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Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One


Canadian Revival Documentary - Marney Blom

Psalm 72:8 (1-20) “He shall have dominion also from sea to sea,

And from the River unto the ends of the earth.”

This verse was given to the Premier of New Brunswick after much prayer, as he with other Canadian leaders in 1867 sought for a name for Canada under the British North America Act, as they gained their sovereignty from Great Britain as a Commonwealth member. It was “The Dominion of Canada”, and this is brought out in a creative way in the above Documentary. Of course, the Holy Spirit gave this verse to King David originally for Israel, but it has relevant application to Canada also. It is a record of Past Revivals in Canada: Those led by the First Nations People, Eskimos and Inuits; the 1948 Latter Rain Visitation in North Battleford, Saskatchewan; the 1971 Visitation in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with the Sutera twins; the 1994 Visitation in Toronto under John Arnott.

Following the original Premier showing in Toronto in 2005, the documentary has been enlarged, and includes the prophetic word for Canada, October 31st 1975 in Kelowna, BC by Pastor David Yonggi Cho of Seoul, S. Korea.

For information on this production - see <riverdoc@actsnewsnetwork.com>

There is a tie-in between what God intends to do in Canada prior to the return of His Son, and what He is about to do in Cascadia, the Pacific Northwest: Vancouver/Victoria BC; Seattle/Tacoma; Portland/Vancouver WA and Spokane WA. These 4 cities are like the 4 cities of Samuel that he covered during his life-time in judging Israel.

Recently some 90 delegates of the 4 Cascadia cities met in Vancouver WA. Interestingly, the First Nations People welcomed us to the land in a Protocol ceremony commencing the Convention. They presented me as the key-note speaker, with an Indian necklace and a book by Richard Twiss, “Dancing our Prayers”, www.wiconi.com

I am the last of the Living Elders from the 1948 Summer Camp Meeting of the Latter Rain Visitation. In 1992 God commissioned me to take the 12 Embryonic Revival Principles that came together in 1948 - Link them with the 12 tribes of Israel, and with the 12 world cultural groups. “Sensitivity, Faithfulness & Obedience” was one of the 12. To this I linked the Tribe of Issachar, and the “First Nations People”. John Roddam, Rector of St. Luke's Episcopal Church of Seattle, helped Marie and me to record these 12 on 3 DVD's. There are ten 30 minute segments available at www.reason-for-hope.com- under Biography.

I gathered from God that without the function of the “First Nations People”, arising from their embryonic State to full Maturity, that the “One New Man” of Ephesians 3 would be missing one twelfth of its potential. In this case it would be like a 12 cylinder Daimler car missing the firing of one of its cylinders, which would be exceedingly serious. Remember Benjamin in the last few chapters of the Book of Judges. When as a tribe of Israel he was nearly wiped out because of sin, and reduced to but 600 young men; the other 11 tribes recognized that without the functioning of all 12 tribes, Israel could not achieve the goals God had set for her. They then contrived to supply wives for these 600, and the nation then followed on in God. Without the responsible action of the surviving 11 tribes, we would have been missing the apostle Paul, a Benjamite, who wrote 14 of the 27 letters of the NT!

I believe we stand in a parallel situation today. The other 11 cultural world groups much like the 11 remaining tribes of Israel, must stand with the “First Nations People” until they come up to their potential of release that God has designed for them. As a matter of fact - all 12 cultural world groups need to unselfishly enable one another to achieve God's designated potential for each other! See our Website <www.2rbetter.org> under “Embryonics”, and there you will see the 12 Revival Principles of 1948, the linkage of the 12 tribes, and the linkage of the 12 world cultural groups.

I am committed to stand with the “First Nations People” until they achieve God's destiny for them and for us. We must notdisallow them from attaining legitimate parts of their culture. True, each world culture has areas to be set aside as being unredeemable - but that which can beredeemed - let us encourage them to redeem. See “Dances with Wolves” with Kevin Costner. There we can see areas that can be and should be redeemed.

See Don Richardson, Missiologist and author and his comments on “Dancing Our Prayers”: “Richard, I believe in you and in your pursuit of better approaches to Native North Americans and others. God bless you and all your team!” Also consider the words of Volkhard Graf, Missionary from Germany, Director, Youth With A Mission, Native Ministries (Nez Perce Reservation) - “I have read with interest and I am grateful that you and other First Nations leaders continue to wrestle with this thematic, even while some other First Nations leaders take a decidedly different stand on the issue. You engage their arguments respectfully, humbly and with integrity, using the Word of God as your measuring stick.”

Recently Darrell Dahlman, Troubadour Worship Leader for us, Korea, Mongolia and others. has this to say about the lifting up of the Mongolian believers into God's plan for them. Through Genghis Khan and his descendants a mighty empire was carved out in Asia and Europe. A key was the excellent horsemanship of the Mongols. “Bits” for the bridle of their horses were developed in his day, and with this advantage, other nations fell. Through their empire building, “The Silk road” for trade was established into China and the Orient. This is about to be used again in the “Back to Jerusalem” vision that was revived through Brother Yun, “The Heavenly Man.” It has been discovered that there is a DNA connection between the Mongols and the “First Nations People” of North America. They both have excellent horsemanship, and may have other gifts in common such as a fierceness in warfare.

Here are some quotations corroborating these insights: “Mongol People of the Middle Ages: Lands, Personality, Beliefs, and Way of Life” - Author Steve DeVault, April 23, 2007 - The religion of the Mongols was similar in concept to that of the Native Americans. Nature, both an admiration and fear of, held the center of the religious beliefs. The number of Mongol gods was infinite. They worshiped fire as a cleansing element and would not pass a knife through the flames for fear of beheading the flames and taking away the power fire projected.”

The following is an excerpt from Volume 1 of The Great Republic by the Master Historians.The book was published in the early1900's and edited by renowned American historian Hubert H. Bancroft. It covers United States history from the period before Columbus' arrival through the French and Indian War. Within the book Bancroft comments on each historical event as well as includes more detailed accounts by other historians.

The origin of Native Americans - “Beginning with eastern Asia, we find that the Americans, or in some instances their civilization only, are supposed to have come originally from China, Japan, India, Tartary, Polynesia. Three principal routes are proposed by which they may have come, - namely, Bering Strait, the Aleutian Islands, and Polynesia. The route taken by no means depends upon the original habitat of the immigrants: thus, the people of India may have immigrated to the north of Asia and crossed Bering Strait, or the Chinese may have passed from one to the other of the Aleutian Islands until they reached the western continent. Bering Strait is, however, the most widely advocated, and perhaps most probable, line of communication. The narrow strait would hardly hinder any migration either east or west, especially as it is frequently frozen over in winter. At all events, it is certain that from time immemorial constant intercourse has been kept up between the natives on either side of the strait; indeed, there can be no doubt that they are one and the same people.

“The theory that America was peopled, or at leas partly peopled, from eastern Asia, is certainly more widely advocated than any other, and, is moreover based upon a more reasonable and logical foundation than any other. It is true, the Old World may have been originally peopled from the New, and it is also true that the
Americans may have had an autochthonic origin; but, if we must suppose that they have originated on another continent, then it is to Asia that we must first look for proofs of such an origin, at least so far as the people of northwestern America are concerned.

“In addition to the theory of a Chinese settlement in the fifth century, which we shall consider subsequently, there are theories of Mongol and Japanese settlement.

“In the thirteenth century the Mongol emperor Kublai Khan sent a formidable armament against Japan. The expedition failed, and the fleet was scattered by a violent tempest. Some of the ships, it is said, were cast upon the coast of Peru, and their crews are supposed to have founded the mighty empire of the Incas, conquered three centuries later by Pizarro. Mr. John Ranking, who leads the van of theorists in this direction, has written a goodly volume upon this subject, which certainly, if read by itself, ought to convince the reader as satisfactorily that America was settled by Mongols, as Kingsborough's work that it was reached by the Jews, or Jones's argument that the Tyrians had a hand in its civilization. That a Mongol fleet was sent against Japan, and that it was dispersed by a storm, is matter of history; but that any of the distressed ships were driven up the coast of Peru can be but mere conjecture, since no news of such an arrival ever reached Asia.

“A Japanese origin, or at least a strong infusion of Japanese blood, has been attributed to the tribes of the northwest coast. There is nothing improbable in this; indeed, there is every reason to believe that on various occasions small parties of Japanese have reached the American continent, have married the women of the country, and necessarily left the impress of their ideas and physical peculiarities upon their descendants. Probably these visits were all, without exception, accidental; but that they have occurred in great numbers is certain. There have been a great many instances of Japanese junks drifting upon the American coast, many of them after having floated helplessly about for many months. Mr. Brooks gives forty-one particular instances of such wrecks, beginning in 1782, twenty-eight of which date since 1850. Only twelve of the whole number were deserted. In a majority of cases the survivors remained permanently at the place where the waves had brought them. There is no record in existence of a Japanese woman having been saved from a wreck. The reasons for the presence of Japanese and the absence of Chinese junks are simple. There is a current of cold water setting from the Arctic Ocean south along the east coast of Asia, which drives all the Chines wrecks south. The Kuro Siwo, or “black stream,” commonly known as the Japan current, runs northward past the eastern coast of the Japan Islands, then curves about to the east and south, sweeping the whole west coast of North America, a branch, or eddy, moving toward the Sandwich Islands. A drifting wreck would be carried towards the American coast at at average rate of ten miles a day by this current.”

CONCLUSION? We have some 500 Native Tribes in North America. Much in common, yet divergences. Still, they have much in their culture redeemable and worthy. With discernment and concern, we should seek to encourage them in their goal of redeeming all truly redeemable, and believe that God's destiny and purpose for them will be fully realized, so that their valuable contribution to the “One New Man” - as one of earth's 12 great cultural people - will take place. - J.A.W.