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January 7, 2013

 *2013-01-07 - Target Groups*

 *TARGET GROUPS: South King and Pierce County - Small Prayer Groups: Pilot
Prayer Team from October 31, 2009; Korean “The Resting Place” in Auburn;
Gig Harbor Elders; Friday Morning Prayer Group at Burien New Testament
Russian Church, Pastor Victor Lebed.*

 *GOAL for this area and these groups: To see out of these a City Church
form, with an Eldership in each of their gates.*

 *On July 1, 1987 I was “chicken sitting” 1500 chickens in Wetaskiwin,
Alberta. The Northern Alberta area around Edmonton had been suffering from
10 years of excessive rains at the time of both seed-time and harvest. Many
farmers of several sections each - were going bankrupt, and being taken
over by the government. The farm I was helping out on - and also showing me
hospitality - was one of these. As I was doing my daily chore of feeding
the chickens and collecting eggs, I approached the Lord. “Lord, in the days
of Elisha, You rewarded the Shunammite woman - by granting her a son in old
age for her hospitality, and later raised him from the dead. I am Your
servant. Could you not for this farm grant relief from these excessive

 *He replied, “Yes. Call a prayer meeting of some 6-8 groups in the area on
the first Wednesday of August, and ask them what happened 10 years ago in
this area - that brought down My judgment.”*

 *At that meeting, one young man responded. “That’s easy. Ten years ago a
fight took place between some white folk of Wetaskiwin and some of the
First Nations People from the Hobbema Reservation just south of here. They
had all been drinking, and an Indian was thrown out of a second floor hotel
window. He landed on his head and died. The Indians understood how such as
this could happen when drinking was taking place, but thought justice still
ought to be done. The reply was, ‘The only good Indian is a dead Indian.
You should thank us.’”*

 *They did not agree with this, and neither did God! The excessive rain had
started in that region from that very time onwards for the next 10 years.*

 *An “Adams” family of 3 young men had taken lectures from me in 1948-49 at
North Battleford, Saskatchewan. The youngest brother had a new and used car
and truck business in Wetaskiwin, and had been so good and fair to the
First Nations of Hobbema, that they had made him an honorary chieftain,
with a full eagle feather headdress reaching to the ground. They also
promised him that if ever he had a request, to come to one of their
business meetings - and they would do their best to meet it.*

 *I approached my friend and told him that four white Christian brothers
wanted to meet with the leaders of the Hobbema Reservation, apologize and
ask forgiveness for what had happened ten years previously. When he had
made our request - with surprise they asked him to repeat his request, and
then conferred one with another.*

 *They then responded to my friend: “You are a man of integrity. We accept
your request, and you can tell your four friends that because of your
integrity they do not need to appear before us. Have them meet the
1stWednesday of September, and we will agree with them that God will
lift His
judgment of this ten year unseasonable rain.”*

 *From that September day until December 11th, no rain fell. Every farmer f
rom that area for the first time in 10 years was able to bring in a full
harvest, prepare the ground for spring seeding, and repair fences and
buildings. It was the talk of meteorologists across Canada, seeking an

 *I queried the farmer with whom I often stayed if he had not let them
hearthe explanation. “Of course not,” he replied. “You know what they
have said. There you Christians go again - trying to take credit for
something taking place because of Your God.” As far as I know, this unusual
answer to prayer has not yet come as an explanation to the weather analysts.

 *Now** - what happened in the above in 1987, I believe God would repeat as
another kind of answer to prayer - in South King and Pierce County for
today. In 1971 and 1972, under the leadership of Dennis Bennett of St.
Luke’s Episcopal Church - Seattle I and Seattle II took place. Some 50,000
people met in June conferences. Over 1000 came to Christ at those time,
plus many healed and delivered. It was front page news in both Seattle
Dailies. The religious editors of both dailies deferred to Dennis Bennett:
that because they recognized this unusual Visitation under 30 guest
Apostolic-teachers **was of God - they did not wish to put out editorials
concerning this, except first they were okay-ed by him. The “Children of
God” controversy was satisfactorily settled in Seattle at that time. They
were forced to leave a city for the first time because of 70 Seattle
leaders who sent a delegation to confront them, and save the Jesus’ People.
Secondly, the threat of “gay” delegates to take 1000 of the young people
from our churches was averted, and the leader of this threat soon died of

 *But in 1972 the successor to the leadership of Dennis Bennett abused his
position, and God lifted His Revival hand off of Seattle. He promised to
return some decades later, but not to start in Central Seattle; but first
in South King and Pierce Counties; then Kitsap and Snohomish Counties; then
East of Lake Washington, and finally in Central Seattle again. That word
came in 1973, 40 years ago this year!*

 *Now God is saying - “It is time for South King and Pierce County to gird
up their loins! It is time for small groups to come together in the area to
seek My face for a renewal what temporarily stopped in 1973. It is time to
believe for the restoration of City Churches, composed of many local
churches in cities, with a functioning Eldership in their gates, like Acts
13:1-3 and Acts 15. It is time to see the fulfillment of the
“Laser-Telescope Vision of 1967” to function.*

 *One of the chief conditions to make this possible is the publication of
God’s Bible Numeric “Outlined Interlinear New Testament” - based on the
discoveries of Russian Ivan Panin in 1890. Not only is this possible
through its publication in Book Form in December of 2012, 70 years
following the death of Panin in 1942, - but it is about to come forth in
Digital E-book format also.*

 *However, though this Publication is designed to expedite “Bible
Meditation” in the successful example of Joshua 1:8 and Psalm 19:14 - yet
there are “seven” prior conditions to release this. Bible Meditation
wasdemonstrated through the full discipleship and surrendered walk
with the
Lord of George Whitefield and George Muller. They knew “Hudson Taylor’s
Spiritual Secret” of Galatians 2:20, Romans 6 and John 15:1-16. They knew
the unusual secrets of Charles H. Spurgeon, Oswald Chambers and Rees
Howells. *

 *Bible Meditation only reveals its secrets and power to those who know and
walk with God intuitively.*

 *Do a “Google-Search” on Charles Spurgeon. Check out there “A Biography”
by W.Y. Fullerton - excellent. See chapter 9, “A Word Portrait.” See also
under Spurgeon: U-Tube, a 90 minute free DVD - also excellent.*

 *When Oswald Chambers was 15, with his father he visited a mid-week
service at Metropolitan Tabernacle, London, England. Pastor Spurgeon was
preaching. Oswald that night found Christ because of the preaching
challenge. Spurgeon also found Christ at the age of 15 through a Wesleyan
Methodist preacher.*

“The grace of God constrains men to become Christians, and yet only
constrains them consistently with the laws of their mind. The freedom of
the will is as great a truth as the predestination of God. The grace of
God, without violating our wills, makes men willing in the day of God’s
power, and they give themselves to Jesus Christ. You cannot be a Christian
against your will. How could it be? A servant of God against his will! A
child of God against his will! Nay, it never was so, and it never shall be

 *In 1951 in Chicago we hosted a French Canadian Roman Catholic priest with
4 earned doctorate degrees, who had trained some 40 young men through to
the priesthood in all required subjects. For his doctorate in Theology, he
wrote his dissertation on “The Balance of power between the Free-will of
man and the Sovereign Grace of God”. Like Spurgeon above, he believed
he hadsolved the balance!

 *Between men like the above, I believe we too can find the Secret to
become **effective** Bible **Mediators** through the “Outlined Interlinear
New Testament.” See** **<www.**OutlinedInterlinear**.com> to **o**rd**e**r
either the printed copy or the Digital E-book copy. Together** we c**a**n **
fin**d o**urs**el**ves **a**b**l**e **t**o **e**nt**e**r **a **p**l**ace in
G**od - **t**h**at **both i**n**d**i**vi**du**a**lly an**d c**o**r**po**r**
at**el**y **- **wi**l**l enab**l**e **us **t**o **s**e**e t**h**e **h**ea**r
**t **of G**od fu**lf**ill**ed p**r**i**or **t**o t**he soo**n r**etur**n o*
*f Christ - **m**any Ci**t**y Chu**rc**h**e**s e**a**ch **with a**n
Eldership in **i**ts Gate - and s**u**ch **e**l**de**rshi**p**s and **pr**ayer
grou**ps **function**in**g **as **true “O**r**g**a**nic Las**e**r Telescopes
**” **t**o **e**n**able **J**esu**s **t**hrough** **us **in **de**cimati**n*
*g the e**n**e**m**y **- and **b**r**in**g**ing **r**eviva**l **to ou**r **c
**itie**s. See t**h**e Pre**f**ac**e **of the “O**u**tlined **I**n**te**rl**
i**nea**r **N**T’ **f**o**r mor**e **d**e**t**a**i**l**ed **in**f**or**m**a*
*t**ion **on t**h**e “Org**an**ic La**s**er-**T**elesco**p**e” wit**h **a di
**a**g**r**am, a**nd **ho**w **you an**d I **can be in**te**gral par**t**s
of th**i**s 7-f**o**ld **c**h**alleng**e.*

 *I have personally found that Arnold Dallimore’s biographies on Spurgeon,
1999 Reprint, and on George Whitefield, both available on Amazon as used
books - undergird the above. *

 *And lastly, at the recommendation of my wife Marie, through Netflix -
check out “Hachi - A Dog’s Tale” - a very moving story of the binding
loyalty of a lost Japanese dog in America - with a professor training
ballet groups. Your friend - Jim Watt*

 *P.S. So that you may know the significance of **the **God of “God’s Bible
Numerics” as revealed to Russian Ivan Panin, turn to our Website <>, click on “Archives” - and scroll down to “20**1**1.01.02
- Cutting Edge Ministries on Panin”. There one can receive insight
concerning the uniqueness and importance of this Discover**y** for our Last
Days! J.*

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