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Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

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Jim & Marie Watt

An Open Letter to our President Barack Obama”

Dear Mr. President -

1. For the sake of greater confidence from all your fellow-Americans, please share your birth certificate. All presidents must be born within one of the 50 states. If you have been, then it would help us to see your proof. Step up to the plate and play the game according to the rules!

2. Make a meaningful shift in your advisors. Your Senate voting record was the most liberal of 100 senators. Your choice of advisors and key officials has been extremely European socialistic in style, some even anti-American, some dishonest in not paying legitimate income tax, some even criminal in their past. Don't bawl those of us out who read these signs and are concerned. Make adjustments.

3. Don't quote George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, pretending to walk in their train - when the legislation you introduce is so opposite. If Reagan could appear, would you then make your attempts at identification?

4. Do we have in you a Trojan Horse, who has been slipped into us with ulterior motives, and who in the middle of the night will drop down into our midst leaders who will destroy our nation?

5. Tell us, why are the Islamic nations by and large so favorable to you, and pleased with you?

6. It is fine to give lip service to religion, and the Bible, which has had such a part in the history of our nation in the past. But Jesus said it is “he who hears and doeswhat it says, who will be considered a wise man who builds his house upon a rock.” Dr. Ivan Panin, a Russian with 3 doctorate degrees, who taught Math to Albert Einstein at Harvard, - through his extraordinary discovery and development of Bible Numerics, has proved that the Bible is indeed the very words of God. He consistently demonstrates that the “Gay Thesis” is completely false and unbiblical. How then can you toady to such false groups, and make decisions that undermine the integrity and history of our nation? How is it you have consistently taken to yourself advisors for over 20 years, who undermine the basic tenets of our nation? Why is it you borrow the bankrupt socialism of Europe to foist it upon us as Americans?

7. Tom Hess of the Middle East says the best way we can pray for you, is to petition God that He will plant in you the spirit of “The fear of the Lord.” He who has God's fear walks in the truth of Isaiah 66:2 - “To this man will I look, says the Lord, to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit,

and that trembles at my word!” Correct our hopefully mistaken judgment of you, as the most liberal voting member of 100 senators. You encourage us to give you a break, and consider your legislative proposals. We will gladly consider seriously your proposals - if you in turn can make the above adjustments.

8. Yet, I personally believe that our nation has so slipped from its moorings, that we deserve someone like you. Your socialistic and pro-Islamic policies should shake our people back into common-sense, and to vote in the light of our original moorings. In God's master chess-game on our behalf, may His moves check-mate the foolish and ignorant moves now being made on behalf of our country.

Your fellow-citizen, who faithfully prays for you every day - Jim Watt

PS. God sent His servants the prophets in both OT and NT times to confront kings and governors in those days. Has He changed? I doubt not. Many of these died martyrs' deaths for their boldness, courage and obedience. It has not changed today. Remember Watchman Nee of China.

Nevertheless, I remembered that Solomon advises the use of counsellors in decision making. So, I did not rely on my own judgment in sending out this mailing, but sought the counsel of a few trusted and wise friends. Here is what three of them advised -

Oh Jim, I trembled as I read your letter to the President. But I witnessed fully to it, and I truly believe you should send it. You spoke exactly what so many praying, Bible-believing Christians have been feeling ever since and before this man got into office. Thank you for being our spokesman.”

Hi Jim: Both my wife and I came to the same conclusion, and that is that the Lord must have given you some urging to write this letter, and therefore you should send it out. We need to speak out, and you have done a good job of it in this letter. Your friends.”

Jim - I was pleased to read your open letter and was pondering my send or not send reply. Before deciding I began to read the introduction to Bonhoeffer's book, 'Life Together' for which I wrote the following: - 'The man who felt all the force of the pacifist position weighed the 'cost of discipleship' concluded in the depths of his soul that to withdraw from those who were participating in political and military resistance would be irresponsible cowardice and flight from reality. 'Not,' as his friend Bathge says, 'that he believed that everyone must act as he did, but from where he was standing, he could see no possibility of retreat into any sinless, righteous, pious refuge. The sin of respectable people reveals itself in flight from responsibility. He saw that sin falling upon him and he took his stand.' Here he acted in accord with his fundamental view of ethics that a Christian must accept his responsibility as a citizen of this world where God has placed him.'

With the above quote in mind I believe your most excellent letter should be SENT.

King Solomon advises the use of counselors in decision making. “For by wise guidance you shall make war; And in the multitude of counselors there is safety.” - Proverbs 24:6. And - “Where no wise guidance is, the people fall; But in the multitude of counselors there is safety.” - Proverbs 11:14.

This is the request I sent out to a few friends - “This morning (2009-03-18) I was having my devotions at a Retirement Home while my wife Marie was attending a Senior Exercise Class. I had the strongest leading to write down the thoughts coming to me that are contained in the above 'Open Letter.' I have typed it up, but not sent it out. I am sending it to a very few of you. What is your take? Should I send it out? It is fairly serious, and I take it seriously. In 1944 God called me to a prophetic-teaching ministry in the line of Jeremiah. Jeremiah is my devotional for these 2 weeks. Perhaps this is why I felt led to jot down the enclosed thoughts. I would appreciate your witness on this as a condition for me to send it out. Your friend, Jim.”

PPS. Over 40 responded positively to the above, that I should send out this open letter, which I did. Two questioned the wisdom in this, because I could be jeopardizing my life, but they couldn't say, “No - don't send it.” J.