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Darrell Dahlman and Jerry Thurston asked if I would come August 20-21 to
their area. Purpose: to fill in fuller details on Samuel's 4 cities of 1
Samuel 7:15-17, and their spiritual relationship to the 4 major cities of
Cascadia. This relationship came to me in the Spirit as a revelation in
1967. I shared it in 1980 in Israel. I saw the 3 Western Cascadia cities as
a bow, with the string drawn back to Spokane, and God shooting arrows to the
Pacific Rim cities and nations. This is also a volcanic area. I also saw the
5-fold adjusting ministries of Ephesians 4:11-12 as an Eldership in the gate
of each city, functioning as the 5 in Acts 13:1-3, and the the Eldership and
Apostles in Acts 15 that ruled on the Judaizing controversy. When these 4
cities move in this dimension, then God will pour His fire upon Cascadia,
which will travel like wild-fire across Canada and the US, leaping the
Atlantic, and bringing its message to Europe, Asia, Africa, South America
and the Islands of the Sea. Then God will return His Son as Lord of lords
and King of kings.

 It is interesting to note that just as Spokane serves as the city to which
the string of the bow is drawn back before releasing God's arrows to Pacific
Rim cities and nations, so Spokane representing the sacral area of the
spine, enables a man to walk!

 Each of the 4 cities of Cascadia is unique. Each needs it own respective
and functioning Eldership in its Gate. When unity and effectiveness operates
in each, and the whole Pacific Northwest moves in its integral unity, then
the above effects will take place.

 The Elderships in the Gates of each city will become like an organic
automatic Laser-Telescope in the hands of the Lord. He will point it at
Satanic targets over cities, regions, States and Provinces, and nations. He
will *activate* small groups of 8 in a spiritual star wars effect,
eliminating His enemies over His people as He did with the Philistines
against Israel. Then David needed but to go in and *mop up*. Then we in
these cities and cooperating local churches, will but need to go in and *mop
up* against spiritual Philistines.

 Beware of individuals or even single local churches moving in such
spiritual warfare unilaterally. The Lord reserves this right for Himself
through His appointed Eldership in the Gates of such cities. It would seem
that some 90 representatives of these 4 key Cascadia Cities took definite
steps forward in God in this conference to achieve His goal on their behalf.


I personally believe that the recent book by Russ & Bonnie Snyder, “Are
These the Missing Pieces,” (To Sustaining a Move of God) - and “Dreams: The
Divinity Code” - The Keys to Decoding Your Dreams & Visions - by Adrian
Beale & Adam F. Thompson - are keys indeed to help safeguard and direct us
in this path. See *<**> *and *<**> - *Both books can be purchased through the former.


4:00 AM - Friday August 21, Portland/Vancouver WA Metroplex. The Word of the
Lord came to me in a new way, relating the 4 cities of Samuel and the 4
cities of Cascadia to the 4 segments of the Spinal column of 33 vertebrae.
In 1965 Bill Waltz presented this insight to us at Broadway Tabernacle of
Seattle. He pointed out that just as the human body has 33 vertebrae, so
Jesus Christ lived on earth as Son of Man for 33 years. He directs His
spiritual body of the One New Man through the Spinal cord, which is
protected by the 4 sections of the Spinal Column. The first section, the 7
Cervical Vertebrae, attach the body to the Head! Ephesians 4:4-6 lay out the
7 Unities: one Body; one Spirit; one Hope; one Lord; one Faith; one Baptism;
one Father of all. These 7 unities tend to bypass doctrinal divisiveness in
denominations and fellowships. They foster unity between various local,
denominational and city churches. Thank God for His wisdom in presenting
these 7 by His Spirit through the apostle Paul. Samuel's city of Mizpeh was
among the 4 he judged Israel, and is one of several cities by this name in
the land. However, the one in Gilead is about 40 miles from Jerusalem on the
East of Jordan, where the 2 ½ Eastern tribes could come to be judged in
their own territory, just as 3 of the 6 Cities of Refuge were East of
Jordan. I see the influence of this city reaching down to Redding,
Sacramento, Placerville and North of San Francisco. It was at Mizpeh that
Jacob and Laban made a covenant of mutual peace. Pray for
Portland/Vancouver, that they may go to their Watch Tower, and like Habakkuk
receive God's Vision

 Then we find the 12 Thoracic Vertebrae, to which are attached our 12 ribs,
protecting the Heart and Circulatory System, and the Lungs and Respiratory
System. It was during the 1948 Visitation in Northern Canada that the 12
Embryonic Revival Principles came together. They are indeed just as
important to Christ's spiritual body, as they are to our human bodies. As we
ponder and meditate upon this relationship, God can speak to us in

Link this with Ramah, which Samuel made as his headquarters. Here he was
born - here he died. It means “high place” and is located in Ephraim, about
30 miles SW of Jerusalem. It is called Arimathea in the NT. Seattle is built
upon 7 hills, and moves with Tacoma.

 But the 5 Lumbar Vertebrae give lifting power to the whole body. Without
these, we would indeed be in bad shape. They are linked with the 5 equipping
or adjusting ministries of Ephesians 4:11-12. It was in Northern Canada in
1948 that this truth was restored, and in Vancouver, BC, will be brought to
maturity, and function for the good of the other 3 cities of Cascadia.
Bethel was in Ephraim, about 12 miles north of Jerusalem, and means “House
of God” in Hebrew. It was here that Jacob had the vision of angels ascending
and descending on the stairway to heaven, and it was to Nathanael that Jesus
gave the promise that he would see angels ascending and descending upon the
head of the Son of Man (John 1:47-51). After Jacob returned to Bethel 20
years after departing, he fulfilled his promise by tithing to God from the
abundance of His blessing.

 The 9 Sacral vertebrae are linked with Gilgal, “rolling”, where God rolled
away the reproach of Israel in Egypt, by having Joshua lead in circumcising
the new generation of 600,000 fighting men, and thus bringing them into true
covenant relationship with God prior to the conquest of the 7 nations of
Canaan. Link Gilgal with Spokane, for here too Covenant will be
re-established. These 9 vertebrae represent the 9-fold fruit of the Spirit,

(Galatians 5:22-23), and the 9-fold gifts of the Spirit (1 Corinthians
12:8-11). One who is associated with equipment for chiropractors, pointed
out that the human body only walks because of these 9 vertebrae.

 Pray for the unique individual role for the leaders of these 4 cities. Then
pray that just as Jesus as Head of His church can only effectively operate
His body when each of the 4 sections of the 33 vertebrae are perfectly
adjusted together, so the maturing 5-fold adjusting ministries may operate
to give spiritual chiropractic adjustments to this end.

 Note: In Embryonic status on February 11, 1948 in North Battleford,
Saskatchewan, this concept began to be restored. Now 60 years later God has
promised that He is about to activate these concepts, bring them into
maturity, and prepare a body for His Son that will set in motion the last
great Visitation prior to His Son's return.


Thursday evening August 20 in Vancouver WA, Jerry Chatham set in motion the
Protocol of the First Nations People to welcome on their land this
conference of the 4 cities of Cascadia. Jerry received the authority from a
tribe of his people to extend their welcome of Protocol. 14 years before on
July 1, 1995, Freda Cooper of the Coast Salish did the same for delegates of
39 nations at Whistler, BC.

 To signify this welcome according to Protocol, Jerry presented to me as the
Key Note speaker at this Conference, with a native crafted necklace of beads
and a tooth, plus a book - “Dancing Our Prayers” by Richard Twiss, which I
am carefully reading. * *

 My wife Marie is French Canadian with roots in Manitoba through the
Chartrands and Lacerts. But inasmuch as there were no white women there for
a number of generations, the greater number are Metis, joined with Cree and
Lake Winnipeg Saulteaux. The First Nations People of the largest Reservation
in Canada at Hobbema, South of Wetaskiwin, honored me in 1987 through a
peace-making decision through Nick Adams, an honorary chieftain. He
approached the leaders of their 5 nations at my request to have 4 white men
come and apologize and ask forgiveness for the death of an Indian in 1977 in
an altercation where drinking was taking place with whites 10 years
previous. Because of their high regard for Nick and his integrity, they said
it was unnecessary for the 4 whites to come. They accepted the apology by
faith. “However,” they said, “perhaps sometime in the future we will have
Jim Watt as their leader come and meet with us. Any man with enough wisdom
to marry into Metis blood is a worthy man, and it is possible we would
someday meet with him.” As a result the weather and climate pattern so
changed in Northern Alberta, that meteorologists across Canada wondered
about the explanation of the cessation of excessive rainfall springtime and
harvest for the previous 10 years.

 Then to my surprise, quite recently my brother from Ontario was meeting
with relatives of our mother in Nova Scotia north of Halifax. Quite by
chance, one mentioned that one of our Moser forebears married a Micmac,
making us Metis also. My brother remonstrated with her as to the
improbability of this. She responded, “George, just go and look at yourself
in a mirror!” Of course, this was a surprise to me when I learned of it -
but just as I was proud to learn that my wife Marie was Metis - so I was
proud to learn of my similar background.

 It is my profound conviction that apart from the North American First
Nations People having an integral part in the Restoration of God's purpose
in Canada, the US and the rest of the world, we will not attain unto the
fullness of God'[s purposes in this last day move of God preceding the
return of His Son. I received from God in 1992 a mandate to take the 12
Embryonic Revival Principles of 1948 in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, and
with others pray to bring them into maturity. “They,” God said, “will be
parameters of safety for the last great Visitation prior to the soon return
of Jesus Christ as Lord of lords and King of kings.”

 The 11 tribes of Israel in the book of Judges mourned when Benjamin, under
judgment, was reduced to but 600 men - and arranged for 600 virgins to be
given them as wives to start up the tribe again. (For they knew all 12
tribes had to be functioning in unity for God's purposes to be fulfilled.)
So we today need the First Nations People as representing the Israeli tribe
of Asher - to function today in unity and harmony with the other 11, if
God's purposes are to be realized preceding the return of His Son. Asher is
represented by the wisdom of the donkey, considered of great value in the
Middle East. See the book of Job. Jesus on Palm Sunday rode into Jerusalem
on a donkey. Faithfulness, discernment and obedience are the key marks of
Asher, and also of the First Nations People. Several of their people have
confirmed this to me. Also, the name of Asher on Aaron's Breastplate of
Judgment is inscribed on the beautiful yellow Topaz stone, the symbol or
emblem of Wisdom.

(Had this not been done, 14 of the 27 NT books written by Paul a *Benjamite*,
would have been missing!)

 It is for these insights of the above that I appreciated the welcome to the
land according to Protocol - extended to me as a representative of our
Gathering Thursday August 20 in Vancouver WA, as their representative. It
was indeed parallel to Whistler BC 14 years before in 1995, when Freda
Cooper, granddaughter of the great chieftain of the Coast Salish tribe of
that area - according to Protocol, welcomed us to that land for that unique
conference of 2200.

 So it is important for us to understand the significance of these 2 events,
as illustrating God's thinking in this area. In the light of this we can see
the significance of SeaTac, representing Samuel's Ramah and the 12 tribes of
Israel according to the 12 Thoracic Vertebrae of the human spinal column.
Jesus did die for our sins and return to heaven as Son of Man at the age of
33. All 12 vertebrae *must* be in place with the 12 ribs attached, to
protect the heart, the circulatory center; and the lungs - the respiratory
center - for our human body to function according to the wisdom and purpose
of God. It was a Russian lady who received the vision of God's purpose for
Seattle (she pronounced it SEEtul), God's “Ramah”, as being centrally
significant for His last day Visitation prior to the return of His Son! And
- He has placed the First Nations People as one of His 12 integral Revival
Principles for this event.

 Just as God restored Israel the *people* to her *land* in 1948, with her *
language* also - so He is restoring His 12-fold “One New Man” to a mature,
functioning church of Jew and Gentile serving as one. And - His First
Nations People” like Benjamin, have a 1/12th integral place of necessity for
the fullness of His purposes.

 I personally find it interesting to note that though I am American born
(Arkansas), yet it is by Canadian parents: my father from Ontario,
descendant of James Watt from Greenock, Scotland of steam-engine fame, and
my mother from Nova Scotia, a Mosher, with a change of name from Moser. One
third of the Mosers of Halifax, former Huguenots from Europe who fled
persecution to the New World, openly acknowledge themselves as Jews. The
other 2/3rds quite possibly are also, but because of Jewish persecution and
things like the Holocaust, prefer not to make their origins known. When my
wife Marie and I were in Poland for the “March of the Living” in the early
2000's, we visited Prague of the Czech Republic also. I went to the
2ndfloor of a Jewish Museum there which once was a Sephardic Temple.
because of Hitler and the Holocaust, but a score or so of Jews were left
from tens of thousands. I found Jewish Moser Glass Works recorded in this
museum from past days, and many other Moser connections. This confirms what
a Jewish rabbi informed me about all the Mosers (or Moshers) of Halifax.

 So - not only could I have Metis blood along with my wife Marie - but I may
be even ¼ Jewish, enough to have sent me to the gas chambers in Hitler's


I also have a close connection with the 4 cities of Cascadia. My mother
followed my father from Texas in 1927: first to Portland, where we stayed a
while with a Mrs. Gorton. Then we came to Vancouver BC when I was 4, and
stayed with my grandparents on my father's side temporarily at 1109 Barclay
Street, just west of Burrard. We moved 20 times before I was 10, as my
father was not only a steam and electrical operating chief engineer of power
plants, but also was engaged in repairs following serious breakdowns; plus
the construction of new power houses. His last power house construction job
was for the University of Washington in 1929.

 In 1963 I spent some 6 months in the Portland/Vancouver WA ministering in
various churches and conferences concerning the 12 Embryonic Revival
Principles of the 1948 Canadian Visitation. I did the same in the Spokane
area for some 3 months; and even more in the Seattle/Tacoma and
Vancouver/Victoria BC area.

 When God sovereignly revealed Himself to me according to His promises at
Passover 1944, 9 months after I had joined the Canadian Navy, I asked Him,
“Why?” He responded, “Because I am going to restore My church in the latter
days with Apostles and Prophets, and if you are faithful, you may have part
in this.” 18 years later in Round Lake, Illinois where I was pastoring a
Baptist church, He said, “You have been faithful these past 18 years. Resign
your church here and move to the Pacific Northwest. There I am laying down
roots of restoration which will bring to pass my last day purposes. There
you may have part in them.” In 1945 He had sovereignly led me out of the
Navy at the close of World War II, and and directed me to George Hawtin of
Bethel Bible Institute, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; through whom 3 years later
in North Battleford, 90 miles NW of Saskatoon on February 11, the 12
Embryonic Revival Principles came together, which now in Cascadia He would
begin to bring to maturity. I am Presbyterian in my first roots. Here God is
His Sovereignty is well known. Into this I was born. Then in 1925 the
Presbyterians with the Methodists and Congregationalists united to form the
United Church of Canada. When my parents returned to Canada in 1927, it was
here that I attended. In 1942 God called me into the Navy to reveal Himself
to me, and for a time I first attended a Baptist Church, and then a
Pentecostal church. Then I took part in the Latter Rain Revival visitation,
and afterwards back into a Baptist Fellowship. Much later He had Marie and
me lead a Messianic Jewish Congregation for 10 years, till they could find a
Messianic Jewish Rabbi. It was from this at the age of 84 we retired.
Retired? We have never been so busy!

 I am sorry that this report is somewhat skipping around historically
speaking. But what happened August 20-21 this year in Vancouver WA/Portland,
can only really be understood in the context of God's dealings and leadings
with me throughout my life time. And really, 86 years for Marie and me is
not that much in the light of some of our older friends. So - keep in mind,
that the relationship of the 4 key cities of Cascadia to the 4 segments of
the spinal column is the key to grasp. - J.A.W.

 *ADDENDUM*: The above message I gave Friday morning in Vancouver WA. It was
recorded and the CD is available through Shiloh Fellowship, *<
machelesheddy at> . *Shiloh asked me to stay over for Saturday service
at 6 PM and Sunday at 10 AM. At the former I spoke on *“Meditation”* the key
to the outstanding ministry of George Muller, who received faith through
this revelation to meet every need of 10,000 orphans through 50,000 distinct
answers to prayer - without ever asking a single human being for one penny -
besides many other challenging projects. This is also available at Shiloh on

 On Sunday morning I spoke on “*Clan & Household Salvation*”. My wife Marie
and I have seen over 3000 come to the Lord through the latter before we
stopped counting. For Clan Salvation, initiated through Jack Hayford's
father in Oakland CA, only eternity will reveal the results. That message
also is available on a CD from Shiloh.

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