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Pastors Jim and Marie Watt

Two Are Better Than One


Rev. Jim White, April 1963

  1. Only do what God says – and when He says to.

  2. You must have dominion over demons to move in this realm.

  3. You must know where to tell them to go (Jesus dismissed them into swine).

  4. Dominion means – straitjackets can be taken off when patients come from asylums.

  5. Demons can be bound temporarily.

  6. A good rule: fast two half days – 2 meals each day prior to engaging in exorcism.

  7. Don’t pray aloud with your understanding when fasting.

  8. Don’t pray publicly for the demon-possessed – use a side room.

  9. Don’t SHOUT at demons – this is a sign of defeat.

  10. Say softly: In the Name of Jesus, Come out.

  11. Don’t touch the demon-possessed.

  12. To prevent disrobing, hold the candidate’s hands behind his back.

  13. Certain demons only go into humans – others into animals.

  14. A demon-possessed person usually doesn’t know it.

  15. The person’s mouth purses out when the demons start out.

  16. Ask how many demons are present, and count them on the way out.

  17. Say, if ten, How about the eleventh?

  18. Religious demons speak in tongues, lust and envy.

  19. The candidate can’t say, Thank You, Jesus – till all the demons are out.

  20. There is a sign of shame and humility when the candidate is delivered.

  21. What about a Christian who interprets a demon tongue?

  22. You can retain demons, and not let them out till God’s time.

  23. Learn from converted mediums, who have white angels.

  24. Gold Hill, WA – a stronghold of demons, which cause difficulty for churches.

White angels of the medium are the most powerful – they are the angels of light.

They primarily work in churches.

  1. White angels can interrupt services in physical ways.

  2. White angels can materialize. The possessed have at least one of these. They torment and cause DIVISIONS and dissension. They are very contentious.

  3. Religious spirits cause people to be out of order in services. Those with them can’t help themselves from interrupting. They appear to be very gracious as they oppose.

The ringleader hides behind others – very smart.

  1. Judge demons by the fruit of what happens in a service. Pray for the “discerning of

spirits,” and develop what you have.

  1. This gift is resident in the Spirit, with all 9 gifts. God gives the right gift at the right

time. (This is in line with the teaching of Dr. David duPlessis of South Africa.)

  1. Demons back from you or dodge you when discerned or recognized.

  2. Cast out demons in tongues, quietly.

  3. Walk through the church before a service, looking for them.

  4. Temporarily bind a demon and deal with it after the service.

  5. This doesn’t work by just doing it. God must set it up, like an anointing to preach.

(Rees Howells found this to be very true, and walked in this insight.)

  1. Pentecostal churches attract the emotionally unstable, but this is not necessarily a


  1. Don’t let demons spoil meetings. (Dr. D. N. Buntain of Winnipeg, Canada found this out the hard way – he and many other leaders.)

  2. We allow many services to be killed! On the third time of an interrupter, deal with the person being used – Wigglesworth did!

  3. Go on deeper in tongues – get new tongues.

  4. The unknown tongue is known only to God, and is devotional. Satan does not understand devotional tongues. Keep the Lord’s secrets and leadings this way. Only known tongues are known to satan.

EDITORIAL NOTE: Jim White says that we can learn much through converted mediums. Raphael Gasson in his book “The Challenging Counterfeit,” unveils satan and his demonic minions as clearly as any book that has been written. He is the one that following his conversion found that the “white spirit,” is as evil as the black spirit. It is truly “the angel of light.” Jim White wholeheartedly concurs.

Raphael Gasson was an Englishmen and perfected the art of mediumship to the highest degree. He spent up to 16 hours a day for 10 years to perfect the manifestation of ectoplasm. How many Christian believers would give such devotion like Rees Howells to be possessed by the Holy Spirit – and spend such a time to perfect oneself as a selfless channel to allow the Spirit to have His complete and wonderful way?

The above 39 points come directly from the experience of Jim White. As an evangelist he had great results both in Ireland and the Pacific Northwest. The reader must be like Jeremiah in all such cases when God told him, “If you take the precious from the vile, you shall be as My mouth.”

In other words – don’t be gullible. Prove ALL things – hold fast that which is good. Many have found the insights of Jim White to be far above average. They have helped many engaged in the ministry of deliverance to become far more effective.

The blessings of the Lord be upon you as you pursue this important – yet dangerous pursuit. Don’t be naïve. This is NOT for novices (See the 7 sons of Sceva in the book of Acts.) Make sure you have my article on “Discernings of Spirits” to go with Jim White’s outline.

Jim Watt


Our Lord Jesus linked Israel and the church for post resurrection events in a most lucid manner. In Matthew 19:28 and Luke 22:30 Jesus promised the twelve apostles that in the regeneration or “restitution of all things,” they would sit upon twelve thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel. This indeed will finally bring Israel and the church into harmony. In another section of this paper we see that the qualities of human character in the tribes of Israel correspond to the key doctrinal series in the New Testament church epistles. In Revelation 21:12 we read that each tribe in the New Jerusalem is represented by a Pearly Gate, upon which the corresponding name is inscribed. In the same City each apostle is a foundation stone and a pillar of witness concerning the death and resurrection of our Lord, the chief corner stone. Now, see this wonderful correspondence between each apostle and the tribe over which he will rule. We should walk in the light that each represents. Note: no pretense of absolute dogmatism is to be assumed in this attempt to link the apostles with their corresponding tribe. This also applies to the linkage of each tribe with a corresponding New Testament series. However, some unusual insight does appear in these guided linkages.

One. John Zebedee will reign over JUDAH. This apostle is the dove, formerly a son of thunder. He was the beloved disciple. Unto him the Lord was gracious.

Two. Nathanael(or Bartholomew) over ISSACHAR. In this man our Lord found no guile. He was a true gift of God. He served with Philip as a partner.

Three. Philip over ZEBULUN. His name means lover of horses. Like Zebulun, he also was interested in other nations and missions. It was Philip that brought Greeks to our Lord Jesus just preceding His passion.

Four. Peterover REUBEN. Peter is a “little rock” built upon our Lord Jesus, the chief cornerstone. Both these men had weaknesses, but Peter overcame by practicing the steps of 2 Peter 1:5-7. These lessons he will give Reuben in the resurrection.

Five. Andrew(of the tribe of Reuben) over SIMEON. He labored in Scythia and became the patron saint of Russia. This brother of Peter was noted for his MANLINESS. Like Andrew, we should become a MAN in our witness by entering into the service of the foundations.

Six. Matthewover GAD. The name of this son of Levi means “Gift of Jehovah.” He labored in Ethiopia, and died there a martyr, a real witness.

Seven. Simon the Canaanite over JOSEPH (stands for Ephraim and Manasseh). His name means hearing. He was a man of zeal, Zelotes. This brother of James, Matthew and Judas labored in Syria; even Israel’s most bitter enemy has a witness.

Eight. JamesZebedee over LEVI. Another son of thunder, and the first martyr for witness among the apostles. His name means Jacob, usurper. His father was of Judah, his mother of Levi. With Peter he labored in Babylon, and then later in Spain.

Nine. Matthiasover BENJAMIN. An endorser of God’s redemption, a witness of the resurrection. A gift of God. Paul’s witness agrees with that of all twelve apostles.

Ten. Thomasover DAN. This man who was a twin, labored in India.

Eleven. James Alphaeus over ASHER. His name means successor; the cousin of Jesus through Cleopas.

Twelve. Labbaeus Judas over NAPHTALI. His name is a form of JUDAH meaning praise. A brother of James, son of Alphaeus.

Note: Judas Iscariot was replaced by Matthias, according to Peter’s interpretation of the prophetic scripture (Acts 1:15-26). – The above and what follows is NOT a “Thus saith the Lord!


This fourteen-lesson survey constitutes a crash program for training lay eldership. The twelve sons of Jacob plus the two sons of Joseph each represent a dominant truth that finds a parallel in the natural series represented in fourteen of the New Testament Epistles. Just as there are seven churches of Revelation, so there are seven churches of Paul. The first nine of the surveys are the keys to Paul’s seven churches: Rome, Corinth, Galatia, Ephesus, Philippi, Colosse and Thesssalonica. Ephesus is the fulcrum of these seven, and is the church containing more than one of these natural series. Colosse finds its series in John, and Thessalonica in Revelation.

One. BENJAMIN is the wolf-man, desperately needing conversion. King Saul and Saul of Tarsus were of this tribe. Hebrews 6:1-2 (the Gospel for Jews) and Romans (the Gospel for Gentiles) provide the steps that lead to a true conversion experience. Study these twin presentations carefully, for they are foundations for all that follows. A vital experience in the Holy Spirit following water baptism leads naturally into all further truth.

Two. ZEBULUN represents Missions. 1 Corinthians 12:8-11, the gifts of the Spirit, make Missions powerful and apostolic. Christians are to manifest gifts as soon as saved. Missionary Paul justified his apostleship on the bases of powerful gifts (1 Corinthians 12:12). Note that the Church of Corinth, though a carnal church, yet manifested all the gifts of the Spirit! Note also that in 1 Corinthians 12:28 and Ephesians 4:11, God “set” (Aorist tense) and “gave” (Aorist tense) gifts and ministries to the church for as long as there would be a church. God did not intend them to cease with the apostolic age.

Three. ISSACHAR represents the soul winner. Qualification for the soul winner is the Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). The fruit of the Spirit is also a guard against returning to legalism, man’s traditions, natural man’s way of doing things and walking in lusts of the flesh (Galatians 5:16). Sow to the Spirit that which you received after water baptism, and you will reap the nature of Christ, and He being lifted up in you will draw souls to Himself!

Four. JOSEPH is the man of fruitfulness and revelation: the two go together. See Daniel also. Joseph united all the sons of Jacob for preservation in Egypt. The spirit of Joseph is the spirit of Ephesians 4:3-6, which will unite Israel and the church in the Millennium. These seven unities bind together the whole body of Christ. If we are clear on the definitions of this survey, we can fellowship together as Christians in these great essentials, until 1 Corinthians 1:10 and Isaiah 29:24 are fulfilled.

Five. EPHRAIM is also a Fruitful one. He is a type of the church even in her backsliding. The ministry-gifts of Christ in Ephesians 4:11, 1 Corinthians 12:28, Titus 1:5 and 1 Timothy 3:12 lead individual members into obedience and faith unto baptism, and all the glories of Kingdom privileges. This Ephraim ministry will bring forth the goal of Ephesians 4:12-16 for the church.

Six. GAD, a lion, a troop, is he who is overcome, -- but overcomes at last (Revelation 12: 11)! He does so through the Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-20). Like God, we should recognize that we overcome satan when properly defended and guarded. We may lose a battle, but we shall surely win the war (Ephesians 6:12 and Revelation 12:11).

Seven. NAPHTALI is the wRESTling hind. He enters REST through overcoming the trials of life. Self-denial and reckoning oneself dead, allows the restful beauty of Christ to shine through. The self-denying mind of Christ on behalf of others is seen in Philippians 4:8.

Eight. JUDAH means Praise! From him descends the Lion of the Tribe of Judah; Colossians sets forth this same truth in the Pre-eminence of Christ! Just as Judah was first among the tribes in order of the march (Numbers 2), so Christ is pre-eminent in all of God’s creation. John, the spiritual gospel, whose emblem is the eagle, sets forth this same pre-eminency through the seven “I Ams.” Through Christ and Judah, the shout of a king is in the midst of Israel and the Church (Numbers 23:21). Like Wigglesworth, we should challenge one another, “Can you shout the shout of joy and faith?”

Nine. DAN means Judge. Dan finds his New Testament parallel in Thessalonians and the Second Coming. We must through the Holy Spirit have a sanctified and holy work done in our lives, so that as overcomers we might have part in the first resurrection! All God’s promises are to overcomers! to disciples! To those who deny themselves, take up their cross daily and follow Christ. The words of the Lord Jesus to the seven churches of Revelation form a composite picture of the conditions for the overcoming life.

Ten. LEVI means Joined. Though Levi shared a curse of scattering with Simeon, yet in Numbers 27:7-13 we read that the zeal of Phinehas caused God to modify this curse and turn it into a blessing. Through his scattering Levi became a blessing through teaching the twelve tribes, and leading them in true guidance and worship. Ironically, it was a member of Simeon’s tribe that Phinehas slew! The wisdom of the priesthood has its counterpart in the spirit of wisdom of James 3:17. Clyde Narramore sets froth this passage as the guide for all counselors! “Competent to Counsel” by Jay Adams parallels this.

Eleven. MANASSEH means Forgetfulness. Ephraim was set before Manasseh just as the church presently has pre-eminence over Israel. The greater spiritual blessing came to the church, composed of Jew and Gentile; yet Israel, like Manasseh, has not been FORGOTTEN. 1948 witnessed the return of Israel to her homeland as a nation. June 1967 witnessed the occupancy of Jerusalem by Israel: Jerusalem shall be trodden down by the Gentiles or non-Jews until the end. Soon the time of Jacob’s trouble will commence under a worldwide ruler called the Syrian. 1 Peter 4:7-11 reveals the changes that ought to take place in our lives in the light of the end times, when consummation for both Israel and the Church takes place. Romans 9-11 reveals this coming union.

Twelve. REUBEN, a man of weakness and indecision, could have prevailed had he availed himself of spiritual resources. Sin, disgrace and great loss came to him because he did not lay a good foundation, could not curb his lust and weakness. Fasting helps to overcome weakness and lust of the flesh. 2 Peter 1:6-8 reveals eight virtues, which if diligently built into our lives, cause us to abound and be fruitful. Blindness and lack of purging from old sins come upon us if we neglect them. Judah gained the Kingship of Reuben – Levi gained the Priesthood of Reuben – Joseph gained the double blessing of the firstborn due to Reuben. What a threefold loss, all because lust was not curbed.

Thirteen. SIMEON, cruel, vindictive and unrestrained, suffered loss in Israel, and eventually became swallowed up in Judah. We have modern counter-parts like Simeon, who fiercely resisted his father’s rebuke, and justified himself in a lawless act. He who is truly repentant and believes the gospel, will show a different type of evidence of God’s working in his life. 1 John reveals six evidences of a truly converted, born again man. The new birth reveals itself in unmistakable changes, which should be studied carefully. Those who mistake profession and intellectual assent for true possession and transformation will profit from such a study. By their fruits ye shall know them!

Fourteen. ASHER is the happy man of true heart religion. The Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:5-15) leads to the truly blessed life. Only a man of union with God through the true pattern of prayer can evidence the Beatitudes, the true fruit of the blessed man.

Prepared by Jim Watt, October 29, 1990.