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Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

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HEALING OF THE LAND” – 2008.05.23

Take note of Daniel Kikawa’s latest book on Hawaii – “God of Light, God of Darkness.” It is published by “Aloha Ke Akua” Ministries, PO Box 492325, Kea‘au, Hawai‘i 96749 (a 2008 publication). www.alohakeakua.org– (Online orders received). ISBN: 978-0-964395-1-2

Perhaps some of you are aware that I met Daniel in Honolulu in 1987 at a church that a friend of mine was pastoring. There I told the story how God healed the land of Northern Alberta at that time. Farmers were going bankrupt from excessive rain springtime and harvest for 10 years. A farmer of several sections of land in Wetaskiwin saw me traveling back and forth between Camrose and other parts of the Province. He and his wife prepared for me a prophet’s chamber like the great woman of Shunem did for Elisha.

On July 1stof 1987, I was chicken-sitting 1500 for the wife, who was attending a Mennonite family reunion in Saskatchewan. As I was doing this chore, I felt led to ask God – that what He did for Elisha maybe 2700 years ago, if for my sake as His servant, He would not save the farm of my hosts and friends.

He assured me that He would, and instructed me to gather a meeting the first Wednesday of August. There I would learn why there was judgment on the land.

One cabinet-maker who attended from among some 8 different groups said that 10 years ago, there was a fight between white men of Wetaskiwin and First Nations People of Hobbema, the largest Indian Reservation of Canada, containing 5 separate nations or tribes. During the fight, an Indian was thrown out of an upper hotel window, landed on his head and was killed.

The Indians understood that such things could happen when men were drinking, but felt that justice should still be done. Upon making this request they were told, “The only good Indian is a dead Indian – you should thank us!”

Neither God nor they felt that this was a right answer. God immediately sent this 10-year judgment upon the land.

When I learned of the true cause of this severe problem, I immediately contacted 3 of my white friends, who all agreed to petition the leaders of the Hobbema Reservation to apologize and ask forgiveness on behalf of our white brothers – for what happened 10 years previously.

I had a close friend who had attended the Sharon Orphanage and Schools of North Battleford, at the time of the ’48 Visitation. He had gained favor with the Indians as a New and Used Car and Truck dealer, by making good deals with them, and never cheating them once. As an acknowledgement, they made him an Honorary Chieftain, and gave him a full Indian Head-dress of Eagle feathers reaching to the ground. They then said – “Whenever you have a petition or a desire – come to our business meeting and present it, and if it is within our power, we will grant your request.

So I contacted Nick, told him of the revelation of the judgment we had discovered, and asked if he would present our petition to appear before the leaders of all 5 nations and tribes to apologize on behalf of our white brothers of 10 years ago, and ask forgiveness.

Nick did so. After waiting many hours in their normal protracted meetings, they finally turned to him and said, “Alright, great white brother, what is your petition, and what is your request? If it is within our power, we will grant it.” He then presented the request I had asked of him on behalf of my other three white brothers.

In disbelief they responded, “Say that again!” He did so, and the leaders of these 5 nations again consulted together. Then they turned to him and said, “You are a man of integrity. If you say these 4 men upon appearing before us would make this apology and ask forgiveness on behalf of their white brothers of ten years ago, your word is as good as their appearance. It is as good as done. Tell them to meet the first Wednesday of September and petition God to lift His judgment. We will agree with them on the Reservation. It will be done! However, if sometime in the future we so desire, we would like to have Jim Watt come before us concerning this. Any white man smart enough to marry a wife with Indian blood in her, is a smart man.”

They have never acted upon this option, though recently I have discovered that through a “Moser” on my mother’s side, a marriage took place in the past with one of the Micmac tribe of the Maritimes – so that I too with my wife have a portion of Indian blood.

But – from the first Wednesday of September 1987 to approximately December 11th – for the first time in 10 years – all farmers – believers and unbelievers – were able to fully harvest their crops, prepare the soil for spring seeding, and make fence and other repairs!

The weather forecasters and meteorologists across Canada were amazed at this ten year reversal, and could come up with no viable explanation. I asked my Wetaskiwin farmer friend if he had let them know.

Of course not,” he retorted. “You should be aware that whenever we would tell of answered prayer they would say – ‘O there you Christians go again – always trying to get in on the act!’”

But if Canadian authorities are none the wiser, a Japanese believer in Hawaii picked up on it – and this book listed above as a sequel to his “Perpetuated in Righteousness,” – finishes the story by recounting one of the most remarkable sequence of historical events I have ever read in “The Healing of the Land.” What happened in Hawaii in 6 of their islands in 1998, truly causes all other examples of healing of the land to be somewhat pale in comparison.

Daniel had me write a brief note of commendation for his first volume, and now has sent the second to my wife Marie and myself with the note that “This book is a part of your many fruits of your spiritual children.”

It really was God in Alberta that set up that illustration of “The Healing of the Land.” What Daniel and many others have recently done for Hawaii as recounted in “God of Light, God of Darkness” – needs to be read by all national groups who sense a problem of judgment on the land because of sin. Perhaps in no case will it be as great as recounted in the State of Hawaii – but nonetheless – that can be a strategic spring-board to launch “healing of the land” in many other venues.

I heartily recommend that if you have an interest in this subject, that you will consider the purchase of this book.

Jim Watt