A Break-Through

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*September 12, 2010*

 *Dear Friends - *

 *You have been faithful through the years praying with and for me for the
completion of the Bible Numeric Interlinear Greek NT. *

 *Yesterday our grandson Keelan broke through with a new type of Computer
testing, that allowed him to post the 236 chapters that are completed, even
placing them in the order that Panin through Bible Numerics discovered was
God's idea of the order. As you know, I equate the Gospel with Elementary
School - *

*Acts with Junior High*

*James through Jude with High School*

*Romans through Thessalonians with University*

*Hebrews with “Master's” work*

*Timothy through Philemon with “Doctoral” work*

*and Revelation with Post Graduate studies.*

 *So Keelan got all my documents in this order, and in a format even better
than mine. I am impressed.*

 *I am working on Mark 5 right now, and by December should have it all ready
for printing.*

 *On top of this, I received information this week that there is a “Bill
Gates” type of fellow who has a “Need Fund” he is making available for
projects like this, and I have been invited to apply. Who knows?*

 *So - your prayers with and for me in the past are coming to fruition above
all I could ask or think. It started in 1944; moved forward strong in 1945;
Greek “Word Studies and a book on Foundation Truths based on Hebrews 6:1-2,
plus a full Manuscript for the Interlinear NT came in 1967; the final format
for this project came in 2007, 40 years later, and completion of it all is
in sight.*

 *So - go to our Website, www.2rbetter.org and click on Interlinear, and see
what our grandson Keelan has accomplished. I am impressed. I confess, I also
am amazed! I felt like the disciples in John Mark's home when the angel
freed Peter from prison. Rhoda answered the door and told them it was Peter.
No, they said, It must be his angel. But when they opened the door -
it wasPeter!

 *Well, what I'm looking at on my laptop is not an angel - it's 236 of the
260 chapters of an Interlinear Greek NT based on the two Bible Numeric NT's
of Ivan Panin. I will now stop mailing out the documents of the Book of
Acts. You can go directly to the website, and download all but the last 12
chapter of Mark and the Gospel of Luke - and the Lord willing, even these
will very soon be there also.*

 *I must say - All praise to God! He is faithful! He has answered prayer! He
has used many of us - but really - it is all of Him! Praise and thank Him
with me. He calls this project His NT -- all I have been is one following
His leading in causing the accomplishment of His project.*

 *Again - thanks to all of you as fellow-laborers in prayer and interest.*

 *Your deeply appreciative friend and brother - Jim Watt*
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