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Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One

2008-10-04 Abbotsford Report

Look up our New Website <www.2rbetter.org> - then click on “Archives” on the Top-bar - then on 2008-04-09 Spiritual Star Wars.

I tell how and why these 2 visions came to me in 1967. It wasn't until 1985 that the interpretation came. Since then Marie and I together have seen this truth come into effect a number of times. Then in 1992-93, 5 couples met in our home on a Wednesday night for 18 months. We were all ex-members of Congregation Beth Simcha, led by Murray Silberling up to 1991. This time we saw evidence of God using us as an organic “automated laser-telescope” yet more strongly.

But recently the Lord has said to me, “You realize that these two visions have not yet been fully activated. But nowis the time I have chosen to do so. You will see the beginning of city activation first by 4 couples in local churches moving in these principles. At the same time 8 individual 5-fold leaders in the city will meet claiming My principles in this regard.” God has planned this for 70 cities in Canada, and 70 more in the US to follow up on this.

Abbotsford has notoriety. It is known as the number one city of Canada for homicides per capita, based largely on drug wars. Burglaries are right up with this level. But on Sunday evening, September 27, 2008, in the “New Hope Christian Centre,” pastored by David Rathnam - God broke through on the basis of faith in this concept, but in a new dimension. Already 7 ladies of this congregation are meeting in the spirit to claim the “spiritual star war” promises, and 3 of the Abbotsford 5-fold ministries.

The Lord willing, this time both Marie and I will be returning in November to confirm, establish and carry forward this foundation that was laid.

The Sunday evening message of September was recorded by Stuart Spani of “Norlynn Audio Visual Services,” and can be obtained by going to <www.reason-for-hope.com> .

I have seldom experienced a stronger anointing and sense of God's direction and pleasure at the presentation of this challenge. Out of the 4 services presented and recorded that weekend, the Sunday evening service easily took precedence.

Numbers of friends in the United States came together to undergird these meetings in intercession. 3 of the service had 4 with strange spirits come to disturb and disrupt what God had in mind. Because of the intercessory undergirding - they were unable to do so.

However, because of the strong spiritual warfare going on, I suffered a severe nose-bleed during the final service, and required at least 3 days once back home - to recover.

Thanksto all of you who had part in undergirding that Canadian week-end in prayer.

I will alert those of you who are interested when in November Marie and I return. We will just as much appreciate your intercessory undergirding then as my grandson Keelan Long and I did in September. Keelan released our new Website (as Webmaster) Friday September 26th, just before the Abbotsford meetings commenced the next day. By all means examine this beginning. Much more will be done to bring it up to par - and much more will be added for your benefit and edification. Most of it is simply the “Word of God” in an entirely new format.

Blessings on all you our readers. Please feel free to share our new Website with your friends.

We are open as our strength permits to present this challenge in other churches and cities.

Jim & Marie Watt

PS. David & Gloria Rathnam had me up to their church and city in Abbotsford by listening to “The Fire Continues ... Sixty Years Later” - Jim & Marie Watt on the '48 revival - set of 3 DVD's.John Roddam of St. Luke's Episcopal Church of Seattle led and hosted in this project. It was recorded by Stuart Spani, and can also be obtained through www.reason-for-hope.com. Gloria listened to this 5 hour / 10 segment presentation 4 times, and David took the lead in inviting me to come and share. JW.