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   *SUPPLEMENT TO 1 TIMOTHY 2-3 “NOTE” - 2010-02-25*

 It is not sufficient to rest in but one verse or section on a subject. We
must consider each verse of the entire Bible.

 One man used the following illustration to press this truth home. If you
take a drop of the ocean and analyze it, you will find *in trace form*, *all
* the constituent elements of the ocean. In like manner, when you consider a
verse of the Bible, it must reflect *in trace form*, *all* the constituent
elements of Scripture!

 Some may say - but that would mean I would have to understand the entire
Bible before I could competently teach on any portion of it! Precisely! *
Competently* is the word. God holds all teachers of His Word - to
*Master*as much as possible His entire Word! That is why the author of
the book of
James says - “Be not* many* teachers, my brethren, *knowing* that *we* shall
receive *greater condemnation*” (James 3:1).

 *This* is a most sober thought! So many glibly tell us what they believe
the Bible says, and they have but a peripheral or surface understanding of
it. One day each teacher and so-called teacher of the Word, will answer to
the Lord before His Judgment Seat - His B*E*ma. We may be saved - but as *by
fire*. All wood, hay and stubble works down here will be consumed! Only our
works of gold (for God); silver (for winning the lost); and precious jewels
(for building up our fellow-saints into the image of Christ) - will survive
that fiery judgment. Saved - but as by fire - with most of our works

 I personally have copied out the entire NT by hand in Greek several times,
and typed it up in English. I have outlined it sentence by sentence,
paragraph by paragraph, section by section and book by book a number of
times. I read much of it on my knees, meditating over it in prayer. I have
read the entire Bible through at least once a year in over a dozen different
translations, including the originals. Is this to show how great I am?
Absolutely not! It is to fulfill James 3:1, and ensure that as much as I
can, I teach each verse of the Bible in context of the entire Bible. I
believe all teachers of the Bible should try as God leads them - to
*master*the entire Bible also, so that they can
*think* it, *speak* it, *do* it and *live* it by the power of the indwelling
Spirit, and that Jesus our Lord may then use us for His glory alone.

 I have *not* arrived. I *never* will. Like Paul I say, “I am persuaded that
in *me*, that is in my flesh, dwells *no good thing*!” Jesus in me is my *
only* goodness. I am just amazed how many professing believers take God's
word so lightly! To *think* it, *speak* it, *do* it and *live* it seems to
be the last thing they have in mind. Early in my Christian life God dropped
a book into my life - “Let God *say* what *He* wants to say, and the Bible *
mean* what *it* wants to mean.” By His grace I have sought to be true to
this book title. It does *not* always make me popular! I made up a sermon
outline for a seminary class in 1947. It's 6 points were taken from
Colossians 3:18-4:1.

1. Wives, be subject to *your* :husbands, as is fitting in *the* Lord.

2. :Husbands, *love* *your* wives and be not bitter against them.

3. :Children, obey the parents in all *things*.

4. :Fathers *provoke not* your children.

5. :Bondmen, obey in all *things* the lords according to *the* flesh.

6. :Lords, render to the bondmen what is just and equal.

 When my seminary Principal looked over this 6 point outline he said, It's
true to Scripture, but *surely* you wouldn't preach it?

 In 1 Timothy 2-3, I brought out in my “NOTE” some observations on this
text. I believe Paul spoke truth in 1 Corinthians 14:37 when he said that
his teachings were *not* his, but his 14 NT epistles were *all* commandments
of *the Lord* - *not* those of Paul! And Jesus said, “If you *love* Me, you
*will* keep My commandments.”

 Some think Paul was down on women. I don't believe it! Look what the Lord
led him to write in Ephesians 5. Paul says - “Just as Jesus loved His
church, and *gave Himself* for it - *so* husbands should love their wives!”
No wife could mind following the headship of her husband, if *he* walked in
*this* truth!

 And Peter said “*You*, the husbands, mete out honor to the female vessel as
weaker and dwelling with *them* according to knowledge, as *being* *
joint-heirs* of *the* grace of life; *that your prayers be not hindered*.”
(1 Peter 3:7)

 And Paul in Galatians 3:28 says, *There* is neither Jew nor Greek,
*there*is neither bond nor free, there is no male or female; for you
are all one
*man* in Christ Jesus.” And Jesus said that in heaven there is neither
marriage or giving in marriage; for then we will all be like *the angels*!
So male and female roles down here are different - but then it will be
different still! Faithful women down here in their role, will be like
Deborahs then, with men like Barak looking to them for leadership.

 In the past I have mentioned Mary Slessor of Calabar (from Scotland
originally) who functioned as a church-founding apostle without title, and
did so under the headship of her church leaders. Sophie Muller of New Tribes
Mission in South America functioned in exactly the same manner in 3
countries. It will be very difficult for any man down here to supersede them
in reward up there.

 Under the Old Covenant, only males entered in through circumcision. But
under the New Covenant, both male and female enter into the Kingdom
privileges through baptism. What a difference this is over against Islam,
and the terrible role it places women under. Jesus in Christianity is the
only One who has lifted women so highly in this life. True, there are many
women through the influence of the Women's Lib movement, who have sought to
break all barriers, even those Jesus has set in this life. *That* - Mary
Slessor and Sophie Muller would *not* do!

 See how gracious Jesus was with the woman of Samaria in John 4. He read her
off - she had had 5 husbands, and the man she was presently with was not her
husband. But Jesus received her through repentance, and as an evangelist,
she immediately brought her whole village to Him! And it was to a woman
Jesus first appeared following His resurrection. And look how He looked
after His human mother, even when He was dying for our sins on the Cross!

 And, in Jesus' genealogy, he had Ruth the Moabitess and Rahab the harlot in
His Judean family tree!

 In the case of Kathryn Kuhlman, God sought 3-4 men to do the job He had in
mind. None responded, so He tabbed a woman. She said, “No one will ever know
the price I have paid to fulfill this ministry!” Mrs. Maria Woodworth-Etter
walked a parallel path.

 I have from a dozen to a score of women - who have mentored me. The first
was my mother. She recognized my strengths and weaknesses from the very
beginning, and spent much time with me in my school studies to improve my
reading, and general understanding. She made sure I had an understanding of
the Bible, and encouraged me for 4 years, 52 weeks a year, to find the
answers to 4 Bible quiz questions a week. Through this I had a mastery of
the NT, and much of the OT in the natural. Then when I was 20, God revealed
Himself to me, and all this came alive! Yes, she was my first great mentor.

 Then there was Mrs. Mary Bertha Allquist, a Messianic Jewess, who had
memorized the entire Bible. I had been her paper boy in 1938 for 3 years,
and when God revealed Himself to me in 1944, she had the gifting to answer
all my questions right from the Bible.

 Amy Carmichael, Pandita Ramabai from the Mukti mission of Poona, India; and
Lillian Trasher, the Nile mother with 1000 orphans - all had this vision to
reach orphans through George Muller. These 3 through their writings had a
profound influence on my life. Billy Graham was so influenced by Amy
Carmichael, that he made a special pilgrimage to Dohnavur, India, to honor
this great woman of God!

 Mother Basilea Shlink of Darmstadt, Germany; Isabel Kuhn; Mrs. Howard
Taylor - through their writings, strongly influenced me as mentors. They
being dead, for me - yet lived!

 But perhaps the woman who has counted more in my life than any other, is my
wife Marie. God on June 30th, 1948 challenged me, that if He linked me with
one where together the two of us would count more in His Kingdom than either
of us would alone, would I do it? I had just offered myself to Him in the
gift of singleness as a missionary to an African Muslim country. I told Him
there was only one girl like that, and that was Marie Gaudet. But she was
Catholic, with a life-style far more in the swing than mine, so I was safe.
Think of the shock I received when a few days later I received an 8 page
letter from her informing me that she had been reading the Bible 8 hours and
12 hours a day without stopping. I'm sure my heart stopped. I thought,
“Where is this going to end?” In December of that year she gave herself
fully to the Lord, and claimed the Peter Package of Acts 2:38, and received.
She too accepted God's challenge for her to marry me. We were married
December 27th of that year, and had our first date on our honeymoon!

 Since then she has been my chief intercessor, in all types of times. Then
in 2008 she presented me with a laptop designed to produce the Interlinear
NT - that is well on the way to completion. So if you appreciate how this
Interlinear will serve as the chief of 7 component parts to produce
“Spiritual Star Wars” for these last days - then you may thank me for my
work of love, *but chiefly* thank Marie for her prayers of faith and insight
as to what I needed for this production. So we *both* have in large measure
a part in this.

 Moses' older sister Miriam led all the women of Israel in prophetic dance
and song to honor God in His great deliverance of Israel from Egypt.

 The Gospel of Luke gives many a touching picture of God's high esteem for

 I received 3 emails in the light of my *NOTE* on the Interlinear section of
1 Timothy 2 & 3. The above is my indirect answer to them. They will know who
they are. But I trust it will be an encouragement to both men and women, to
see how a brief analysis of these 2 chapters in the light of the entire
Scriptures, gives a kindly light for “time” to all women, but
*especially*for all eternity. J.A.W.

 PS. Ivan Panin is the brother who came up with the drop of the ocean
analogy. J.

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