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*December 12, 2009

   *“ACTIVATING PILOT PRAYER TEAMS” For Spiritual Star Wars*

*- HISTORY - VISION - DEVELOPMENT - December 7, 2009*

 *Lord, Lift us up, and let us stand,*

*By faith on Heaven's Table-land.*

*A higher plain that we have found,*

*Lord, plant our feet on higher ground!*

 *We held our second “Pilot Prayer Team” meeting in November, and mailed out
its #2 Report early this month. On Thursday of last week I received a call
from “Prayer Canada” through Arnie Bryan, its Founder and present leader.
Its goal: to lift the scores and hundreds of City and Village Hall prayer
meetings throughout the Dominion of Canada from their present good status of
praying for the leaders above them - to the higher status of “Spiritual Star
Wars”. Arnie asked if I would write out the “History. Vision and
Development” for this. We met here in the Seattle area last Saturday for our
3rd Pilot Prayer Team meeting, and made this request the main basis for our
prayers. What follows we hope and trust can be used by any present prayer
team for whatever purpose, to lift them to this higher level as illustrated
by the above chorus.*


*A. 1933-37 - G. R. Gordon - my step grandfather. For these years during the
Great Depression, he came out monthly to the farm he was leasing to us East
of Langley, BC, at Murrayville. Each month for 48 months he left a “Lily
Series” booklet of 32 pages on the farm, recounting the conversion story of
someone in England. I read each of them, and not meeting any in my
denomination who seemed to have this type of experience, I determined to go
to England when old enough and receive this transforming experience in

 *B. 1942. While attending UBC (University of British Columbia) in the field
of Commerce, I received a definite call to the ministry, though I did not
yet know God. Then that Fall, as I was reading Psalm 107:23-24, God spoke by
His Spirit as clearly as He ever has since. He said, “If you join the Navy,
I will reveal Myself to you.” At the end of the 1942-43 session, in June I
joined the Royal Canadian Navy as a Volunteer Seaman/Bandsman. Within 9
months at Passover, 1944, God revealed Himself to me as I was reading the
book of Romans.*

 *During that Spring, I read J. Edwin Orr's book on “Times of Refreshing”.
It told of the author's trip as a young man in the 30's across Canada, and
his prophetic word of a national revival that one day would come to this
dominion, featuring Victoria in a special way. Victoria was my spiritual
Bethlehem as it were, the scene of a tremendous revival among the Chinese
through Dr. Charles S. Price, and more yet to come.*

*I dedicated myself then and there to be available to God in any way to see
this vision by Dr. Orr come to pass. *

 *C. 1945. I was now stationed in HMCS Cornwallis, Digby, Nova Scotia as the
European War closed, and soon that of Japan also. If one had either a School
or Job to go to, discharge could be obtained right away. Otherwise, an extra
year in the service. I fasted and prayed all one night in August in the
Ship's Laundry, to find a word from God. At 5:00 AM he showed me a vision
that needed to be righted. As soon as I promised to make it right,
immediately the Spirit said, “Write George R. Hawtin, Bethel Bible
Institute, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and apply as a student. No address. I
did so, and shortly received application papers. Shortly after I had filled
them out and sent them in, I received notification that I had been received.
I applied to my Captain, who granted my request to be discharged in
Victoria. Shortly following a visit to my parents in Port Alberni, I
traveled to Saskatoon, and arrived at the School 2 hours before registration
closed, and saved a $5.00 late registration fee! Good for a Scotsman!*

 *D. 1948. BBI moved to North Battleford, Saskatchewan in 1947, and in
February 11, 1948, the now World famous Visitation took place, restoring so
many dormant early church practices. Because of my good relationship with
the Hawtins, I was asked to serve as one of the 7 elders at the Summer Camp
Meeting that year.*

 *In June of that year, Marie Gaudet, who went through the Alberni District
High School with me 1937-41, and who is now my wife, moved on her way into
God by reading the Bible hours every day. God led us both to enter the
covenant of marriage on December 27, 1948 in Port Alberni, BC. “The Marriage
Covenant” by Derek Prince shows how covenant is the glue that holds
marriages together, ours for 61 years this month.*

 *E. 1967. Marie asked me for the wisdom behind God's request to have us
marry. Like Isaac I sought the face of the Lord for His answer for her. He
showed me two visions. One was the “Automated Laser Telescope” that appears
in the National Geographic later on in 1984, March issue I believe. He
showed that “Bible Numerics” of Ivan Panin was one of the 7 integral
components of this instrument. The “City Church concept” was another. When
the 7 parts were placed together, the Observatory Head invited me to look
and see. Never had I imagined a view of the heavens like I saw. But then a
blinding flash came out of this instrument and removed a black place in the
heavens, which I knew represented the principalities and powers of Satan
over that city, that God had just removed. *

 *Then a second vision followed: Marie and I were in a large parade square
with 3 generals in front of us, one the same as the former Observatory Head.
He came to us and told us that we were about to enter into a new type of
ministry. Behind us were 70 elders, and behind them 490 soldiers,
representing together 70 teams of 8. We were told that because they had been
successful, they would now move out through the other armies to our left,
and train them to operate successfully in removing principalities and powers
over their respective cities. “Two Are Better than One” is the name God gave
us for Marie and myself for our Ministry. We understood that the above 2
visions would be activated because of our obedience in marrying under
covenant basis.*

 *F. l974. Providentially Marie and I met Dr. David Yonggi Cho of Seoul, S.
Korea, while flying to Toronto.*

*God sovereignly revealed who he was ahead of us while flying over Winnipeg.
At Marie's suggestion, I approached him and asked if he remembered the
unusual prophecy he gave for Canada October 31, 1975 in Kelowna, BC. He
assured me he did, and that it was closer to fulfillment then, than
previously. He gave a similar word in Toronto in 1979, and when in the
Halifax area in 1984, referred to our meeting in the air, and confirmed his
word for Canada from 1975, adding to it.*

 *G. 1985. God confirmed the vision of 1967 with the Automated
Laser-Telescope, and directed me downstairs to find the 1984 National
Geographic explaining the workings of this instrument. He also said, “Call
it 'Spiritual Star Wars'”. *

 *This same year God opened to me the secret of sound “dream” and “vision”
interpretation. He gave me a “destiny” dream to confirm this. Yet, almost
all dream books of that day were tinctured with occultic overtones of Carl
Jung. However, 2 Australian brothers recognized the same problem, and came
out with a new book on this. A brother from Cloverdale BC, while I was
speaking in Aldergrove on the Day of Pentecost this year, presented me with
a copy of “The Divinity Code - The Keys to Decoding your Dreams and Visions”
by Adrian Beale and Adam F. Thompson. These 2 brothers recognized this
problem and lack, and spent 4 years producing a text true to the Bible and
Evangelical thought. I highly recommend this text. (See
www.thedivinitycode.org) *

 *H. 1992. God gave me a vision in Jerusalem at the Zion Gate on Pentecost
Sunday, which also fell on Shavuot, the Lunar day for the same holiday, plus
the 25th Anniversary of the Fall of Jerusalem to Israel. Never again will
these 3 events fall on the same day, as they did this June 6th. Then in July
of that year, He said that the 1948 Torch of the North Battleford Visitation
was being passed on to me. I was to take it and bring to maturity the 12
Embryonic Revival Principles, and that they would be parameters of safety
for the last great Visitation just prior to the return of His Son.*

 *I. 1994. Emile Abadir from Cairo, Egypt, gave a word over me that none but
God and I were aware of, for it was a confirmation. These were fulfilled on
July 1st 1995 at Whistler BC. David Demian, Pastor Bob Birch's appointed
successor to “Watchmen of the Nations”, led in this Conference of 37 nations
that came together for a unifying purpose. Freda Cooper, granddaughter of
the great Coast Salish chieftain, led in leading some 20 tribes of her
1stNations People, and making themselves right with God, and then
from Canada, Great Britain and the US, apologies and requests for
forgiveness for past sins against them by these people. David Mainse of 100
Huntley Street, Toronto, said that this day was the outstanding day he had
taken part in at any time. God was present! I along with Pastor Bob Birch
and Dr. John White, at the invitation of David Demian, served as fathers and
advisors to him during this period.*

*July 1, 1995 was the 128th Anniversary of Canada becoming an independent
member of the British Commonwealth of nations - which is 2 to the 7th power!

 *J. 2008. Just before I went to Abbotsford BC for meetings with David
Rathnam, I received a word from the Lord. “What I gave you at the request of
your wife in 1967, and confirmed in 1985, I am about to activate.” In the
light of this, I called a Pilot Prayer Team meeting this Fall, of which we
have just completed the 3rd, The response we have received from Canada on
Thursday, could link what they have laid the foundation for in City Halls,
and what God is about to activate now, into a new type of union. Pray for a
successful union of these two visions, and that Canada is about to reap the
unusual prophecies Pastor Cho started to give nearly 35 years ago. *


*A. The Interlinear Greek New Testament, and the Greek Word Studies, based
primarily upon the two Bible Numeric NT Greek and English Texts prepared by
Russian Ivan Panin over a period of 50 intense years of some 100,000 hours.
See our Website <www.2rbetter.org> for some preliminary postings of these
works. This was the first component God revealed to make the “Spiritual Star
Wars” operate through the Automated Laser-Telescope.*

 *B. The City Church Concept, that He revealed would act as the Pedestal to
support A. above. John Dawson and Watchman Nee are but two who delve into
this concept. Roland Alan, Anglican from England, did much research on this,
and tested it satisfactorily in China and Africa.*

 *C. The 12 Embryonic Revival Principles that came together in 1948 in North
Battleford. These are laid out also in our Website under “Embryonics”. C.1.
- the 5-fold Ministries of Ephesians 4:11-12. Russ and Bonnie Snyder's book,
“Are These The Missing Pieces? - To Sustaining a Move of God” published this
year, and available through “Rusbon Resources”, <www.rusbonresources.com> is
one of the clearest and simplest explanations on these 5 equipping
ministries that I have come across. I believe this book will be a key in
helping hungry groups see the Spiritual Star Wars concept realized. It is
true that no revival is entirely pure, and this is true for the '48
Visitation. Through Dr. John Roddam of St. Luke's Episcopal Church of
Seattle, he has interviewed Marie and myself and produced 10 thirty minute
segments on the pros and cons of this visitation. It will pay you to procure
this, and see this helpful Plumbline. Go to Stuart Spani's “Norlynn Audio
Visual Services, <www.reason-for-hope.com> and look for “The Fire Continues
- 60 Years Later” Jim & Marie Watt; I believe it is listed under
“Biographies”. The Second Embryonic Principle is “Simeon: The Gift of the
Holy Spirit”; look at the fourth point, “The Importance of the Gift of the
Holy Spirit in the light of the Greek Word “do-reA”. Here we find the
wonderful lessons of Jesus to the Woman of Samaria in John 4:1-42. Two of
these lessons came with power to us Saturday, December 5th for the third
meeting of our Pilot Prayer Team. Jesus said to her in the 10th verse: “If
you knew the gift of :God, and who it is says to you, Give me to drink; you
would have asked of him, and he would have given You living water.” So
manypeople are still thirsty, because they have not
drank of this living water, which takes place after coming into an encounter
with and knowing the “gift of God” and the Giver of that gift. These are the
words of Jesus. We specifically prayed that all of the individuals involved
in these 2-300 meetings in Canada, would have a fresh life-changing
encounter with Jesus, and come into a fresh revelation of “knowing him”. The
next point that strongly registered on one of the brothers was thay this
well that Jesus said we are supposed to be is an artesian well! A well that
once the layer of rock is penetrated, produces an endless supply of fresh
water flowing continually. We also prayed that all the individuals in
“Prayer Canada” would immediately become artesian wells of God. This means
being wells of the life of God, his will, mind, authority, love and power,
for Him to act through us.*

 *C.2. Dreams - through “Joseph” - found under “Embryonics” on our Website.
The Dream book by the 2 Australian brothers I believe is also a vital key to
help bring into operation this vision and concept. See “G” above under
“History and Vision.”*

 *D. Prayer Multiplication. God gave Marie and myself Deuteronomy 32:30 as
the first verse for our “Two Are Better than One” Ministries following our
marriage in 1948. (The year Israel became a nation after 1900 years, and in
June 6 of 1967 received Jerusalem back as her capital, though contested
strongly by her neighbors, the United Nations, and most every other world
nation, just as the Bible prophesied would happen!) Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 -
Two Are Better than One - for they shall receive a good reward for their
labor. And Matthew 18:19 - if any two of you shall agree - symphonize - then!
And finally Zechariah 12:8 - “In that day shall Jehovah defend the
inhabitants of Jerusalem; and he that is feeble among them at that day shall
be as David (10,000 fold) - and the house of David shall be as God, as the
angel of Jehovah (the pre-incarnate Christ) before them” - that would be one
million-fold; two, 10 million - 4 couples, a billion-fold. And of course we
know that the Gentiles have been grafted into Israel, and we can press in
and realize these same blessings. This truth is indeed an integral key among
the 7 component parts of this instrument.*

 *E. Meditation! Joshua 1:8 and Psalm 1 show the power of Bible Meditation,
and praying over the Word of God. George Muller's first 10 years of his
conversion were like a yo-yo - up and down. But then through George
Whitfield he learned the secret of meditation, and the amazing life and
orphanage of George Muller vindicates beyond doubt the tremendous power and
effectiveness of Bible meditation.*

 *F. Possession by the Holy Spirit - Rees Howells, Intercessor” by Norman P.
Grubb. Not one of these 7 component parts can be missing for a successful
demonstration of Spiritual Star Wars, and the Pilot Prayer Team Concept.
Individual Possession - and then Corporate Possession of the small prayer
Group is an absolute essential.*

 *G. Personal, Passionate Devotion to the Lord Jesus - Oswald Chambers - “My
Utmost for His Highest.” *

*The Holy Spirit always exalts the Lord Jesus high for our lives, both
individually and corporately. As we maintain this posture, we will not fail
to see, along with the above 6 component parts - a successful demonstration
of the power of Spiritual Star Wars.*


*1. Prayer Multiplication, Matt. 18:19; Zech. 8:12; Josh. 2:5; Ex. 24:4,

*2. LOgos to REma, Joshua 1:8, through Meditation*

*3. Dreams and Visions, Luke 1:37-38; Urim & Thummim, Proverbs 6:20-22; Job

*4. Incubation, Hebrews 11:1*

*5. Gift of the Spirit, Acts 1:8*

*6. Presbytery, 1 Timothy 1:18; Romans 1:11; 12:6-8*

*7. Laying on of Hands, Habakkuk 3:4; Hebrews 6:1-2; Mark 16:17-18*

*8. Joy, Nehemiah 8:10*

*9. Beatitudes, Matthew 5:1-12*

* In the Automated Laser-Telescope, Atoms and Molecules are bombarded by the
power of electrons. From the bombarded atoms and molecules by the above 9
power sources, spiritual “photons” are released into the Laser Chamber, with
great speed and power, until the are ejected in a straight line towards the
target. An illustration depicting this process appears in the National
Geographic of 1984, March or April.*

 *CONCLUSION: When God gives a vision, it can indeed be received by others
by Bible Meditation, and asking God to make it real by transferring that
which is truly from Him. We don't want to receive anything from anyone else
that has not truly been given by God, and that goes for me too. Prove all
things. Hold fast that which is good. God won't let you down or allow you to
be led into deceit, when you have an open heart to receive only His Truth. I
believe this, because I have proven it from my own mentors. God is
norespecter of persons, and will do the same for you too. Our Pilot
Team here
will be praying for our brother in Canada, that his heart's desire will be
realized for all his city-hall prayer groups, that each one will be
corporately lifted up by God to Higher Ground. He will do the same for you!

* Your brother, Jim Watt*

 *ADDENDUM!** - One of the 2 to 300 leaders of the Canadian City Hall Prayer
Groups suggested boiling down all the above into a short and simple “Betty
Crocker” Recipe Formula. Here it is:*



 *1. Ivan Panin's Interlinear Greek Bible Numeric New Testament. Go to our
Website <www.2rbetter.org> and click on “Interlinear”; make use of our
“postings” there. God revealed in a vision that this is the Key and First of
the 7 above components!*

 *2. “The City Church Concept”. God sees but one church per city, with all
local churches moving as one for His purposes. However, believe for a
“Remnant” of individuals from any church in each city to man “City Halls”
for prayer. This is the “Pedestal” to uphold the Interlinear NT.*

 *3. The 12 Embryonic Revival Principles of 1948. Click on “Embryonics” on
our website. Believe to bring these 12 Embryonic Revival Principles to “
Maturity”. They will be parameters of safety for the last great Visitation
prior to the Return of Jesus.*

 *4. Prayer Multiplication. Deuteronomy: 32:30; Ecclesiastes 4:9-12; Matthew
18:19; and especially Zechariah 12:8. Each City Hall Prayer Group should
claim that 2 will start out driving 10,000 to flight; but go on to Zechariah
12:8 and believe for each couple to drive 10 million; and 4 couples 1
billion! Why not?*

 *5. Meditation. As George Muller used this from George Whitefield; Joshua
1:8; Psalm 1:1-3; and Psalm 19:14 - Let us learn this amazing Spiritual

 *6. Possessed by the Holy Spirit. As Rees Howells experienced this with a
team of 120 and defeated Hitler in World War II, let us multiply this
effectively with 200 to 300 teams!*

 *7. Personal, Passionate Devotion to Jesus as Oswald Chambers experienced
and laid out in “My Utmost for His Highest”.*

 *CONCLUSION: The above 7 principles represent the 7 Component parts of
God's Vision for “Spiritual Star Wars.” Each City Hall Prayer Group across
Canada should claim to become this “Organic Automated Laser-Telescope!”*

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