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*December 7, 2009

  *Jim & Marie Watt*

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*December 4, 2009*

 *Dear Relatives and Friends - Another Blessed Christmas Season! - to be
able to greet you! We so enjoy your cards and letters, and E-Mails and phone
calls - Bless you for this.*

 *Marie and I celebrated our 86th birthdays this summer. Our health
continues pretty good, and actually above average. Marie is able to
entertain and cook far above average. She is a surprise to many far younger,
both in her family and among friends. I have reached the half way point in
the production of the Interlinear Greek NT, using the Bible Numeric texts of
Ivan Panin, which will be a dream fulfilled for him. He died in his
87thyear in 1942 in Aldershot, Ontario, unable at the time to see his
fulfilled in his lifetime. *

 *Marie felt I was getting too old to keep wheeling wood for our wood
fireplace insert. I have been doing so for 26 years, but this year we now
have a gas fireplace insert. What a blessing! How much cleaner! How much
more efficient, and it provides for us great “animal” comfort. Praise God.*

 *This month we also celebrate our 61st wedding anniversary on December 27th.
We were married in Port Alberni those many years ago. It is “Covenant” that
is the glue that has held it all together. Read Derek Prince's, “The
Marriage Covenant” to see how this works under God's guidance. It truly
works! - and it can work for you!*

 *On Thanksgiving - 8 of our family members attended our special Dinner for
this day. Without Madeleine's help - it wouldn't have happened. Two of her
boys, Paul and William, were able to make it; our oldest son Jim with his
two, James and Chelsea, and Marie and me. Seth, our oldest grandson with his
wife Jennifer and 8 ½ month old son - Luke Gabriel - from Pullman,
Washington, made it up to Mount Vernon with Anna, Garl and Keelan, his
family. And mentioning Luke, brings us to the big event of 2009 - his coming
has made Marie and me great grandparents for the first time! Our grandson
Seth said to Marie - “Grandma, you don't need a great grandson to be a great
grandmother - you've always been a GREAT GRANDMA!” What a gracious word!*

 *We celebrated a wonderful Mother's Day week-end in Placerville, California
for Leadership Meetings. We also had the joy of ministering to a very
interested group of Chinese in Sacramento. Both these groups are earnestly
seeking God for Renewal and Revival in their areas. Praise God. He hears and
answers these prayers. It was a most blessed time for us.*

 *Father's Day week-end found us ministering in Minnesota at a church
commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the 1948 Visitation at North
Battleford, Saskatchewan. Before our coming they had had prayer every night
since January 1st, 2009, crying out to God for a mighty outpouring of the
Holy Spirit. 2 Chronicles 7:14 - God faithfully fulfills His Word. *

 *We continually hear of hundreds of groups across our nation, seeking God,
for the promised Latter Rain.*

 *Our oldest grandson Seth (Anna's son), was accepted this year into the
doctoral program in Computer Science at WASU in Pullman, Washington. He is
making great progress, and in three years should have reached his immediate
goal. Winter Semester he'll be teaching all his Mentor's classes.*

 *His younger brother Keelan (now 21 years old), is doing well in College in
a related Computer Science area - but - the key for him - he won his “black
belt” in karate! His “Sensei” says - “Now, you are ready to begin!” How
encouraging! Keelan keeps my laptop going so that I can continue on the
Interlinear Assignment. Because a year ago June he transferred me to Linux,
I have been able to make faster and more efficient progress. One reason: he
also is on Linux, and through tapping in on my “IP” address, is able from Mt
Vernon to look over my shoulder as it were, and solve problems 90 miles away
just as if he were present! He even takes my picture from my laptop while he
does it! I'm not sure that this is that high an advantage! Marie for my
birthday last year made this wonderful gift, the new Laptop, available to

 *One sad, yet triumphant note. Marie's oldest brother Gerard, who she found
when he was 75 years of age in 1996 back in Quebec, went home to be with the
Lord this year, short of his 89th birthday. We miss him, but there is great
peace to know that he was ready to go. Marie's sister Yvonne's husband John,
went into hospital with a heart problem. It was satisfactorily looked after
in a hospital in Victoria, but a staff infection caught him, and he too went
home to be with the Lord at 80 years of age.*

 *Things like this fill our lives - and we all not only need to be ready,
but also to help ensure each of our loved ones that they are ready too!
Marie especially has been very faithful in praying for all of her many
relatives in the area - well over 200.*

 *One of Marie's great nieces took on a fine husband, and we had the
privilege of officiating at their wedding in August in the middle of a
heat-wave - over 100 degrees every day. Have you ever been at a Canadian
wedding? They have a few wrinkles different than we do down in the States.
Whenever the guests clink their glasses, the groom must cooperate by kissing
his new bride. Interesting. Kati was an awesome bride, and Charles the
perfect groom. Very Handsome.*

 *While Marie is in Exercise Class (Lifetime Fitness) for one hour three
times a week, Jim walks the perimeter of the beautiful grounds of Village
Green. This is an awesome Retirement Campus about 3 miles from our home.
Marie has been with this same Exercise Group going on 8 years. It really
keeps her going! PTL.*

 *At this so important time of the year - Hanukkah and Christmas - let's
celebrate with the Angels as they sing “Glory to God for the New Born King!”
This is a time of giving, of ourselves to Jesus, and to others. It is also a
time of remembering, with gratitude and much affection, our families and our
friends. How blessed we are with these relationships. We pray this will be
the best Christmas you've ever had. May God's blessings shower upon each of

 *With much love and prayers,*

 *Jim and Marie. (We both wrote this - can you tell which is which?)*

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