) and prayerful examination in order to translate it into daily obedience.

Four. To promote among all true believers, brotherly love; to lead them to make less of those non-essentials in which disciples differ, and to make more of those great essential and foundation truths in which all true believers are united; to help all who love and trust one Lord to rise above narrow sectarian prejudices, and barriers to fellowship.

Five. To strengthen the faith of believers, encouraging a simpler trust, and a more real and unwavering confidence in God, and particularly in the sure answers to believing prayer, based upon His definite promises.

Six. To promote separation from the world and deadness to it, and so to increase heavenly-mindedness in children of God; at the same time warning against fanatical extremes and extravagances, such as sinless perfection while in the flesh.

Seven. And finally to fix the hope of disciples on the blessed coming of our Lord Jesus; and, in connection therewith, to instruct them as to the true character and object of the present dispensation, and the relation of the church to the world in this period of the outgathering of the Bride of Christ.

Summary: These seven objects may be briefly epitomized thus: Mr. Muller’s aim was to lead sinners to believe on the Name of the Son of God, and so to haveeternal life; to help those who have thus believed, to know that they have this life; to teach them so to build up themselves on their most holy faith, by diligent searching into the word of God, and praying in the Holy Ghost, so that this life shall be more and more a real possession and a conscious possession; to promote among all disciples the unity of the Spirit and the charity which is the bond of perfectness, and to help them to exhibit that life before the world; to incite them to cultivate an unworldly and spiritual type of character such as conforms to the life of God in them; to lead them to the prayer of faith which is both the expression and the expansion of the life of faith; and to direct their hope to the final appearance of the Lord, so that they should purify themselves even as He is pure, and occupy till He comes. Mr. Muller was thus giving himself to the double work of evangelization and edification, on a scale commensurate with his love for a dying world, as opportunity afforded doing good unto all men, and especially to them who are of the household of faith.

(Taken from “George Muller of Bristol,” p. 246, by A. T. Pierson, Revell, 1899)