Picture of Pastors Jim and Marie Watt
Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One


I have a problem writing books, but I have no difficulty writing articles. As a matter of fact, I am motivated to write more than I actually have time to do! Yet in each case, I seek to have the mind of the Lord for what Hewould have me write. From comments from readers over the years, I sense that the majority of these articles are timely for a number of them.

The following articles are listed according to the dates written. Because there is a growing number of these, at the suggestion of a relative, I am listing a few that I personally believe are relevant and timely, perhaps above others. Following is this selection:

2001.01.01 - My Burden for Canada

2002.06.17 - God’s Gift: An Artesian Well

2003.10.21 - Covenant by Derek Prince, June 1971

2005.04.19 - Throne Room: Roland Buck

2005.09.04 - Scripto Pencil

2007.10.20 - Cho plus Canada’s Remnant

2008.04.27 - Back to Jerusalem: Brother Yun

2008.05.23 - Healing of the Land

Jim Watt