Picture of Pastors Jim and Marie Watt
Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One



Four Christian leaders from Calgary attended the “Gathering of the Nations” Conference this year at Whistler, BC over the July 1st weekend. They witnessed the vertical reconciliation of the First Nations People led by Freda Cooper of the Coast Salishan people.

They also witnessed the call of Premier Jacques Parizeau of Quebec to hold the October 30th Referendum to form a separate nation. They saw that up to October the vote would not substantially differ from 1980. Then came Lucien Bouchard as the spokesman for Bloc Quebecois. Within 30 days he rallied the Secessionists until victory looked close, but possible.

In Britain some years earlier Bouchard reported to a friend that the mantle of Rene Levesque fell on Parizeau, yet Bouchard felt the presence of Levesque with him whenever he spoke on behalf of separatism.

In 1990, though of the Conservative party and a cabinet member in Ottawa, yet Bouchard congratulated the Quebecois on the tenth anniversary of their 1980 attempt at Secession, and encouraged them to believe for eventual victory. For this he lost his cabinet position, left the Conservatives, and joined the Quebecois.  He is now a Member of Parliament in Ottawa, in the minority government standing against the Liberals of Prime Minister Jean Chrétien.

Quite recently he suffered from flesh-eating bacteria, and lost one of his legs. It has been surmised that he saved his life by agreeing to become the spokesman for Quebec Liberation. As a demagogue he infers that the “Yes” Francophones can retain all the benfits of Canadian citizenship while becoming a separate nation.  The Rally in Montreal by representatives from other Provinces just before the Referendum, assuring the Quebecois of their love, and the Prime Minister’s belated promises of change and reform on their behalf, probably swung the tide to the 1.2% victory for the “Non’s,” with a scant majority of 50,000 out of just under 5 million votes, 92% of the electorate.


 Nothing has changed in the hearts of the Francophone Quebecois – they promise a future referendum in which they can win. However, the extreme closing remarks of Premier Jacques Parizeau, criticizing the Anglophones and Allophones who with the 40% “Non” Francophones, was so unwise, insensitive and unpolitical, that the day following the Referendum, he was forced to offer his resignation.

It is thought by some that Canada has but a 30 day reprieve to act. A horizontal reconciliation between Anglophones and Francophones is called for NOW. If a representative group of Canadians seek and obtain audience with the bitter and disappointed Quebecois, apologize and confess their past misconduct and wrong attitudes and ask forgiveness; and further seek to understand sympathetically the situation from both points of view, and encourage constitutional reform federally for the good and satisfaction of not Quebec only, but for all 10 Canadian provinces: THEN the unity of Canada can be preserved for God’s purposes.

The close and narrow victory that could just as easily have been defeat, is God’s ATTENTION GETTER to Canada, that His wisdom is needed to heal this Dominion, and come up with a national solution approximating the need and desire of all 10 provinces.

Canada cannot afford to become a doughnut with a great hole as its center.


On October 31, 1975, Pastor David Yonggi Cho of Seoul, South Korea gave the following word in Evangel Temple, Kelowna, BC.

“And this is now the prophecy in my heart for Canada.  After the debacle of Viet Nam, American influence has been receding very fast in the third world; there is a large open gap, that their world is not so ready to listen to America anymore. They don’t trust their word.          “So American missionary work is suffering a death blow, and they are one by one packing up and leaving. Who is going to fill up that wide open gap till Christ returns?

“I expected Great Britain to take up this task, but they are a sinking small island now; they can’t even solve their own problems. And also when I went to Scandinavia to hold meetings: Communism, idealistic Communism, just sweeps the whole strata of society and is unable to take on the problems of the world. I was discouraged.

“I said, ‘Father, who is going to come and fill this gap?’ And when I came to Canada, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart, ‘Son, you have come to the country which I have chosen. This country is the country I have chosen to fill up the gap.’

“Being a Canadian is now a welcome Hallmark throughout the whole world. It was not like that ten years ago. But now if you have a Canadian passport, you are welcome to every country in the world, to the Communistic countries as well as the free world; and the third world too.   Americans cannot receive a welcome like this anymore. You have the welcome open door like the open door of the Philadelphia church in the book of Revelation; and you have the finances, and the well-trained personnel; you have a good church, and God calls YOU to rise up to meet this challenge before Christ returns. A clear-cut clarion trumpet sound is coming to Canada!!  RISE UP, Canada! Meet the challenge! God wants YOUR young men and young women to rise up and give their lives as living sacrifices! God needs YOUR money, YOUR business, YOUR homes, YOUR lives to be dedicated to the Lord!

“I am from the third world, from the mission field. As the Bible says, ‘Cast your bread upon many waters: after many days it will return to you again.’

“I stand here as ‘regained bread,’ and I now relay God’s message to YOU! God is depending upon YOU! God is expecting YOU CANADIAN CHRISTIANS, especially Spirit-filled Christians.

“Brother and sisters, God wants YOU to rise up and fill this gap for Christ’s sake!

“And I KNOW that you WILL do it! I know that you are WELL ABLE to do it.

“God bless you.”

In 1979 in Toronto, Cho gave a similar word.

In August of 1984 he gave the following word in Sackville, Nova Scotia, just outside of Halifax.

“Nine years ago and five years ago I visited Canada and traveled from Montreal to Vancouver by car; I was preaching from town to town; and at that time while I was speaking, the Canadian church was very small, and I felt somewhat depressed. But wherever I went the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart, that God was going to raise up tremendous churches in Canada, and that Canada would be used as a missionary sending country, and that Canada would open the way for Jesus Christ to return to this earth.  I was afraid to confess that, because when I was praying in motels and hotels – the Spirit of the Lord would yet impress my heart to say it. I was afraid to say this because I thought that America was far greater than Canada.

“If ever God would choose to use any country, surely God would use America as a big country with greater resources and population.

“But God again and again spoke to my heart that He was going to use Canada. So finally in Kelowna and Toronto, with great inner faith, I prophesied as the Holy Spirit anointed me; and then I totally forgot about my prophecy.

“Then just the other day when I was coming from Vancouver to Halifax on the airplane, a a gentleman came to me and asked, ‘Are you the Pastor Cho from Seoul, South Korea?’ So I said, ‘Yes, I am.’  ‘You know,’ he said, ‘my wife and I listened to your audio tape nine years ago that you made in Kelowna, and we heard your prophecy at the end of your message. We transcribed your prophecy and printed it, and I have a copy with me. ‘Then he took out this copy and gave it to me. ‘When you go,’ he said, ‘please read it. This will remind you of the prophecy you gave nine years ago.’

“I was AMAZED how the Holy Spirit planned that I should be reminded that God was going to use Canada.  And so I really believe that God is going to bless Canada, and that the Canadian church is going to rise up once again, and go to the four corners of the world, and bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to pave the way for His second coming. Praise the Name of the Lord!”

How could the above words be fulfilled with a divided Canada? They could not! Therefore it is incumbent upon the intercessors of Canada to corporately become like Moses, and cry out to God as he did. When God wanted to destroy rebellious Israel and replace them with a people from Moses, Moses refused out of hand this offer, saying, that God’s great Name would suffer from such an arrangement.

Canadians must NOT passively succumb to an acceptance of circumstances that may or may not work out together for good. No! They must ARISE, and FAST and PRAY, and HUMBLE THEMSELVES, seek God’s face, TURN from their wicked ways, and believe God to hear, forgive, and HEAL THEIR LAND!

American Intercessors are even now extending hands across the border to join with them for the sparing of God’s judgment.  God said to Jonah: ‘Yet 40 days and I shall destroy Nineveh. Declare unto them the impending Judgment.’  Jonah did so on God’s second appeal. Nineveh heard, repented and called on God. God repented, and gave REPRIEVE to wicked Nineveh for 100 years.


A revivalist came from South Africa to America with a word of quickening and hope. It was received with varying results throughout a number of States in this country. But when the challenge came to Toronto in January of 1994 it exploded, with world-wide repercussions. Apart from the pros and cons of this movement, it does have much good fruit. Judge it by its fruit, and throw out the dirty bath water, but save the baby. And judge that Cho’s word to Canada lines up with this Awakening.

In July 1994, Emile Abadir from Egypt prophesied that if “Watchmen for the Nations” of the British Columbia Lower Mainland would convene a “Gathering of the Nations,” represented by key “Eagle Saints” of these nations, that He would speak a word to them that would eventually have world-wide impact.

On July 1, 1995, Freda Cooper of the Coast Salish nation led many nations in a 4-5 hour vertical reconciliation with God. She said: “Please do not force us to have horizontal reconciliation with you peoples and nations who have wronged us in the past, until WE have FIRST made Vertical Reconciliation with God for our own sins of departing from the purity of God the Great Spirit as we knew Him in the beginning.  We have departed from Him into occultism, witchcraft, Satanism, spiritism and paganism, and have suffered the righteous judgment of God as did the Jews in the Holocaust. Perhaps as in Nebuchadnezzar’s example, you who brought this judgment, were more severe than you ought to have been in stripping us of our land, our buffalo, our dignity and our children. After we are right with God, you will have opportunity to do what is right for you with us. But please do not heal our wounds slightly by saying ‘Peace, Peace,’ before we have done what is right.”

The First Nations’ People were permitted and encouraged to do this their way, some 60 of them representing perhaps a dozen or so of their nations and tribes. They moved in the spirit of 2 Chronicles 7:14, and by 3:00 PM Freda announced, ‘It is Done!’ Reuven Doron, an Israeli Sabra, and a member of God’s First Chosen Nation, confirmed this by sprinkling them with clean water.

Such joy and release and presence of God followed, that David Mainse of 100 Huntley Street, Toronto, testified that “This day will be noted as a ‘day of days’ in the history of the Dominion of Canada.” It was Canada’s 128th birthday when this took place, 2 to the 7th power! Does God arrange for such things? Of course He does! As 2200 Eagle saints representing 37 nations met at this Gathering at Whistler, BC, they later found out that Whistler has been known by the First Nations People for centuries to be a Gathering Place for Bald Eagles. Over 3700 of these birds shut down the Whistler airport in January of this year, making national news on the CBC.

A week later Promise Keepers of Seattle met in the Kingdome, 64,000 men. Such a presence of God was there that the national leaders of Promise Keepers broke precedence by announcing at the time a return to Seattle in 1996. Why was the Presence of God so much more intense than in other cities of America? Several of my friends sought God, and He revealed that the “Strong Man” on Whistler has been dethroned, causing a rend in the second heavens, and allowing multitudes of angels to come through to thwart the powers of darkness.

Can we then see why Satan should contest the unity of Canada at this time? He that has ears, let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the church of Canada at this time, especially the righteous remnant who can arise as one body of intercessors to plead and cry to God: SAVE the unity of the Dominion of Canada. BREAK the spirit of separation over your people in Quebec. FULFIL the promises and prophecies that can only take place in a united Canada, a covenant people of community.


My parents are Canadians: my father from Gananoque, Ontario – my mother from Moser River, Nova Scotia. My Nazareth is Trail, BC, but my Bethlehem is Crossett, Arkansas. As a result, I hold dual citizenship. I received 16 years of my education in Canada, graduating from the University of Saskatchewan with honors.

My wife Marie is French Canadian, with roots in Quebec and France. I am Scottish in my background, and together we represent through our marriage of 59 years – the possibility of union between Anglophones and Francophones. Dave Gemmell pointed this out in 1992, and prayed that any walls of division between these two cultures would be broken down. That prayer was a beginning, but what is proposed by my friends in Alberta could have far greater consequence.

In 1944 as a newly converted believer in the Royal Canadian Navy, I read J. Edwin Orr’s book, “Times of Refreshing.” He states that though the United States has enjoyed several national visitations from God, Canada has yet to experience this on a national scale. My prayer for 63 years has been: O Lord, visit this Dominion with National Revival, as in the days of Luther, Calvin, Knox, Wesley, Jonathan Edwards, Finney, Evan Roberts and others.  I would be happy to give my life to see such a Visitation for my fellow Canadians of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds, including Francophones, Anglophones and 60 other Allophones.

On the beginning of the Jewish New Year, Tishri 1, 5756 (September 25, 1995), God for the first time called me to fast.. I have fasted scores of times in the past, even up to 28 days on several occasions, but never by direct leading of God. But on Tishri 1 He said, “I would like you to fast during the Jewish High Holidays of Tishri, concluding with the Feast of Tabernacles – unless I then indicate a longer time.” Then when I had completed these 22 days, He encouraged me to fulfill 40 days.

Yesterday in the evening, beginning the last of 40 days, I received this phone call from Calgary, Alberta from my friend, seeking confirmation and perhaps a word of direction from the Lord whether they should go to Montreal on this horizontal Reconciliation venture.

I referred to C.T. Studd and WEC (World Wide Evangelism Crusade) and CLC (Christian Literature Crusade) and their motto: “He that has the vision, let him walk it through.”

I believe now that the 40 day fast God led me in was on behalf of Canada, and to give this word in answer to the phone call on the 40-th day.

Canadian and American Intercessors! Join with me in prayer and fasting with intercession and all manner of prayer – that God’s prophetic purpose for the united Dominion of Canada will be fulfilled, and that Satan’s devices will be brought to naught.

NOTE:  Now an up-to-date November 20, 2007 word – Some decades ago Billy Graham gave a prophetic word for Canada somewhat in line with the above.

Then some forty years ago I read a prophetic word given by Puritan descendants whose forebears fled Britain seeking freedom of religion here in the New World.   They noted that a number of Americans preferred to remain under the British flag at the time of the American Revolution in the 1770’s. At great cost to themselves, some 40,000 left the New York and New England area to travel to Canada, which remained as part of the British Empire.

Many American loyalists looked upon the British Empire Loyalists as part of the enemy, and set about to attack them. But these Puritan prophets responded: “Many of us who are now Americans, fled Britain and Europe seeking religious and political freedom in the New World. Surely these Americans have a right to flee to Canada for the type of life of their choice?

“Do not hinder them. Rather, help them to fulfill their decision.

“And do not touch Canada. God has chosen to make America the land of the free. His blessing will be upon it. But He has chosen a special role for Canada in the last days. Do not seek to hinder God’s purposes for Canada, lest you be found fighting God!”

Unfortunately, the new forming United States did not heed this prophetic warning, and suffered grievous and heavy losses each time they attacked Canada. Even George Washington was carried away into this wrong action.

At the time I read the above prophetic word, I failed to document it, and have been unable to come across it again. I repeat it from memory.

As to the above 1995 article entitled “Canada’s Remnant: Awake!” – Marie today discovered the two prophecies by Dr. David Yonggi Cho which it contains. Those I sent out a request to concerning these two prophecies – need now look no further! They are found for Jeff Jansen. Thanks for whatever search trouble any of you may have put yourselves to.

Lastly, the gentleman Cho referred to who approached him on the plane was me. He did not mention that it was a short gentleman! Though I had not previously met Dr. Cho, the Holy Spirit pointed him out to me on our flight from Vancouver to Toronto, as the Korean pastor from the big church in Seoul who was to conduct a Church Growth Seminar near Halifax.       Jim Watt