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CONFESSION. “Whence, holy brethren, partakers of a heavenly calling,
consider the Apostle and High Priest of our :confession, Jesus; 2 who was
faithful to him that appointed him, as also was Moses in all his
:house.” *Father,
we say *the same thing* as Your Word says about Jesus, and through our
confession, partake of Him! *Hallowed be your :name!*

 *2. 3:12-13 (3:7-16) CHRIST’S VOICE: MUST BE HEARKENED TO. “Look,
brethren, lest haply an evil heart of unbelief shall be in any one of you,
in :falling away from a living God: 13 but exhort one another each day, so
long as it is called Today; lest any one of you be hardened by
deceitfulness of sin.” *We hear this word, Father! We tremble at its truth
(Isa 66:2)! *Your :kingdom come!*

 *3. 3:18-19 (3:17-19) UNBELIEF: THE MOST SERIOUS SIN! “And to whom did he
swear that they should not enter into his :rest, but to the disobedient? 19 And
we see that they could not enter because of unbelief.” *Again, we tremble
at the seriousness of these words. Help us not to water them down, Father.
We would *not* be presumptuous, but walk softly. *Your :will be done, As in
heaven, so on earth!*

indeed we have been evangelized even as also they: but the word of :hearing
did not profit them, because they were not united by :faith with them that
heard.” *We *choose* to believe, Father! We take the word *cannot* and *will
not* out of our vocabulary at this point. O forgive us our light esteem of
Your Word, to back it with all of our heart! *Our :daily :bread Give us
this day.*

 *5. 4:9-10 (4:6-10) CHRIST’S REST: ITS NATURE. “A sabbath rest remains
therefore for the people of :God. 10 For who is entered into :his rest has
himself also rested from his :work, as :God did from his :own.” *Reveal to
us Father, the significance and meaning of this word! May we not take it
for granted. Our utmost for *Jesus’ highest*! Personal, passionate devotion
to Jesus! Full discipleship! We choose it! *And forgive us our :debts, As
we also have forgiven our :debtors!*

WORD! “For living is the word of :God, and active, and sharper than any
two-edged sword, and piercing even to the dividing of soul and spirit, of
both joints and marrow, and a discerner of thoughts and intents of theheart.”
*Father, we submit to the *full* searching of Your Word: *completely naked
in soul and spirit* before You; *nothing* hidden; *no* excuses;
*And bring us not into temptation.*

therefore with boldness approach the throne of :grace, that we may receive
mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” *Ah Lord God, there is *
nothing* too difficult for You in the fully surrendered soul! *Then* Your *
complete* will can be done. *Then* we sing a paean of praise! *But deliver
us from the evil one!*

 *NOTE**: 4:14-15 (4:14-16) CHRIST OUR HIGH PRIEST: ITS SIGNICANCE. **“Having
therefore a great high priest, who has passed through the heavens, Jesus
the Son of :God, let us hold fast the confession. For we have not a high
priest that cannot sympathize with our :infirmities; but one in all
pointstempted according to
our likeness, without sin.” *O Father, we are humbled at this revelation of
Your grace toward us in Christ Jesus!

 *Quote from Glover Cleveland - *“Public officers *are the servants and
agents of the people*. Subordinates in public place should be selected and
retained for their efficiency, and not because they may be used to
accomplish partisan ends.”

 *Our Psalm for the Day: 114:1-2 (114, ESV) TREMBLE AT THE PRESENCE OF THE
LORD. “When Israel went out from Egypt, the house of Jacob from a people of
a strange language, 2 Judah became his sanctuary, Israel his
dominion.” *Father,
You chose Judah for David and Jesus, and gave unto David, Benjamin and
Jerusalem. You alone are Sovereign Lord!

 This sublime “Song of the Exodus” is one and indivisible. True poetry has
here reached its climax: no human mind has ever been able to equal, much
less to excel, the grandeur of this Psalm. God is spoken of as leading
forth His people from Egypt to Canaan and causing the whole earth to be
moved at His coming. Things inanimate are represented as imitating the
actions of living creatures when the Lord passes by. They are apostrophized
and questioned with marvelous force of language, till one seems to look
upon the actual scene. The God of Jacob is exalted as having command over
river, seas, and mountains, and causing all nature to pay homage and
tribute before His glorious majesty.

 114:1. *When Israel went out of Egypt.* The song begins with a burst, as
if the poetic fury could not be restrained, but over-leaped all bounds. The
soul elevated and filled with a sense of divine glory cannot wait to
fashion a preface, but springs at once into the middle of its theme. They
were as one man in their willingness to leave Goshen; numerous as they
were, not a single individual stayed behind. Unanimity is a pleasing token
of the divine presence, and one of its sweetest fruits. The language of
foreign taskmasters is never musical in an exile’s ear. How sweet it is to
a Christian who has been compelled to hear the filthy conversation of the
wicked, when at last he is brought out from their midst to dwell among his
own people!

 114:2. *Judah was His sanctuary, and Israel His dominion. *The pronoun
“His” comes in where we should have looked for the name of God; but the
poet is so full of thought concerning the Lord that he forgets to mention
His name, like the spouse in the Song, who begins, “Let Him kiss me,” or
Magdalene when she cried, “Tell me where you have laid Him.” The whole
people were the shrine of the Egyptians to the holy worship and righteous
rule of the great King in Jeshurun! They lived in a world of wonders, where
God was seen in the wondrous bread they ate and in the water they drank, as
well as in the solemn worship of His holy place. When the Lord is
manifestly in a church, and His gracious rule obediently owned, what a
golden age has come, and what honorable privileges His people enjoy! may it
be so among us.

 114:6. *Ye mountains, that you skipped like rams; and you little hills,
like lambs. *What ailed you, that you were thus moved? There is but one
reply: the majesty of God made you to leap. A gracious mind will chide
human nature for its strange insensibility, when the sea and the river, the
mountains and the hills, are all sensitive to the presence of God. Man is
endowed with reason and intelligence, and yet he sees unmoved that which
the material creation beholds with fear. God has come nearer to us than
ever He did to Sinai, or to Jordan, for He has assumed our nature, and yet
the mass of mankind are neither driven back from their sins nor moved in
the paths of obedience.

 114:8. *The flint into a fountain of waters. *Our deliverance from under
the yoke of sin is strikingly typified in the going up of Israel from
Egypt, and so also was the victory of our Lord over the powers of death and
hell. The Exodus should therefore be earnestly remembered by Christian
hearts. Did not Moses on the Mount of Transfiguration speak to our Lord of
“the exodus” which He should shortly accomplish at Jerusalem; and is it not
written of the hosts above that they sing the song of Moses, the servant of
God, and of the Lamb? Do we not ourselves expect another coming of the
Lord, when before His face heaven and earth shall flee away and there shall
be no more sea? We join then with the singers around the Passover table and
make their Hallel ours, for we, too, have been led out of bondage and
girded like a flock through a desert land, wherein the Lord supplies our
wants with heavenly manna and water from the Rock of ages. Praise ye the
Lord. *(**From “The Treasury of David” by C.H. Spurgeon, abridged by D.O.

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