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 *2013-04-05 - Prayers & PROCLAMATIONS, 1990 - Derek and Ruth Prince*

 *We present within these pages some of the “treasures” we have found in
the Scriptures over the years. These particular Scriptures have upheld us
when under pressure, strengthened us when weak, brought us healing when
sick, and guidance when perplexed. Above all they have enabled us to build
up our faith. Derek and Ruth Prince*

 *About the authors - Derek and Ruth Prince have been married and serving
the Lord together since 1978. Derek has published more than 30 books, which
have been translated into 50 foreign languages. (The above was written in
1990. Derek died in 2003, and by then well over 50 of his books had been

 *INTRODUCTION - God had commissioned Moses to deliver Israel out of their
slavery in Egypt, but Moses felt he was not equipped for the task.*

 “*What is that in your hand?” God asked. “A rod,” Moses replied. He saw no
special significance in it. God proceeded to demonstrate to him the
miraculous potential in that seemingly insignificant rod - and Moses
actually fled in terror from his own rod! But when God showed him how to
use the rod as an instrument of divine authority, it was all he need to
fulfill his task.*

*With that rod Moses defeated the magicians of Egypt - stripped Pharaoh of
his power - humiliated Egypt’s gods - and brought Israel out from slavery
to freedom.*

 *You, too, have a rod in your hand**: **your Bible! If you can understand
its unlimited potential, you can use your Bible as Moses used his rod: to
extend God’s authority into any situation where Satan opposes the people
and the purposes of God.*

 *Over the past three years Ruth and I have been fighting a continuing war
against Satan, who has opposed us and our ministry in many different ways.
His primary goal has been to kill Ruth. In this war the Holy Spirit has
taught us how to take the Bible as our rod and extend God’s authority
through it into every area where Satan has been opposing us.*

 *The Holy Spirit has led us systematically to Scripture after Scripture,
and has shown us how to direct them to each area where Satan has been
opposing. The strategy which the Holy Spirit has taught us is:*




 *First, PROCLAIM the appropriate Scripture with bold, unwavering
confidence. To make this fully effective, we often personalize the passage
we quote, making any grammatical changes needed to apply it personally to
ourselves. For instance, where the Bible says, “you,” we change it to “I”
or “we.”*

 *The second step is to accept the Scripture we have proclaimed as true,
even before we see its actual outworking in any situation. The natural
result of this is to THANK God for it.*

 *This leads logically to the third step: loud, jubilant PRAISE. In Song of
Solomon 6:4, Solomon depicts Christ’s Bride, the Church, as “awesome as an
army with banners.” Under these three banners - PROCLAMATION, PRAISE,
THANKSGIVING - we have been able to drive out the hosts of darkness and
enter into the freedom which God has appointed for as His believing people.*

 *The scriptural proclamations in this booklet have been tested and tried
in our own experience. The passages we have memorized have been taken from
the particular version that the Holy Spirit has made “alive” to us. Unless
otherwise indicated, this is The New King James. Where we have felt it
appropriate to make significant changes in the wording, this has been
indicated by an asterisk (*).*

 *At the end, there are three comprehensive proclamations which are
”special favorites” of ours. To receive the maximum benefit for these
Scriptures, here are three simple steps to follow:*

*1. Ask the Holy Spirit to make “alive” to you the special Scriptures which
are appropriate to your particular situation.*

*2. Read these Scripture through many times - out loud if possible.*

*3. Gradually proceed from reading aloud to systematic memorization. This
is a natural step. The Hebrew expression for “to learn by heart” is “to
learn by mouth.” As you read the words aloud, they gradually become
imprinted on your memory.*

*After a while, you will probably find other Scriptures, which the Holy
Spirit makes “alive” for you in a special way. *

 *Here is an example under “Health and Strength” - “I can do all things
through the One who *

*empowers** me within.” - Philippians 4:13.*

“*Spiritual Conflict” - “No weapon that is formed against us shall prosper;
and every tongue which rises against us in judgment we do condemn. This is
our heritage as servants of the Lord, and our righteousness is from You O
Lord of hosts.” - Isaiah 54:17, KJV*

“*Serving God” - “And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed in all
the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.” -
Matthew 24:14.*


*Jesus was punished*

*that we might be forgiven. Isaiah 53:4-5*

*Jesus was wounded*

*that we might be healed. Isaiah 53:4-5*

*Jesus was made sin with our sinfulness*

*that we might be made righteous with His righteousness. Isaiah 53:10, 2
COR 5:21*

*Jesus died our death*

*that we might receive His life. Hebrews 2:9*

*Jesus was made a curse*

*that we might enter into the blessing. Galatians 3:13-14*

*Jesus endured our poverty*

*that we might share His abundance. 2 Corinthians 8:9, 9:8*

*Jesus bore our shame*

*that we might share His glory. Matthew 27:35-36; Hebrews 12:2; 2:9*

*Jesus endured our rejection*

*that we might have His acceptance with the Father. MATT 27:46-51; EPH 1:5-6

*Jesus was cut off by death*

*that we might be joined to God eternally. Isaiah 53:8; 1 Corinthians 6:17*

*Our old man was put to death in Him*

*that the new man might come to life in us. Romans 6:6; Colossians 3:9-10*

 *Ruth and I pray that these Scriptures will do as much for you as they
have done for us.*

 *Much of the above plus more - can be found under “The Power of
Proclamation” on “Derek Prince you tube”. I heartily recommend your
listening to this challenge. Scores of other video messages by Derek are
also here. *

 *NOTE**: I have just received an unusual offer made known to me by a
friend. It is an update upon the above booklet referred to, and concerns a
“Daily Devotional of Proclamations” by Derek Prince. This has been prepared
five years following Derek’s Home-going by the Derek Prince Ministries. I
have made this offer known to first a small group, then a larger one, and
now I felt my whole mailing list ought to know of this unusual offer. Four
have already availed themselves of it.*

 *I am enclosing the notice on this that was sent to me. I trust many of
you will avail yourselves of this generous and free offer. It is perhaps of
the over 50 books authored by Derek - the very basis of all his teachings.
Your friend - Jim Watt*

     *Anyone familiar with the ministry of Derek Prince would be aware that
one of his most regular practices was to apply the Word of God by
personalizing it—and then make proclamations based on the Scriptures cited.*

    *In 2008, the International Publishing Team of Derek Prince Ministries
compiled and published the book Declaring God’s Word: A 365-Day Devotional,
distributed through Whitaker House Publishers. As a foundation, we used
Derek Prince’s proclamations—ones like: “I overcome Satan by the blood of
the Lamb and by the word of my testimony and I love not my life to the
death”—taken from Revelation 12:11. Using just this one line of
proclamation, we would then search out seven segments of Derek’s teachings
centered on that principle, so that the proclamation could be made for a
full week to have its greatest impact. Our team selected a different
proclamation of Derek’s for each of the fifty-two weeks in the year,
drawing from the extensive collection of his teaching materials—print,
audio, and video.

    The book that resulted from this approach provides a well-rounded
glimpse into Derek’s teaching—beginning in one Scripture, then built upon
with other Scriptures and through Derek’s sharing of his personal
experiences. It is a wonderful tool for you to use in your daily
devotions—adding the powerful component of personal proclamations that
relate to your own life.

    We are pleased to let you know that Whitaker House Publishers is now
making Declaring God’s Word available in its entirety—all 365 devotions—for
FREE download to your e-book reader or computer from April 1 through 6. To
avail yourself of this offer, go to one of these websites: Amazon, Barnes &
Noble Nook, Christian Book Distributor eReader, and Koorong eBooks.

    Please make sure to take advantage of this wonderful added chance to
acquaint yourself with the broad spectrum of Derek’s teaching and then
apply it to your life. But don’t miss this window of opportunity for the
free download! The offer is for these SIX DAYS only—April 1 through April
6, 2013.

Blessings to you, **- Derek Prince Ministries–USA*

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