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Two Are Better Than One


Secretary of State Clinton

must accept that most Israelis object to two-state solution

- Arieh Eldad - a National Union Knesset member of Israel

Dear Ms. Clinton,

This letter was originally written in Hebrew, which you would probably have trouble reading. However, I know that more than a language barrier stands between us. More than 3,000 years of history make a difference too. There are historic lessons and perspectives that the Jewish people learned in person. At this time, on the eve of Purim, when again we see a Persian archenemy planning to exterminate us, all the ancient defense mechanisms are emerging within us - the ones that refuse to buy into the false promises of those who view themselves as Israel's friends, and as such tell us what is good for the Jewish people and for the State of Israel.

You came here from the world's greatest and strongest democracy. You come from the Democratic Party and you know how to recite the familiar mantras, claiming that the United States respects Israel's democracy and will cooperate with any elected Israeli government.

Well, Israeli democracy has spoken: Most Israeli citizens do not wish to establish an Arab state in our homeland. If your democracy is real, you should of course respect the democracy of others as well.

However, as we all realize that what guides the US is not democracy in other countries, but rather, what the American Administration perceives as American interests - it would be worthwhile to remind you of Einstein's definition for madness. He said that madness is the attempt to repeat the same action time and again, in the hopes that the result will be different next time.

The US, while conveniently ignoring the values of democracy, attempted on more than one occasion to appease aggressors, especially by sacrificing the interests of other states. Yet it always ended disastrously. Only when these aggressors attacked the US, its citizens, or its interests, America changed its policy.

At this time it appears that the US is planning to appease the Iranians, Syrians, and Palestinians by paying with “Israeli currency.” As you recall, dear Ms. Clinton, we have too much history. We remember what happened when the Free World was willing to sacrifice Czechoslovakia in order to appease Hitler. We are unwilling to risk our very existence in order for the US to buy itself a quiet withdrawal from Iraq.


Nobody really thinks that words or economic sanctions will prevent Iran from producing nuclear weapons. America's declarations that it will destroy Iran should it dare attack Israel with nuclear weapons don't help us, because we are unwilling to be the excuse for attacking Iran after we've already been exterminated. This too is a historical lesson we bear. We are also unwilling to see the desire to appease Sunnis in Iraq to prompt an American payment to the Syrians and Palestinians.

Don't you understand that pressing Israel to renounce the Golan Heights in order to buy Syrian cooperation with the withdrawal from Iraq will not calm the Mideast, bring peace, or reinforce western democracy? Rather, it will encourage Arabs to continue on the path of terrorism because you will prove to them that terrorism pays off.

Dozens of bloody conflicts are taking place worldwide. The vast majority pit Muslims against their neighbors. The US is not fighting Jihadist terror in Afghanistan and Iraq because Israel is building houses in the West Bank. One cannot cure a global disease by using a local lotion; however, you may prompt a global Jihad flare-up should you try to sacrifice Israel's interests in order to appease Muslim terror.

And if everything is no more than a show - hollow words empty of all substance - and the only purpose of your visit was to press the upcoming government to form a cabinet that would be convenient for the US and bring leftist Trojan horses into it - then certainly it would be worthwhile to remind you, Ms. Secretary of State, that Tzipi Livni or Ehud Barak failed to realize your dream or President's Bush's vision - to give the Arabs another state - even when they were in power.

So why should this suicidal attempt succeed now, after they lost the support of the Israeli people? Ms. Clinton, do you also believe that only Liked can realize the plans of Peace Now?

Arieh Eldad is a National Union Knesset member

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