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Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One


From our point of view, the Abbotsford meetings were definitely fruitful. My wife Marie and I ministered on Sunday November 9thin the “New Hope Christian Centre”, David Rathnam, pastor. Under his wife Gloria some 6-8 women are already meeting weekly in line with the challenge we gave. With Pastor David, three pastors are meeting as the beginnings of a City Presbytery in the Gate of Abbotsford. It will take prayer effort to reach 5-8 of the 5-fold ministry like Antioch experienced in Acts 13:1-3.

On that Sunday morning I spoke on “Prayer Multiplication” with its basis on “Covenant.” The Outline for this message can be found on our Website <www.2rbetter.org> under Archives - Marie followed up with a message “Clan and Household Salvation”, illustrating it from the finding of her lost brother in 1996 when he was 75.

On Sunday night I spoke on the “Empowerment of the spiritual laser-telescope concept”, with 9 principles of power. This also is on our Website with a date just preceding our Sunday ministry in Abbotsford. Marie followed up with a challenge on “Why Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem?” - and how this releases God's blessing to all other projects that He leads us into.

I also pointed out the parallel with the life of Caleb. At 85 he challenged Joshua to release him to eliminate the 3 giants in the mountain of Hebron. I felt God saying to me - Just as I used Caleb at 85 in the natural to remove natural giants - so I will use you at 85 to bring together Teams of 8 to eliminate Principalities and Powers over cities in the spiritual realm, based on Ephesians 6:12. This article is also on our Website under “Archives.”

This revelation came by vision and meditating on the Word for many years. We have seen it work in a limited manner, but I believe it is now God's will and time to activatethis in a manner for these last days that has not been experienced before.

Just as God gave Paul the revelation of the “mystery” of the “One New Man,” where Gentiles are now one with Jews in Christ and the kingdom of God under the New Covenant - so - I believe at the end of this 2000 year church age, He is about to release and activate his final plan for the return of His Son.

Again - one city that breaks through, will make it much easier for all other cities to break through. Abbotsford could be that unique city to demonstrate this unusual last day concept.

One can check out Stuart Spani's Website where DVD's can be obtained that are helpful along this line.

www.reason-for-hope.com- Norlynn Audio Visual Services

For the 60thAnniversary of the 1948 Visitation in Northern Canada concerning the 12 Embryonic Revival Principles, the Rev'd. Dr. John Roddam of St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Seattle had Stuart Spani record his interview with Marie and myself under 10 heads, to document the February 11th, 1948 Visitation. These 3 DVD's were what triggered Pastor David Rathnam of Abbotsford to invite us up in September and again in November. He and his wife desire to bring these 12 to maturity for God's last day purposes..

Stuart also made 2 DVD's of the September meetings that developed what happened 60 years ago, also the November meetings with Marie and myself. These with the articles on our Website under Archives can help those who sense God thrusting them into a parallel manner with Pastor Rathnam. Pastor David was prayer partner with Pastor Bob Birch of Canada for many years.

A WORD FROM PASTOR ERN BAXTER. - This provides a context that can help one understand the above.

Pastor Baxter often said: “God either does it - or permitsit”. Isaiah said that God created the Waster (Satan) to destroy. He plays an important part in the Kingdom of God.

I believe God has permitted the new American president to become elected. The church of America has become wishy-washy, and like Israel of old, is nominal, but lacks intimacy with God. So God has permitted a leader who will in the next 4 years purge and cleanse the church, just as enemy nations purged and cleansed Israel of old in the days of the Judges. 7 Judges were sent by God following the cry of Israel under the hardship of cruel task-masters. When they came to their senses, repented and turned back to God - then He delivered them and brought peace to the land. This cycle happened 7 times following the death of Joshua up to the time of the Prophet Samuel. God seemed to more than permitin those days - He didit.

Let us not compromise as so many have over abortion, economic greed, sexual perversion, general immorality and unethical conduct - and much more. Can God in mercy cause us to come to our senses and return to the faithof our fathers? O - I believe so! Without a doubt!

When Marie and I ministered at the Kostner Avenue Baptist Church of Chicago from 1953-1958, the people after growing from 16 to 200, wanted yet further growth and success. They didn't want God to rule over them in His timing and ways. So God said. “Let the bars down. Let them have their way. Just as Israel of old didn't want Me to rule over them as King, and I gave them Saul to satisfy their carnality - so put in motion growth and success principles apart from Me. We went on to 800 members - but the old-timers said - “The Little Church isn't what it used to be!” Indeed it wasn't!

The Lord then encouraged me - “I will never ask you to lower the bars again, and compromise My principles.”

In the late1990's and early 2000's at Congregation Beth Chesed in Tacoma - 2 different groups tried to pressure us as they did at Kostner. But I replied - '”I have to appear before the Judgment Seat of Christ one day to answer for the deeds done in the body while I led this Congregation. I would rather be judged for mymistakes than yours!” So we held steady to let the Lord be King - and our missionary giving continued strong - especially to Israel - right up the the end and beyond!

Can we see the day when judges don't usurp the authority over others and ride rough shod over the will of the people? Yes - but we will need leaders and people alike to insist on following the Lord'sways - not man's! Prophets of old who spoke the truth when it was unpopular - often lost their lives like John the Baptist, or were put in prison like Jeremiah.

Yet - God's purposes - He the great and master Chess Player - who through His Son has worked out a plenteousredemption - Hewill make the wrath of man to praise Him!

We are in His hands. In His mercy He has brought judgment upon us that we may come to our senses. Israel understood the bitterness of God's mercy in allowing judgment to come upon them to return them to their senses.

So let us consider Caleb. Let us understand the 12 Embryonic Revival Principles. Let us receive from “Spiritual Star Wars” the Empowerment to let God remove our spiritual enemies, and return us to peace in the Land. The return of God's only begotten Son as King of kings and Lord of lords will definitely solve all of the world's problems. How the liberals and humanists will hate thatday!

Definitely - the DVD's through Stuart Spani will help to further God's purposes - Jim Watt.