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April 12, 2013

 *2013-04-12 - The Organic Laser-Telescope - 1967*

 *This vision came from the Lord at the request of my wife Marie. She
wanted to know God’s specific thinking behind His will that led us to
marry. So that like Isaac of old on behalf of his wife Rebekah and her
request - I put it before the Lord.*

 *That night He gave me 2 visions - so vivid and real that I can still see
them as clearly as 46 years ago. In the first, Marie and I were in an
Observatory, with Marie on my right, and one of Derek Prince’s former
members of a Seattle church on my left. The Director (who I knew was the
Lord) told me: Because you have been instrumental in bringing to maturity
two of these 7 “component parts” of this instrument, you have the privilege
to attend its assemblage, and then to see what it will do for Me.*

 *With that He pulled a lever, and a round globe covered with many dials -
came and stood above the observatory floor. When I wondered how that could
be, an angel behind us said,, “Anti-gravity” . The next day I phoned the
church member on my left and reported the vision to him. When he discovered
I was ignorant of the “anti-gravity” break-through, he explained that in
Washington D.C. they had developed an anti-gravity device that could
suspend in the air not just the 400 # of this first part, but up to 4 tons.*

 *The Director then informed us that this first component part represented
His “Bible Numerics” - and the NT Greek and English text through the
50-year life-work of Ivan Panin. The “Outlined Interlinear NT” completed 70
years after Panin’s death in 1942, consummated the work begun by Panin.*

 *Next he pulled a second lever, and a “pedestal” came out as a full
support for the above part, representing Panin’s two-fold discovery and
work. This He said, represents the restored City Church for each of the
world’s cities, plus an Eldership in its Gate of some 8 members. (In the
second vision He confirmed this by showing us in Canada 70 groups of Pilot
Prayer Team members, with an elder over each team. (On page 9 of the
“Outlined Interlinear NT” - there is a diagram produced by two members of
our Pilot Prayer Team, showing the 7 component parts of the
Laser-Telescope, with a description of each.)*

 *The next 5 component parts that then came out to complete this
instrument, He said nothing about - inasmuch as I had no direct part in
bringing them to maturity. But in December 7, 2011, an intercessory prayer
group in Minnesota had a break-through, 70 years following Pearl Harbor.
They notified me that added revelation was about to come to me. This took
place that very day in identifying the last 5 component parts of the
Laser-Telescope. The 7th of these was “Bible Meditation, linked with the
“Mercy Seat” of the Tabernacle. It would feed on the “Outlined Interlinear
NT” especially, plus areas of the OT not related directly to God’s laws for
Israel under the Old Covenant. Here then are related Scriptures for each of
these 7 component parts - plus a linkage with the 7 Tabernacle pieces of

 *1. “The Outlined Interlinear NT” - linked with the Brazen Altar - the
right place to begin our daily devotions. Here “we should feed on the
Meritsof Calvary - through Jesus Christ our Lord!” - the 5 sacrifices
Leviticus 1-7 that Jesus there fulfilled. The whole burnt offering - His
Holocaust - as a perfect servant, He did this for His Father in a human
body by coming in humility to earth as a servant, and 33 years later dying
on the Cross. We by identification with Christ in baptism - share His death
and resurrection, and become an integral part of His Spiritual Body, the
One New Man! We too can follow Him in this - Mark 8:34 and John 12:24. The
“Grain Offering” fulfills John 12:24, and we can share this with Jesus. But
the next 3, only He could do for us, what we could not do for ourselves.*

 *Next is the “Peace Offering”. This we have no part in, nor will we even
be able to fully understand the price Christ paid to achieve this on our
behalf. On the Cross (and cursed is every one who hangs on a tree) - He
took the Wrath of God upon sinful humanity - upon Himself. When we put on
the armor of God and come to our feet shod with the Gospel of peace -
it is this
part of the Gospel - that when proclaimed - frees us from the wrath of God
that we, not Christ, deserved. He did this that we might share His life
with the Father through all eternity. The Sin Offering by Jesus took care
of the effects of Adam’s sin, that brought spiritual death upon all
humanity, and later natural death. The “Trespass Offering” also took place
by Jesus on Calvary, and there He made Atonement for your personal sins and
mine. Indeed then, we should daily and initially “Feed on the Merits of
Calvary”. Following is an insight by Derek Prince that clarifies this


*You, Jesus were punished*

*that we might be forgiven. Isaiah 53:4-5*

*You, Jesus were wounded*

*that we might be healed. Isaiah 53:4-5*

*You, Jesus were made sin with our sinfulness*

*that we might be made righteous with Your righteousness. Isaiah 53:10, 2
COR 5:21*

*You, Jesus died our death*

*that we might receive Your life. Hebrews 2:9*

*You, Jesus were made a curse*

*that we might enter into the blessing. Galatians 3:13-14*

*You, Jesus endured our poverty*

*that we might share Your abundance. 2 Corinthians 8:9, 9:8*

*You, Jesus bore our shame*

*that we might share Your glory. Matthew 27:35-36; Hebrews 12:2; 2:9*

*You, Jesus endured our rejection*

*that we might have Your acceptance with the Father. MATT 27:46-51; EPH

*You, Jesus were cut off by death*

*that we might be joined to God eternally. Isaiah 53:8; 1 Corinthians 6:17*

*Our old man was put to death in You*

*that the new man might come to life in us. Romans 6:6; Colossians 3:9-10*

 *The above 10-fold declaration came to Derek Prince because of Matthew
24:14. He discovered that the translation “preached” should more properly
be “proclaimed!” It should then read: “This gospel of the Kingdom shall be
proclaimed in all the world for a witness, and then shall the end come. We
are more effective when we both preach and proclaim!*

 *2. The City Church and its Eldership in the Gate. One can link this with
the “Laver”. Here the priests (and we are a Kingdom of Priests!) maintained
a continual cleansing from that which would defile and hinder. Repentance
from dead works comes at the Brazen Altar, and this is deepened at the
Laver. See Matthew 16:18 for a linkage with this in the City Church. “I
will build My Church, and the Gates (counsels) of hell shall not prevail
against it. See Acts 13:1-3 and 15 as corroboration!*

 *3. **Prayer **Multiplication**: Pastor Ern Baxter developed an
illustration for this. When we as individuals link up with God on His
throne through “Covenant” faith and submission, our lives take on
increasing effectiveness from 10 - 100 - 1000 - 10,000 fold! When two of us
unite in prayer under the leadership of the Holy Spirit - then this
increases 10-fold. See Deuteronomy 32:30; Ecclesiastes 4:9-12; Matthew
18:19 and Zechariah 12:8. My wife Marie and I have seen this operate in
behalf of our Clans and Households in remarkable salvation (Acts 16:31).*

*I link this with the Menorah in the Holy Place. Here the Holy Spirit
represented by the 7 lamps, lifts us by faith into a dimension that follows
repentance and baptism by immersion: **then** comes the Gift (d**o**-reA)
of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38). **We can sing here - “We live by the Spirit
who dwells within - through You, Christ Jesus our Lord!” **Following that
immediately come the Gifts of the Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:8-11), which God
uses as His confirmation when we proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom (Mark

*See Acts 1:8 how this takes place. “But you shall receive
**power**(DUna-mis), when the Holy Spirit comes
**upon** (Epi) you, and you shall be witnesses unto Me!” **We receive the
New Birth at conversion: at that time the Holy Spirit comes **into** (eis)
us - so that He may abide **in** (en) us. But in Acts 1:8, the Holy Spirit
comes **upon** (Epi) us - and this is when God can then confirm our **
proclamations** with signs following (Mark 16:17-20).*

 *4. **The “12 Embryonic Revival Principles** that came together in 1948, I
link with the Tabernacle “Table of Bread,” with its 12 loaves representing
the 12 tribes of Israel. Acts 2:42 basically summarizes these 12 principles
in 4: “And they were continuing steadfastly in the **teaching** and the **
fellowship** of the apostles, **the breaking of bread** and **the prayers**.
See our Website <> and click on “Embryonics” for more on

 *5. **Worship and Intercession** - can be linked with the Tabernacle
“Altar of Incense”. “Rees Howells, Intercessor” by Norman P. Grubb gives an
insight into **true** Biblical Intercession - that can transform the life
of anyone who aspires to be a fully God-pleasing intercessor. See Psalm
40:18 for a means to open one up to Intercession through **Worship** first:
“Let all those who seek You rejoice and be glad in You! Let all those who
love Your salvation say continually - the LORD be magnified - be magnified
- be magnified - Let all those who seek You rejoice and be glad in You!”
Amy Hong Sit put this verse to the tune of the major them**e** of Brahm’s
First Symphony.*

*Andrew Murray joins with Rees Howells in demonstrating this 2-fold
ministry, which all of **us **have the privilege of entering into.*

 *6. **Focus on Jesus**. This is an absolute Key to seeing all the 7
component parts work together effectively and in unity. Hudson Taylor’s
Spiritual Secret” by Mrs. Howard Taylor marvelously shows an example of
this. Charles Spurgeon and George Muller also wa**l**ked with Jesus in this
spirit. I link this with the Tabernacle “Ark of the Covenant”. The Law
(Torah) is within the Ark. Jesus and His **Word** are **one** (John 1:1) -
“and the Word **was** God!” **When we rejoice in God’s Word, and act upon
it in obedience - we are in truth glorifying Jesus! See Matthew 23:37-38
how Jesus desires to be recognized, believed on, and accepted. Then Matthew
11:28-30 takes place! Few in Jesus “first coming” received Him this way.
Nationally by leaders, He was rejected. And - He will not return until His
people repent and say - “Blessed is **He** that comes - in the Name of
Jehovah!” And - it is good for us also to say - “Blessed is He who
**came**(2000 years ago) in the Name of Jehovah!”
**Brother Yun, the Heavenly Man also walked this way, focusing on **Jesus**!

 *7. **Biblical Meditation**. **This** is in diametrical contrast to New
Age meditation; Eastern meditation; Yoga meditation. These latter invite in
demonic powers. Biblical Meditation in contrast - invites in the fullness
of the Spirit of God. To use the “Outlined Interlinear NT” for daily
Meditation, will be a great help. Also, to go on the “net” under “Derek
Prince you tube” will introduce you to over 200 teaching messages by Derek
that will aid in this endeavor. See especially his teaching on “Prayer and
PROCLAMATION**S”**. Positive Proclamation of God’s Word adds **much** to **

*I link Bible Meditation with the Tabernacle “Mercy Seat”. The Cross is now
**empty**. The crucifix doesn’t show this correctly. Jesus is on the Throne
of heaven at the right hand of the Father. We are not to camp around the
empty cross or crucifix - “We are to camp round the Throne of God’s heaven
above - through **You** Christ Jesus our Lord!” And as we meditate there on
Your Word - we sing Psalm 19:14 - “Let the words of our mouth - and the **
meditation** of our heart - be acceptable in Your sight, O LORD **our
strength and our Redeemer. **O LORD, our strength; and our Redeemer! Let
the words of our mouth and the meditation of our heart, be acceptable in
Your sight, Ye-h**o**VAH!”*

 *So - when a group of 8 like our “Pilot Prayer Team” (PPT) founded October
31, 2009 - begins to function as an “Organic Laser-Telescope” **in the Gate
of each City Church - **then** we must know - the Glorious Return of our
Glorious Lord is at hand. For when the above functions, then Jesus can use
us as **His** “Organic Laser-Telescope”, and blast principalities and
powers of Satan from over cities, regions and nations. At Christ’s return -
**all nations** and all Kingdoms - shall become the Kingdoms of our Lord
and **of **His Christ**!*

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