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January 22, 2013

 *2013-01-27 - “How to Apply the Blood” - Derek Prince*

*A Personal Testimony*

 *Theme: The Cross - Not a symbol - but what was accomplished for us by
Christ on the Cross! *

*The Price: The Precious Blood of Christ*

“*The 7-fold Sprinkling of the Precious Blood”*

*Background and context: The 7-fold shedding of the Blood in the Gospels*

*1. Gethsemane: His sweat - like great drops of blood.*

*2. House of High Priest: Blood from being beaten on His face by rods.*

*3. Hairs of Beard pulled out - blood.*

*4. Scourged by Pilate - whipped with thongs - tore flesh open.*

*5. Mocked as King with Crown of Thorns: long, hard and sharp -*

* beaten on the head on the thorns - blood - on face - coagulated on His

* Isaiah 53 - visage so marred - not recognized as a man.*

*6. Nailed to the Cross - hands and feet - blood.*

*7. Spear in side - near heart: blood and water.*

* The 7-fold Sprinkling - came from this 7-fold shedding.*

 *Isaiah 53:12 - He poured out His soul unto death - Soul is in the blood.*

* A sin offering for the whole human race - a final sin-offering.*

*By one man sin entered the human race - by one man, the Second Adam, sin
was atoned for!*

*All the 7-fold shedding is true - But - how apply the 7-fold Sprinkling?*

*How does one have this full effect in one’s life?*

 *A Key: Revelation 12:11 - Here is the end-time conflict lying ahead.*

* Many angelic powers and demons are with Satan - while we are on earth.*

*What is our statement?*

*They (us) overcame him (Satan) - in direct conflict - between us and Satan

* by the Blood of the Lamb - and - the Word of our Testimony.*

*- and this is based on our not loving our lives unto the death - based on
total commitment!*

* This type of life frightens Satan.*

*In our national army, a volunteer has no promise of returning alive. Same
for God’s Kingdom!*

*So - Priority #1 - Doing the will of God - whether alive or dead*

 *Now - See a prophetic picture. Exodus 12:21-23 - the Passover Lamb - a
true picture of Christ our Passover! In Israel, the father was responsible
for choosing the size of the lamb to fit his family or families. Today -
the father is responsible to present Jesus our Passover Lamb to his
children. There are no delinquent children - just delinquent fathers and
parents, who fail to do in the NT what Jewish fathers did in the OT. Israel
would not have been redeemed had fathers failed to lead their families in
this heavenly task. And - God had no plan B - just this Plan “A”. The
fathers took a bowl to catch the lamb’s blood, and with hyssop - an Israeli
weed, sprinkled the door-posts and lintel of the door with blood - but none
on the threshold. And - once the blood was sprinkled, all had to stay in
the house, so they would be safe when the Passover angel passed over all
homes in Egypt. See 1 Peter 1:12 - addressed to the elect, the
chosenaccording to the foreknowledge of God according
to obedience and sprinkling of blood of Jesus Christ. This blood is not for
the disobedient!*

 *Christ our Passover was sacrificed nearly 20 centuries ago. According to
Revelation 12:11 our testimony transfers the Blood of the Lamb for the
salvation of our souls - and defeats Satan.*

*Our Testimony = Our Protection. See Hebrews 3:1 - Jesus - is the High
Priest of our Confession. If we do not confess (say the same thing as God
in His Word) with our mouth, our High Priest has nothing to act upon.
Therefore we must master, meditate upon and confess God’s Word. Our
testimony is absolutely indispensable. By our words (God’s Word spoken and
confessed) are we justified. Our Destiny is settled by our true words spoken.
Just as a small rudder directs a large ship - so our tongue with spoken
words, good or bad, determines our destiny. Don’t say, “I’m dying to see
you!” or “I’m tickled to death to see you!” Don’t under-valuate yourself -
You are precious, and God’s Workmanship. To under-valuate yourself - is to
under-valuate God who made you! So to transfer the blood of the Lamb to
“the place you live” - you must know the Word of God - especially about the
Blood of Jesus.*

 *Now - here is “The 7-fold Application of the 7-fold Sprinkling of the

*1. REDEMPTION. Ephesians 1:7. Redemption through His Blood - Bought
us backfrom the hands of the devil! 1
Peter 1:18-19 - we are redeemed by a Lamb - without spot or blemish - see
the Passover Lamb - here our original sin is dealt with.*

*Psalm 107 - “Let the redeemed of the Lord Say So! No “say so” - “no
redemption!” Blood must be taken from the basin, which is done by our

* So say - “Through the Blood of the Lamb*

*I have been redeemed - out of the hand of the devil!”
Don’t be embarrassed or religious - Say it!*

 *2. CLEANSING. 1 John 1:7 - His Blood cleanses us from all sin - upon
confession of sin. We then walk in the light - and have fellowship
continually. If we are out of fellowship, we are out of the Light, and the
Blood doesn’t cleanse in the dark!*

*Psalm 51:7 - a Penitential Psalm for adultery and murder. David says,
“Purge me with hyssop - back to Exodus 12, the Passover and hyssop.*

 *Say, “While I walk in the light the Blood of Jesus cleanses me now - and
continually -*

* from all sin!”*

 *3. JUSTIFICATION. - to make righteous - + many other shades of meaning:*

* not guilty, acquitted, rendered righteous, Just as if I never sinned -*

*Because Jesus never sinned, and I am now one with Him! The devil now has
no way to accuse me - for I am covered, wrapped around with righteousness.*

*Romans 5:9 - Say “Through the Blood of Jesus*

* I am justified, acquitted, not guilty, reckoned righteous, made righteous

* just as if I had never sinned.”*

*Agree with Satan in his accusations of your past, but tell him - Now I am
righteous in the righteousness of Jesus - so what do you want to do about

 *4. SANCTIFICATION. Hebrews 13:12 - equivalent to holiness - done with His
Precious Blood.*

*Negative - set apart from sin.*

*Positive - Made holy with God’s own holiness!*

*Hebrews 12:10 - God’s chastisement - better than that of human fathers -
because leads to holiness - we then partake of His holiness! - through the
Blood of Jesus.*

*Apply: “I am sanctified - made holy - separated from sin - set apart to
God - made holy with God’s holiness.”*

*- All done by transferring the Blood from the basin by dipping the hyssop
and sprinkling!*

 *5. LIFE. Leviticus 17:11 - for the life of the flesh is in the blood,
which makes atonement for the soul. The Life of God is in the blood of
Jesus. This potential is infinite.*

* There is more power in one drop of the blood of Jesus than all that Satan

*- John 6:53-57. Amen, Amen = Most Assuredly! To eat of Jesus’ flesh and
drink His blood = Eternal Life! This is true food, and true drink! In
Arabic Christian Communion services, they say, “Let us drink the Blood of
Jesus!” It is not just a Memorial - it is that - but by faith - we are
actually partaking.*

*- 1 Corinthians 10:16 - as often - Christians called the Brethren, do this
weekly. Baptists, usually monthly. - Some quarterly or annually. A few -
daily. But as often as you do so - do it Till He comes!*

*Say - “I break the bread, Lord Jesus - We remember the bread as Your flesh!

*We see this cup as Your Blood. As we do this, We proclaim Your death -
till You come!”*

* No past - but the Cross - No future - but His coming! *

*Another said, I live as if “Jesus died yesterday, rose today, and is
coming tomorrow!*

*When we receive Jesus’ blood - it is the life of God - divine, eternal,
endless life.*

*Thank You, Lord.*

 *6. INTERCESSION. Hebrews 12:22-24. We have come to Mount Zion, the
heavenly Jerusalem, to angels in festal array, to the Church of the
first-born (the born again), to spirits of just men made perfect (OT
saints), to Jesus, Mediator or the New Covenant - to the Blood of
Sprinkling (7-fold) better than Abel.*

*Say and confess: “Thank You Lord, that even when I cannot pray - the Blood
of Jesus is pleading for me in heaven.”*

 *7. ACCESS. Hebrews 10:19. Therefore brethren - have boldness and
confidence with freedom of speech - our testimony - to enter fullness by
the Blood of Jesus - through the veil (His flesh) into the Holiest of all!*

*So - hold fast your confession of hope. Is there Turbulence? Fasten
without wavering your seat-belts - both natural and spiritual, by remember
Hebrews 3:1. Keep making your confession according to God’s positive Word.
Because God’s Word is True! *

*Leviticus 16 - once a year - the High Priest entered the Holiest - and
sprinkled the blood 7 times before the Mercy Seat, and smeared the East
side with blood.*

*And we - approach the throne of Almighty God - because of the blood of

*Apply: - “Thank You Lord - that the Sprinkled Blood of Jesus provides
access *

* into the Presence of Almighty God, into the Holiest Place of the

 *Recapitulate - The 7-fold Sprinkling of Jesus’ Blood - 7 times - in 7
different ways - according to Revelation 12:11 - witnesses this - defeats
Satan - and in thanksgiving we make our total life available to God!*


 *NOTE**: I sensed that out of the 100’s and 1000’s of messages and
teachings of Derek Prince over the years of his teaching commission - that *
*he counted the above revelation as one of the key insights he has received
from God. (Do a Google-search on Derek Prince, and many more of his
teachings will come up, including many on “You Tube.” A fairly recent 2 ½
hour biography is there.)*

 *I heard Derek’s amazing testimony in 1963, which started for him in 1944.
We met in 1964, and when he left the Seattle church he mentioned in his
testimony, he asked if I would consider taking his place there, as he had
to return to England because of his ailing parents. God led me to do so,
and we maintained contact until his home-going in 2003. - Jim Watt*

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