Picture of Pastors Jim and Marie Watt
Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One


In 1967 my wife Marie asked me, “What was the wisdom and the purpose of God in leading us to marry?

When Rachel strongly besought her husband Jacob for children, he angrily put her off.

But when Rebecca talked to her husband Isaac about their childless estate, he sought the Lord for an answer on her behalf. God answered, and soon she was with child. But NOT just with child! Twins were in her womb, and before birth they were fighting one another. God showed her that they represented two nations: Edom and Israel – and that they would perpetually be at war.

So I besought the Lord on behalf of Marie, and right away God gave me two night visions.

In the first, we were in an observatory. Marie was at my right hand, and a member of our Seattle church was at my left. The officer in charge was attired in a Lab smock worn by many scientists. He addressed us and said, “Because you have been instrumental in preparing two of the seven parts for this piece of equipment, you have the privilege to be here at its assemblage, and then to see what it is designed to accomplish.”

He then pulled a lever, and an object floated out above the center of the observatory floor, and then hung suspended there without support. Immediately the thought occurred to me – “How can this take place?” I found an angel behind us, and he responded, “Antigravity.” The next day I phoned our fellow church member at my left, and he queried me, “Aren’t you aware of our nation’s work in the field of antigravity?” I assured him I was not – so he went on to explain to me that our scientists had perfected the ability to suspend an object of up to four tons above the floor in like manner.

The object our Observatory Director had suspended, I estimated to weight between 4 to 600 pounds. It was covered with complicated dials, of which I had no idea of their significance.

He then said to me, “This represents the Greek Word Studies and Interlinear Greek New Testament based on Ivan Panin’s work. You have received the assignment to perfect that which he commenced.

He then pulled a second lever, and a pedestal or stand came out and attached itself underneath, to give support to the first object. He then followed up with an explanation: “This represents the City Church concept that you have been studying and praying over with the help of other fellow servants like Roland Allen (Missionary Methods: St. Paul’s or Ours?” plus “The Spontaneous Expansion of the Church and the Causes which Hinder It.”) and Watchman Nee (“The Glorious Church”). The perfection and full functioning of both of these in unity and harmony will be an important part of the foundation for the final assemblage of this instrument.

He then pulled five more levers in succession, which in turn brought forth components that locked into the first two. He said nothing about these, for we had part only in the first two. The finished assemblage looked much like a telescope to me. Next he invited, “Now come over here, and observe through the eye piece the capability of this instrument.”

I walked over with strong interest, and as I took a reclining position under the eye piece, the Observatory top opened up, and even the floor tilted.

As I looked, I saw the heavens in a manner I had never imagined – in glory and majesty. Then I noted in one area a dark spot. Suddenly a blinding flash emerged from what I had taken to be a telescope, and immediately the dark place disappeared. I understood in the Spirit that the disappeared darkness high in the heavens represented principalities and powers, and that God designed this organic instrument to first remove Satanic hindrances in the heavens, and then lead His angels and saints to secure cities, areas, regions and nations for Him.

What I did not understand, was the nature of the instrument that accomplished this. Yet I did realize that the vision was an answer to my prayer that night. Marie at my right hand signified to me that through her gifts and intercession, the first two components would come to completion. We would be a team to bring to success the assignment.

Immediately following the first vision, a second came up. Again Marie and I were together, she at my right hand. Another of the members of our Seattle church was behind us, one of a group of 70 elders. Behind the 70 were 490 men, dressed in part uniform and part civilian clothes.

Three generals were in front of us. One of them about six feet tall and maybe about 180 pounds approached us. I noted that he was the same man as the Observatory Director in the first vision.

He then addressed us: “Your first assignment has been satisfactorily accomplished. We are sorry in a way that this relationship is finished, but we believe you will find the next assignment equally challenging.

What your group of 70 teams of 8 each have done has proven to be effective – and will now be taken by them throughout our battalions you see to your left as far as eye can see. They will then also be equipped to see the removal of principalities and powers as demonstrated in the first vision.”

The day was now warming up, and our men’s clothing was not suitable for this. Marie then asked the general: “If this part of the new assignment is complete, could the men be dismissed to go and change into lighter ‘rig of the day’?”

Permission granted,” he replied, and our men promptly ran off to barracks to change.

Then I thought: Though Marie and I were in both visions, yet she was the only one that spoke, And then too – it was I that received the assignments to work on the Greek Word Studies and the Interlinear Greek New Testament – it seems odd then that she spoke and not I.

Then I was given to understand from the Lord that this was entirely appropriate according to my prayer of the preceding night on Marie’s behalf. Because we are a team in God’s sight and according to His pre-ordained purpose and plan – therefore my main work in the above two assignments was production and completion, while Marie’s was prayer, intercession, developing relationships and working the process along in a practical manner. Of course I was satisfied.

17 years later I was asked to speak to a group of 70 leaders or so in the BC Lower Mainland. My assigned subject was concerning corporate prayer initiated and directed by the Holy Spirit in the line of Rees Howells, Intercessor. At the conclusion of the teaching, the leader of the meeting said, “Let’s accept Jim’s challenge, and constitute ourselves a unified team of 70, and ask the Lord by His Spirit to direct us in the prayers that interest Him.

As we moved in this direction, the Spirit indeed took over, and suddenly there was a blinding flash, and a great dark spot in the heavens disappeared – and all this without the instrument of the first vision of 17 years ago being present.

After the meeting I requested the Lord – “I MUST know what these two experiences mean, and what really took place both years ago and tonight.”

I returned to Camrose, Alberta following this meeting, and the next morning the Spirit said, “Why don’t you go downstairs and check out the National Geographics.” I obeyed and found in the 1983 April edition almost one third of the entire publication devoted to “The Automated Laser Telescope.” What I had seen in vision 17 years ago, was reproduced before my eyes. I exclaimed, “So it WASN’T a telescope only – it was linked with laser capabilities.” “Yes,” the Lord said, “and the second vision is the key to make the first vision practical. The 70 teams of 8 individuals each are to be looked upon as compact organic automated laser telescopes. You read in Deuteronomy 32:30 that one enemy can drive 1000 to flight, and two – 10,000. How much MORE My people! You have seen in Zechariah 12:8 that in the last days the FEEBLE among you shall be as David – 10,000. But they of the house of David shall be as GOD – as the angel of the LORD before them – one MILLION. Two will be 10 million. Two couples 100 million; 4 couples – one Billion!

When a team of 8 learn to move under Me in THIS dimension: cities, areas, regions and nations will fall from the power of Satan’s principalities and powers, and soon the Kingdoms of this world will become the Kingdoms of our God and of His Christ! Call this, ‘SPIRITUAL STAR WARS!’”

O, I couldn’t do that Lord,” I said – “I would become the laughingstock of many.” “Do it,” he said. And I did, and sure enough numbers laughed and mocked at it.

But at the beginning of 2008 – I heard the Spirit witnessing to me – “From your point of view it is long since 1967 and 1984. But time in My sight is short. Prepare now to see “Spiritual Star Wars” activated. Prepare to see cities, areas, regions and nations fall to your God. The end draws nigh. The return of the Son of God is at the door. Believe – Move – Activate. You will NOT be disappointed at the very soon coming results.”

NOTE: In 1949 Marie and I while attending Northern Baptist Theological Seminary in Chicago were introduced to Roland Allen by a Tooling Chief Engineer, Harry Conn. Following is a brief write-up from Wikipedia on Allen:

Roland Allen (December 29, 1868 – June 9, 1947) was born in Bristol, England. Allen was the son of an Anglican priest but was orphaned early in life. He trained for ministry at Oxford and became a priest in 1893. Allen spent two periods in Northern China working for the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. The first from l895 to 1900 ended due to the Boxer Rebellion, during which Allen was forced to flee to the British Legation in Beijing. He was chaplain to community throughout much of the siege. After a period back in England, he returned to North China in 1902, but was forced home due to illness. These ‘early experiences led him to a radical reassessment of his own vocation and the theology and missionary methods of the Western churches’.

Allen became an early advocate of establishing Churches which from the beginning would be self-supporting, self-propagating, and self-governing, adapted to local conditions and not merely imitations of Western Christianity. There views were confirmed by a trip to India in 1910 and by later research in Canada and East Africa. It is with this background that Allen wrote his book Missionary Methods which was first published in 1912.

Allen’s approach to Mission strategy for indigenous Churches is based on the study of Saint Paul’s missionary methods as he is convinced that in them can be found the solution to most of the difficulties of the day. He believed it was the recognition of the church as a local entity and trust in the Holy Spirit’s indwelling within the converts and churches which was the mark of Paul’s success. In contrast was Allen’s belief that the people of his day were unable to entrust their converts to the Holy Spirit and instead relied in His work through them.

His views became increasingly influential, though Allen himself became disillusioned with the established churches. He spent the last years of his life in Kenya.