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April 26, 2013

 *2013-04-26 - DECLARING GOD’S WORD - Derek Prince*

*- A 365-Day Devotional -*

*Published by Derek Prince Ministries International, 2008, posthumously*

 *Many other fine Daily Devotionals have preceded this one through the
years. “My Utmost for His Highest” by Oswald Chambers was written
posthumously by his wife Biddy Oswald - following his death in 1917. Well
over a million copies have gone out. For this daily devotional, Biddy went
through all his books and writings to select the 365 readings that have
been such a challenge and blessing to so many through the years.*

 *In like manner, Derek Prince Ministries went through all of Derek
Prince’s books, tapes, videos, CD’s and radio broadcasts to make the
selection of the 52 weekly subjects, plus the 365 readings under them. In
the Introduction to their selections, they make almost extraordinary claims
of what they believe this devotional will do. This is because it not only
leads the reader to prayer, but also to declaration and proclamation of the
Word of God - in unison with the 1000’s of other daily readers.*

 *Islam since its founding by Mohamed in the 7th Century, has been making 5
proclamations a day from some ½ million mosques. Over one billion believers
could be engaged in this. From our viewpoint these are negative
proclamations, yet their force is so strong that it makes conversion of
Muslims extremely difficult. But, should we as Christians like Daniel, make
prayers and proclamations 3 times a day throughout the earth, this will
loose the power of all cults, and allow us to see their prisoners set
free. This
is already beginning to happen.*

 *The biography of Derek Prince in 2005 following his death in 2003 - by
Stephen Mansfield, can also be purchased from Derek Prince Ministries, <>, and both can also be purchased through Amazon, <>, and both used and new copies at reduced costs. On p.
107-109 of the biography, Derek as a new believer tells how one of his
first converts was from the Sudan, a Muslim by the name of Ali. Derek at
the time had been led to fast every Wednesday, waiting on God daily over
His Word in meditation, and the Holy Spirit would guide him in
extraordinary ways. It was Derek who shared the history of Muslim
proclamations 5 times a day, and how we can offset this - because
greateris He that is in us - than he that is in the world.

 *Week 15 on page 121 - “Jesus was wounded that we might be healed,” Isaiah
53:5, with its reading April 9-15 is powerful. Over 10 such weeks on the
“Exchanged Life” because of Christ’s work on the Cross on our behalf - will
bring powerful blessings to all who need them. I am using them myself, plus
“God’s Medicine Bottle” from Proverbs 4:20-22.*

 *I highly recommend the purchase of both these books.*

 *Here is what the Derek Prince Ministries International says about
this2008 publication:

 *The International Publishing Team of Derek Prince Ministries is excited
to bring you this unique book by renowned Bible scholar Derek Prince, Declaring
God’s Word: A 365-Day Devotional. We believe it has the potential to change
not only your life, but the world, as well.*

 *We realize that is a sweeping statement - one that might seem to
“oversell” the book. However, we stand by the statement, and here’s why.
This book is far more than your ordinary devotional.*

 *Like you, we enjoy a variety of devotionals written by great men and
women of God. Similar to this book, those works consist of daily entries
with a brief insight into a passage from God’s Word, followed by a prayer
designed to inspire the reader for that day. That’s where the similarity

 *One additional component makes this book powerfully unique. That
component is “proclamation” - Declaring God’s Word, as the title states.
Proclamation turns this book into a powerful tool in your hands - actually,
a weapon of spiritual warfare. Your proclamation will represent a daily
declaration of war on the kingdom of Satan and a daily announcement of your
intention to stand with the King of kings. But that’s only a part of it.*

 *The most exciting thought of all is that you will join with thousands of
Christians all over the world in reading this book, declaring the same
proclamations, and praying the same prayers - on the very same day, maybe
even simultaneously. Take a moment to think about how powerful that will
be! The impact of this corporate action will have positive spiritual
implications far beyond what we can imagine.*

 *In a teaching on the release of authority when God’s Word is spoken by
believers, Derek quoted Jeremiah 1:9 - “Behold, I have put My words in your
mouth” - then made this bold claim; when we declare the Word that God puts
in our mouths, our proclamation carries as much authority as if God Himself
were declaring it. That is the unique power and authority set in motion
through Declaring God’s Word.*

 *Derek Prince was a man of prayer and proclamation - and He was practical.
He always gave his listeners the opportunity to respond. This book is no

 *Each day, you will have the chance to respond to the daily teaching,
which begins with a proclamation Derek originated. (At the start of most of
Derek’s teachings on CD, you will hear Derek and his wife begin in unison
with a proclamation of a particular Scripture passage or scriptural
thought. In this devotional, each entry begins the same way.)*

 *Each day’s teaching is pure Derek, in his exact words. Though Derek is no
longer with us on earth, his powerful teaching remains, and, as Hebrews
11:4 says that “...through faith, though he is dead, he still speaks” (NASB).
How we thank the Lord for the legacy of teaching Derek has left us.*

 *The section that follows the teaching summarizes what Derek has taught
with a prayer and proclamation related to the day’s topic. You will notice
that each prayer begins with an expression of thanks to God. Along with
Derek’s amazing teaching gift, one of the traits we most admired about him
was his constant attitude of thanksgiving. At many of his teaching
sessions, Derek would close his message by asking the audience to wait upon
the Lord in silence. During those moments, it was very common to hear Derek
uttering over and over again, “Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Jesus. Oh, we
thank You, Lord.” Derek was a thankful man, and the prayers reflect that

 *Rather than assuming you would naturally pray and proclaim on your own,
we have provided specific responses as a help to you. Here is where you
will experience the unique individual corporate power that comes from
declaring the same prayer and proclamation with other people on the same

 *Each entry ends with a repetition of the same proclamation that appears
under the title of the entry at the top of the page. That’s no mistake.
Repetition is a common yet powerful biblical principle, as well as a means
of affirming the truth of God’s Word. An excellent scriptural example of
the usefulness of repetition is found in Psalm 124:1-2: “If it had not been
the LORD who was on our side,’ let Israel now say [in other words, “Let’s
have everyone repeat this together”], “If it had not been the LORD who was
on our side....’” For additional New Testament “reminders by repetition,”
see Philippians 3:1, Hebrews 2:1, and 2 Peter 1:12-15.*

 *May Declaring God’s Word be a daily source of spiritual power and growth
for you. May its teachings establish a foundation of truth in your life,
making you increasingly unshakable in these increasingly shaky modern
times. May you grow in faith as you absorb Derek’s teachings, proclaim the
truth of God’s Word, and pray to your Father in heaven, confident that you
are joining with Christians everywhere , powerfully declaring God’s Word
and advancing His gospel.*

 *And lastly, may this book fulfill the prayer Jesus Himself taught us: “Thy
kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10

 *- The International PublishingTeam*

*of Derek Prince Ministries*


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